Metro Exodus Best Endings - [Best And Worst Endings Revealed]

Good and bad.

Before we discuss the endings, we should discuss the morality system in Metro Exodus. It may not be immediately clear what each act of kindness that Artyom performs is worth, but it is obvious that if you are a GOOD person and not a complete lunatic, you will have a decent ending.

If you choose to be a PRICK, on the other hand, which entails killing those who give up, refusing to help anyone, and generally acting rudely and selfishly, you might be prepared for a bad outcome. Let's get started by talking about both endings and describing how to attain them.

The Good Ending


As I've said before, the game's finale depends on the decisions you make during the game, both good and bad. Let's quickly recap the good ending and discuss the guidelines to follow in order to achieve it!

First, Artyom and his colleagues travel to Novosibirsk, a highly radioactive location where monsters like nosalises and other creatures lurk. Radiation weakens Artyom as he travels through the Dead City, making him see hallucinations of his beloved and other unsettling things like enormous worms, spooky scary skeletons, and the blind ones - who resemble massive apes without eyes but don't worry, they'll use their other senses to brutally kill you. Artyom runs into one of them after discovering a case of medication, and after a brief altercation, they both end up on a balcony. The blind one falls and is impaled by surprisingly sharp ice cycles, while Artyom sustains serious injuries. Artyom is eventually located by Miller, who generously gives him the last of his anti-radiation medication. Unfortunately, this results in Miller's death. Artyom tries to drive his way out but passes out in the process. Later, his squad finds him and saves him. After numerous blood transfusions, a heartbreaking encounter with Miller brought on by hallucinations, Artyom regains consciousness and escapes death. After that, Artyom and his team arrive on a hill, where he eventually receives a promotion, causing him to rise to the rank of Order commander.

How do you get this ending?

  • Try to explore each level as much as you can, even interacting with guitars slightly improves your karma points
  •  Refrain from randomly killing nonhostile NPCs, it’s gonna make you a bad boy.
  •  Instead of killing hostile soldiers, try knocking them out as much as you can(of course, this won’t always be possible)
  •  You might encounter slaves throughout the game - you can free them and it will surely grant you some karma points

And that’s pretty much it. Getting this ending is not complicated, it requires you to not be a psychopath!

The Bad Ending


This resulted from your inability to resist pulling the trigger anytime you came across something or someone to shoot. You will pay for being a jerk by experiencing the repercussions!

Similar to the good ending, Artyom is ultimately saved by his companions. As a result of his radiation, Artyom starts to see visions of his deceased teammates' Bourbon, Khan, and Miller riding a spectral train. After stopping the train with Miller and Artyom, the scenario concludes with Artyom finding a postcard. The same hill as in the good ending is visited shortly after, but this time Anna is distraught over Artyom's grave, turning her into a resentful cat lady for the rest of her days.

How do you get this lovely ending?

  •  Be a psychopath - shoot everything in sight, people, monsters, innocent or evil - whatever!
  •  Don’t help anyone throughout your journey - this will greatly reduce your karma
  •  End up with an insufficient amount of people, which will result in not enough blood during the transfusions
  •  And most importantly, don’t play the guitar. You cold bastard!

So that's how the unfortunate ending occurs. Despite the fact that the medication from the case prevented Anna from dying, you still couldn’t be saved due to your horrible karma points. Not only that, but your ex-wifey Anna will be a bitter cat lady for the rest of her life!

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