Metro Exodus Best Chapters Revealed (All Chapters Reviewed And Ranked)

Frankly, they were all gucci!

I've discussed practically everything related to Metro Exodus, but the story hasn't been discussed at all, so let's do that today. There are some fantastic, some mediocre, and some downright awful Metro Exodus chapters. Today I'll rank the seven chapters from the least entertaining to the most enjoyable so you'll know which ones to skip and just speedrun 'em!

7. The Introduction

a description of the first chapter and an overview of the plot that will help us understand what to expect from the game. Artyom is shown in the chapter wandering the Russian subway and looking for life outside the destroyed city, but he unluckily is caught by several mutant rabid dogs. Later, Artyom introduces us to some of the friends he's made between Last Light and Exodus, both old and new. The beloved characters Miller and Anna are also back, which is great news. With the exception of a few rooms you can loot for ammo or filters, this chapter is largely linear and offers nothing in the way of exploration. You'll get to the exciting portion much quicker thanks to its shortness and quickness.

The Introduction Review

  • Introduction and tutorial to new game mechanics. 
  • Very short and sweet while introducing new and old characters.  
  • Showing off what the new engine and graphics are capable of, it blows your mind from the start with the physics and the new enemy AI. 

The Introduction rating: 50/100

6. Moscow

The next part, Moscow, begins immediately after the previous one and shows Artyom and Anna visiting the destroyed city of Moscow. This chapter demonstrates how the situation has not changed and how damaged and desolate the city is. It creates a fantastic mood and gives you the impression that Artyom and Anna are the only two alive people left in the dead city at the moment. The chapter is very similar to the world-building in the first and the second game, and it is also rather linear. Other than the path that was laid out before you, not much can be explored. Artyom and Anna discover there is life outside of Moscow at the end of the chapter, and they embark on a journey to find a new beginning beyond the underground metro.

Moscow Review

  • A final glance at the ruined city of Moscow. 
  • Artyom discovers a huge twist that was being kept from his whole life. 
  • It starts slow but later picks up the pace and takes a huge action turn. 
  • Anna and Artyom start a new beginning with their comrades. 

Moscow rating 60/100

5. The Yamantau

This chapter is right after the first open-world section and it’s quite good but nothing like the next few chapters. The reason why it’s so high on the list is that it’s linear and very short. You can’t explore much but you do get a very gripping story with a huge plot twist that I won’t spoil here. In the chapter, we see Artyom and his comrades exploring an abandoned bunker that’s full of maniacs who haven’t seen the sunlight in years. They are also cannibals that eat each other for fun. Later you are separated from your crew and you have to make your way toward them. While being alone in the bunker is very nerve-wracking what tops it off is the constant screaming “MEAT!” and never knowing when they will strike next. 

The Yamantau Review

  • It’s one of the most nerve-wracking chapters in the whole game. 
  • Sets up the story with a great plot twist. 
  • Enemy AI can set up ambushes or hide under objects and then attack you from behind. It’s short and linear which can be a huge turnoff for some people. It would have been greater if you could explore the whole bunker.

The Yamantau rating 65/100 

4. The Caspian


It's the second open-world region you can completely explore and is set up immediately after you leave the bunker. Except for a few sand mutant executions, there isn't much to see. For the first time in any Metro game, you can also drive a car in this chapter. In the earlier games, you could control them, but they were rail-cars that could only move forward or backward. Now that you have the shagon-wagon, you can travel through the wide desert more quickly. You can engage in a ton of side activities and find several upgrades for both your suit and your weaponry. While wandering through the desert might strongly remind you of the Mad Max film. Also, Artyom encounters a lot of new characters such as the Baron and Giul who are the most notable ones. 

The Caspian Review 

  • For the first time, you get your vehicle that will greatly help you traverse the desert. 
  • It’s the second open-world area that comes with a ton of side activities. 
  • It’s highly reminiscent of Mad Max and if you’re a fan of that apocalypse setting this will be a pleasure to complete for you. 
  • Artyom meets a ton of new characters that help him on his mission. 

The Caspian rating 75/100

3. The Dead City


This is the final chapter of the game and it has the best atmosphere and setting. The chapter is also one of the creepiest in the whole game and maybe even the scariest one. In the whole chapter, you won’t see an alive human at all, and the whole city is covered in white thick snow. It also ends the story on a high note and sets a high possibility of another game where we can either experience it as Artyom once again or possibly as one of his children. The whole point of the chapter is to make your way through an abandoned hospital.

The Dead City Review 

  • It is one of the creepiest chapters in the whole game. 
  • While exploring the abandoned hospital you will be chased by a mutated ape that you can not kill. The whole time you will have a feeling like you’re being watched. 
  • It's a great conclusion to the whole story of Metro Exodus and it ends the game on a high note. 
  • Sets up the possibility of a sequel to pick up the story where we left it off. 

The Dead City rating 85/100

2. The Volga


Here we are finally at the Volga chapter or the first open-world section of the game and personally one of my favorites. In this chapter, you’ll meet a cult that hates electricity and any light that’s produced by electricity will be shunned. So try not to use your flashlight near these crazy people. The area is heavily explorable and you’re able to find a lot of new upgrades and things. There are also a ton of side quests and missions that you’re able to do if you wish. You will meet a lot of new characters one is a female doctor that you bring along on your ride and the other one is her daughter. At the end of the chapter, you’ll be storming a huge fort with your comrades and you can set the whole thing ablaze killing thousands of people at once. 

The Volga Review 

  • The first open-world section of the whole game. 
  • The Volga is haunted by a cult that hates electricity and blames it for everything. 
  • You can find the best upgrades for your AK-47. 
  • A ton of explorable areas and side quests to do. 

The Volga rating 90/100

1. The Taiga


One of the most stunning places you'll find in a post-apocalyptic world is the Taiga. You will also receive a brand-new crossbow at this point, and stealth is highly advised. The gamers will have the opportunity to battle mutant creatures like wolves and Winnie the Pooh while exploring a region filled with many groups in the Taiga. There is even a boss battle where you have the opportunity to battle the mutant bear, and the battle is really cinematic. However, please be sure to turn off hair work physics in the options before the boss fight begins to prevent your PC from exploding like the reactors at Chernobyl. Sadly, you cannot continue to explore the region as in the previous world sections. 

The Taiga Review 

  • It’s one of the most beautiful post-apocalyptic areas you get to explore. 
  • You get to meet a ton of different factions. 
  • The area is filled with mutated wildlife.
  • You get to experience a great cinematic boss fight at the end of the level. Great way to close up a chapter. 

The Taiga rating 100/100

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