[Top 5] Metro Exodus Best Armor (Body and Helmet) (And How To Get Them)

[Top 5] Metro Exodus best Armor (Body and Helmet) (And How To Get Them)
Gearing up is the only way to survive in the wasteland

5. Gas Mask Extended Filter


This upgrade for the gas mask can be found in the Volga Level. 

Upgrade Stats:

  • Filters last for longer. 

What Makes Gas Mask Extended Filter Great:

  • Filters last longer and you can survive for longer especially when filters are hard to find or not close to you. 

How To Get the Gas Mask Upgrade: 


4.  Reinforced Helmet


This Armor upgrade can be found in the Volga Level. 

Upgrade Stats 

  • Armor +2 

What Makes Reinforced Helmet Great:

  • Provides increased ballistic protection. 

How To Get the Reinforced Helmet Upgrade: 


3. Armoured Glass 


This upgrade for the gas mask can be found in the Caspian Level. 

Upgrade Stats 

  • Increased Glass Resistance 

What Makes the Armoured Glass Great:

  • The glass of the Gas Mask is more resistant and harder to crack. 

How To Get the Armoured Glass Upgrade: 


2. Ammo Pouches Armor


This upgrade for body armor can be found in the Volga Level.

Upgrade Stats

  • Ammo capacity x2
  • Armour +2

What Makes Ammo Pouches Armor Great:

  • Double the ammo capacity means you won’t run out that quickly. 

How To Get the Ammo Pouches Armor Upgrade: 


1. Consumables Carrier Armor 

This upgrade for body armor can be found in the Caspian Level.

Upgrade Stats

  • Filter capacity x2
  • Medkit capacity x2
  • Armour +2

What Makes Consumables Carrier Armor Great:

  • Double the medkit and filter capacity means you will survive for longer, by not running out of these invaluable consumables. 

How To Get the Consumables Carrier Armor Upgrade: 

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