10 Crazy Predictions about Mass Effect 4 That May Just Come True: Page 2 of 10

Space, A never-ending frontier
A new era is about to unfold.

2. Old faces…

What's a Mass Effect sequel without a few familiar faces?

When you carry over your new Mass Effect Data, you’ll be in for a surprise when you find out that you aren’t playing the man, or woman, who saved the galaxy a handful of times, but rather being tutored by them.

Commander Shepherd is now teaching the next generation of Spectres to defend the galaxy when trouble comes a-knocking.  But they won’t be the only friendly face helping you. Liara, who was a Shadow Broker in ME3, is a reliable source of information and will keep the player up to date on how these matters with the Krogans are shaping up. There’s also a familiar Turian who is always up for challenging the newbies to a little shooting competition.

Also, with the Krogans taking center-stage, expect to see Wrex and Grunt, if they’re alive in your save file, in the middle of this political nightmare.

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