[Top 5] Metro Exodus Best Stealth Weapons

How are you gonna take ‘em out?

Being a sly jerk in Metro Exodus makes me happy all the time. I've played most of the time doing it since it's really rewarding to murder numerous people without even letting anybody know. Killing anything you see without regard for karma points!

I also believe it's crucial to provide you with the weapons that are most suited for covert gaming, so I'll list a few weapons, explain why they're suitable for both assassinations and sneaky games, and then reveal which one is the best. Anyway, let's get going! 

5. Revolver

Something for the start!

Revolvers are powerful at close range, but they may also be useful at medium to long range. All you have to do is correctly edit it, then have fun obliterating everything in your way. Revolvers and ammo are widely available; you can find both anywhere. The cylinder's limited capacity of 6 rounds is the sole drawback, albeit an 8-round cylinder may be substituted for it. 

Best attachments:

  • Heavy stock - Increases stability
  • Suppressor - Allows you to perform stealthy kills
  • Scope 4x - Improves your accuracy at short, as well as medium distances. Less effective but still manageable on long ranges
  • 8-shot cylinder - Allows you to shoot 8 rounds instead of 6. 
  • Green laser - The 4x scope kinda sucks at close range, so shooting from the hip becomes easier with this laser

Why this revolver is awesome:

  • A cool, hard-hitting revolver
  • Easy to find, pretty much everywhere, on every bandit you’ll encounter

4. Stallion

What does the horse say?

A stallion may be effectively customized to become a potent assassination tool. It reloads quickly and may be fitted with a variety of magazines and silencers. It is dangerous at close to medium ranges and accurate. You may anticipate a seamless gameplay experience and lots of juicy headshots with this item! 

Best attachments:

  • Extended magazine - 16 bullets in total, it’s best if you don’t want a severely decreased stability
  • Green laser - Useful for aiming from the hip
  • Closed reflex sight - Improves accuracy, makes it easier to acquire targets
  • Short barrel and suppressor - Allows you to shoot people without alerting anyone
  • Heavy grip - Reduces recoil, especially useful if you have an extended magazine

Why is this pistol awesome:

  • Plenty of rounds per magazine
  • Accurate at short to medium distances, thanks to the sights+laser
  • The suppressor makes it possible for you to avoid alerting other enemies

3. Valve

A very unfortunate spot to be shot in.

The sniper rifle Valve excels at long distances. Both a long-range scope and a suppressor can be used. You can pick off your adversaries since they will have trouble locating you and shooting at you from a distance. This weapon's damage should be clear-cut as it always results in a one-shot death, barring a Heavy Trooper.

Overall, a great weapon. The only downside is that Metro Exodus rarely has open areas, which makes the Valve sometimes unfitting. 

Best attachments:

  • Staggered magazine - 10 rounds are always nice, plus the debuffs don’t punish you too much
  • Scope x6 - Excellent at long ranges
  • Suppressor - Silent shots, as well as improved accuracy
  • Heavy stock - Increases stability, reduces recoil, etc

Why the Valve is awesome:

  • Sniping from afar is always a treat
  • A powerful rifle, capable of 1-shotting most enemies
  • Sniping also buys you some time before enemies get to your spot

2. Tikhar

For pumping enjoyers.

Tikhar is a quiet weapon by design; no silencer or other special equipment is necessary. Though significantly less successful against mutants since it could be challenging to locate their skull or any other vulnerable area, it still works quite well against humans.

The quantity of damage is determined by the amount of air pressure inside the weapon; to raise the total damage, you must pull the lever below the barrel.

The best attachments:

  • Heavy stock - Stability improvement
  • Automatic pneumatic system - Increases air without having to press the lever
  • Reflex sight - Improves accuracy, makes it easier to headshot people or other things
  • Rotor magazine - Improves the number of rounds that you can fire

Why this weapon is awesome:

  • You don’t have to bother applying a silencer to this gun, allows you to add different attachments
  • Ammunition is pretty easy to find around
  • Useful against humans

1. Helsing

Artyom the vampire hunter.

My favorite weapon is Helsing since it is the most unusual. The crossbow is remarkably precise at all ranges and the bolts deliver a ton of damage. Additionally, this weapon comes with a laser attachment that lets you fire adversaries straight from the hip. You may also collect the bolts you've shot.

Finally, you can attach a suppressor to the crossbow… I’m just kiddin’, the game would become a parody at that point!

Best attachments:

  • High-capacity magazine - Allows you to have 8 bolts
  • Green laser - Useful for aiming from the hip, useful at close ranges
  • Scope 4x - Allows you to snipe enemies from longer distances
  • Pneumatic bow system - Increases the fire rate by +3
  • Heavy stock - Better stability of the crossbow

Why Helsing is the best:

  • A long list of attachments that you can apply
  • Deals high amounts of damage per bolt
  • One of the most unique weapons in the game
  • Ideal if you’re a chad vampire hunter larper

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