[Top 15] Metro Exodus Best Mods For a New Experience

There have to be mods that make Anna look a bit extraordinary!

Although there isn't a sizable modding community for Metro Exodus, you can always find some great mods, whether on Nexusmods or other websites. The majority of these mods enhance the visual quality of your game; others only get rid of tedious cutscenes; but, some of them change how Anna… looks like. Let's begin with our first pick:

15. A Photo-Cinematic Metro

A cool mod that makes everything look even more cinematic.

A reshader mod that improves the bloom, adds technicolor, enhances the depth of field, and in general, makes the graphics look even more realistic. It’s a cool mod to have and it’s not too hard to get it working!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Decent lighting(lamps, flashlights, etc)
  • Improved bloom
  • General improvement to graphics

Link to the mod:


14. Oblivion Exodus


Another mod that creates an emphasis improving the graphics of the game, this mod focuses on raytracing and making the game look like something straight out of a movie. The mod comes with black rectangles on top&bottom but you can disable them!

Why this mod is great:

  • Easy to install
  • Makes the game look more like a movie
  • Raytracing&reshader

More info:



13. Last Journey - Reshade

Kitty kitty!

Metro Exodus is a pretty cold game and thanks to this reshader colors look a bit warmer, without removing the classic Metro atmosphere. Besides colors, everything looks a bit sharper, which is always a nice touch!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Works with the enhanced edition
  • If you don’t like a specific setting, you can always edit it
  • Didn’t affect performance too much, at least for me

More info:


12. Metro Exodus - The Non-RTX Enhanced Version

Another graphics mod, cuz why not!

This mod makes it possible to run the game at high settings without FPS suffering too much. It’s perfect for people with pathetic CPUs and GPUs. There are also improvements when it comes to lighting, blur, and many other effects that make the game immersive and realistic!

Why this mod is cool:

  • A great graphical mod for low-end PCs
  • Immersive and realistic graphics
  • Improved lighting&blur

More info:


11. Metro Exodus Enhanced

New textures!

This mod adds new textures for books, posters, flags, radios and makes some adjustments for lasers. The radios also have new songs so you can always sit and admire the view from the Bandit Tower!

Why this mod is dope:

  • Improved textures of items
  • New music for radios
  • New textures in the main menu

More info:


10. DNA Exodus Reshade

I don’t know what the hell that is…

Metro Exodus with this mod looks gorgeous. You’ll see the difference when wandering outside, you’ll pay attention to the beautiful lighting and reflections on the ground. Color settings are gorgeous and you should definitely get this mod!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Looks pretty awesome when wandering outside
  • Appealing reflections(water, puddles, etc)
  • Fancy lighting(sun, lamps, etc)

More info:


9. Better Colors Reshade

How many goddamn reshade mods are there?

A lot. This mod specifically creates an emphasis on improving the colors in the game and making it atmospheric. You’ll see a huge difference between the vanilla version and this one, plus feel fully immersed!

Why this mod is great:

  • Color improvements
  • Adds up to the atmosphere
  • Makes the game slightly realistic

More info:


8. Authentic Mod

The guy who made this calendar was stuck in the 80s...

This mod replaces the textures of Yamantau officers, sharpens out the posters so that they’re more visible, adds new realistic license plates for vehicles, and many more cool features that improve visuals.

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Improved textures of posters, billboards
  • The same thing can be applied to characters
  • Replaces the world map(Moscow)

More info:


7. Collectors Save Game

Finally, a mod that’s not related to graphics.

This mod's goal is to fill a game with all of the diaries, weapon modifications, armor-related objects, and other valuable artifacts that have been gathered through time. For this mod to function, turn off cloud sync. Achievements may also appear.

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Unlocks some achievements
  • You have access to all readable diaries
  • Postcards as well, if that’s your cup of tea

More info:


6. All Weapons - Modded Savegame

Flamethrower on start?

In addition to enhancements to weaponry, there are also improvements to armor (better helmet, modifications, etc.). If you're tired of the casual start with subpar equipment, this hack lets you start with some really OP weapons.

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Lets you start with a flamethrower
  • OP armor at the start of the game
  • The game becomes more fun to play

More info:


5. Metro Exodus - Performance and Gameplay Enhancer


This mod focuses primarily on disabling foliage shadows and motion blur, which should help you improve your FPS. The mod also reduces the input lag for your mouse, which should smoothen out the gameplay and make the game a lot more enjoyable to play!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Improved gameplay(smooth mouse controls)
  • Higher FPS
  • Greatly reduces frame-lags

More info:

4. High Performance Reshade for only DX11 - Metro Exodus

Quite bright.

This mod makes everything look like there’s a nuclear explosion nearby - brightness is off the charts but it fitted my style. Lights and shadows are improved and the game always looks nicer than vanilla. The mod is worth giving a try!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • High contrast
  • Improved shadows
  • Better lighting

More info:


3. Metro Exodus Redux

One of the greats.

Yes, another shader mod. This one is special though, the game looks extra realistic due to the improved shadows, color contrast, and overall sharpness. Prolly is one of the coolest reshader mods out there and you should get it!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Shadows are a lot darker than the vanilla shadows
  • Light sources emit more light
  • Improved tone mapping

More info:


2. Anna mod pack

Anna, daddy issues edition.

Anna with this mod becomes a lot more exotic than before. This time she has plenty of tattoos on her arms, her eyes changed color to blue, new clothes depending on the season and you can even choose a new hair color for her. Pretty cool mod if you felt like Anna wasn’t hot enough!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Detailed recreation of Anna
  • Different clothes for Anna
  • Anna will make you rawr.

More info:


1. No-Intro Videos Fix

No annoying intros.

Because it removes the incredibly obnoxious intros every time you start the game, this mod is the most popular one. It's no longer necessary to wait for a full minute before you can begin the game—a big lifesaver!

Why this mod is awesome:

  • Disables unskippable intros
  • Easy to install
  • What else is there to say? The most useful mod so far, lol

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