10 Crazy Predictions about Mass Effect 4 That May Just Come True: Page 7 of 10

Space, A never-ending frontier
A new era is about to unfold.

7. Buddy System

Hope you're a people person.

As you soar across the galaxy fighting evil with crew of fellow Spectres, you’ll find, if you talk to them, that there are a variety of opinions being held on your ship. How you choose to approach these issues will impact the loyalty of the crewmembers to you. They can speak up without prompting if an NPC begins acting threatening to you, or they may even refuse to follow orders you give them, which may jeopardize the team.

This will hopefully cause you to watch what you say, not only to the people you are hoping to hook up with romantically, but also to all of your crew. The success of your mission may very well hinder on this.

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