All Metro Exodus DLCs Ranked (Best Metro Exodus DLC)

You might wanna keep that gas mask on, buddy.

A depressing video game set in post-apocalyptic Russia is called Metro Exodus. It is populated with unsettling mutants, robbers, and other disturbed "new world" citizens that are willing to shoot you in the head. On the other hand, Artyom has chosen to go off on a challenging voyage because, despite the circumstances, he refuses to believe that there is nothing beyond Moscow.

Additionally, three DLCs for Metro Exodus are available for download and play. Although they are reasonably priced and worthwhile purchases, the main goal of this article is to identify the top DLC. Let's get started without further ado!

The Two Colonels(7.99$ on Steam)


The Metro 2033 DLC's Two Colonels DLC transports us back to the ominous and gloomy tunnels that we previously traversed. The atmosphere in the game is often somewhat terrible, but there are also warm and pleasant areas where you may retreat if necessary. Assault guns and flamethrowers that make the mutants scream like small pigs will be used to combat the masses of them that are hiding nearby.

The only drawback is that you'll have to play it for three to four hours. The Two Colonels is a relatively brief DLC that is both entertaining and disturbing. I advise everyone with claustrophobia to try it!

What you can expect from this DLC:

  • Extraordinary atmosphere - dark, claustrophobic tunnels will keep you tense at all times. If fear doesn’t eat you, the monsters will!
  • It's good news if you're a unique breed of psychopath and pyromaniac because you'll be able to use your flamethrower!
  • Despite spooky moments in this game, you’ll get to enjoy the cozy moments in friendly stations

Sam’s Story(9.99$ on Steam)

You’ll have a lovely time, Sam.

This time, you'll get to spend eight hours murdering anything that moves while playing as an annoying American. The environment is incredibly action-packed, and you'll be playing against other people rather than battling creatures. One of this DLC's finest features is its cutscenes, which alternate between scenes of jaw-dropping badassery and excessive drinking and efforts to meet mutants. You will also get to take use of two additional weapons and fresh places to explore.

Even if Sam's Story has its faults, it's unusual to see a game developer devote this much effort into a DLC. A wonderful time!

What you can expect from this DLC:

You will get to use 2 new weapons: Sammy - an assault rifle, Stallion - a pistol

This game has a unique atmosphere very different from the Two Colonels&Metro Exodus

Funny cutscenes that will lighten up the mood

New characters, locations, a linear story

Expansion Pass(15$ on Steam)

2 in 1.

There's nothing too mind-breaking about this DLC - it simply includes both of the previously mentioned DLCs above. You'll get to enjoy 8 hours of Sam's Story, as well as 4 hours of the Two Colonels. Both are fun and different and you won't regret purchasing this awesome DLC. 

What you can expect from this DLC:

  • New weapons
  • 12 hours of new gameplay from 2 DLCs
  • 2 different types of atmosphere


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