Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV
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Europa Universalis IV (2013)

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Take control of a nation and expand its power through military conquest, diplomacy, and colonial wealth. Europa Universalis IV starts in the era of European colonization of the New World and ends after the Napoleonic Wars. The time span of the game is around 4 centuries, starting from the year 1444 A.D. until 1821 A.D.

Players will choose a country and rule it through the centuries to create a powerful global empire. The game map covers the entire earth and players will be able to explore distant lands, trade with friendly nations, and conquer enemies through military warfare in this epic game filled with lush visuals and historical depth. Relive history in all its blood and glory in Europa Universalis IV. 

Europa Universalis IV Reviews

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TheDarkestLight787's picture

TheDarkestLight787 1 year 6 months ago

A truly great and legendary game. One I have spent thousands of hours playing continuously, and will likely spend more and more throughout the years.

Aralenor's picture

Aralenor 7 years 11 months ago

This game was made for those who arent good at fighting in the games like Total war, but they were good in politics and economics affairs. Of course that large number of players with any skill started to play this game thanks to it endless number of situations. Great thing about this game is that thanks to Paradox Development Studio this game is going forward. You can see new DLC still releasing. This game is fun for hours. Take up your lands and try to make from it one of the greatest in the history with many ways. By sword or diplomacy. Colonize the new world and fight aganist other colonist and natives. Build a mighty military empire or a merchant republic. Everything is possible in this game and it's up to you, how will you decide.

Tyresia2's picture

Tyresia2 9 years 3 weeks ago

Europa Universalis IV isn't a game for everybody. It's a complex, sometimes slow-paced strategical game that will require lots of thinking and boatloads of patience and tactical imagination to be fully appreciated. Yet, for the true fans of this historical warfare it's definitely one of the best titles in this genre. Playing EU4 will let you feel like you're literally inside an history book, able to play with many different historically-accurate factions (from the Papal States to the Chinese Ming dynasty) that will grant you plenty of replayability thanks to the totally different approaches you need to fully appreciate that.

fr34kfrag's picture

fr34kfrag 9 years 1 month ago

This is one of those titles where you hate yourself for not being a history nerd. This strategy SAGA requires a lot of "lets play" videos and a study session with the manual. It's more complicated than a "Game Of Thrones" plot but has the addiction level of Oreo's and milk. For the dedicated fans this is a welcome return to the most epic strategy game since life itself. New graphics(nothing mind boggling)and a endless amount of detail turns this game into a history lesson on steroids.

Chulda's picture

Chulda 9 years 1 month ago

Europa Universalis IV, like all the previous installments, is a gift for those of us who desire a strategy game that doesn't compromise when it comes to depth and scope. It takes patience, dedication and insight to master the mechanics, but what few realize is that you don't really need to master anything. It can be far more satisfying to set small, silly goals for yourself and fulfill them, or die trying. Want Poland to colonize Kamchatka? Go for it! It isn't going to pay off, but who cares!

b4kancs's picture

b4kancs 9 years 1 month ago

Do you dream of years past and kings forgotten, of intrigues and wars that span over continents? Do you long to relive History or to change it so that your favorite empire will rule the known world? Then say goodbye to your friends and family, because in EU IV you can fulfill all your ambitions and more! If you get over the steep tutorial and learn the tricks of the new trading system, you will eventually rule the world (you will fail only 87 times before that).

Sethp's picture

Sethp 9 years 1 month ago

Although it has been called a “Genocide Simulator”, this addicting game of colonial empires refuses to white wash history. Chose a nation starting in 1444, and see if you can bend the world to your will. A very complex game for those just starting out, it is recommended to watch some ‘let’s play’ videos on YouTube before diving in and getting overwhelmed. The depth and complexity are what make the game, and it can take thousands of hours to master.

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