10 Crazy Predictions about Mass Effect 4 That May Just Come True: Page 4 of 10

Space, A never-ending frontier
A new era is about to unfold.

4. Covert Missions

An attack from the shadows.

The villainous society in this game will not be acting like the Reapers r Collectors did. They will be discreet, hell-bent on completing their objective, and like ghosts when the need to escape comes. The problem now is how you will be fighting this threat.

The solution, as Shepherd will teach you, will be to go on covert missions. This means you and your ground team will be going into areas with very little firepower and protection. Your goal in these missions will to try and gather some information to see if you can find out targets of this terrorist organization.

There will be the sort of missions you’re used to, so don’t worry. You’ll get your chance to unleash a lot of firepower onto your enemies.

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