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[Top 10] Metro Exodus Best Weapons (And How To Get Them)
10. The Bastard Gun  Weapon Lore: The bastard gun was... Read More
[Top 5] Metro Exodus best Armor (Body and Helmet) (And How To Get Them)
5. Gas Mask Extended Filter This upgrade for the gas mask can... Read More
[Top 10] Metro Exodus Best Settings For Great Gameplay
10. Make sure your PC can run the game If your PC specifications... Read More
Metro Exodus Best Difficulty - Which To Choose
There are 5 difficulty settings in Metro Exodus:   Reader... Read More
Metro Exodus Bracer/Electronics Upgrades
5. Battery Charge Controller Upgrade This upgrade for the... Read More
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metro exodus, metro, e3, 4A games
Russia is full of radiation, and you're in the middle of the mess... Read More
Metro Exodus release date, gameplay, news, and trailers
In 2010, developer 4A Games released Metro 2033, a survival first-... Read More
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Let's Countdown To The Best Games Like Metro and Metro Exodus... Read More
Metro Exodus - E3 2017 Announce Gameplay Trailer
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