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undertale songs ranked
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Undertale, a tale about mercy and genocide, about choices and power, about friendships and love. Such compelling story elements blended with intriguing characters and unique mechanics allowed this game to captivate a large audience. But oftentimes, one of the biggest factors that could make or break a game is the Original Sound Track, or OST for short. Luckily for Undertale, it is known to have one of the best OST’s in gaming history. So without further adieu, let’s delve into the best of the best, shall we?

10. Bonetrousle

Bonetrousle from the Undertale OST

Theme of the great Papyrus, Bonetrousle is the song that plays in the background when fighting sans’ brother. The song is catchy, funky, and has an amazing drumline, but against such a great OST can only rank so high.

9. Dummy!

Dummy! from the Undertale OST

As the name would suggest, this song does in fact play when fighting a dummy. As the cousin of the beloved Nabstablook, this song takes a spin off ‘Ghost Fight,’ breaking down into a spazzier turn to fit the Dummy’s shorter temper.

8. Heartache

Heartache from the Undertale OST

Intense, moving, and emotional, Heartache is the theme song for Toriel’s boss fight. Later used as a leitmotif in the song ASGORE, Heartache tells a tale of its own as Toriel is the ex queen of the underground after having conflicting ideals with Asgore, the king. With that in mind as well as the player’s conflicted reaction to having to fight this once friendly monster, Heartache makes for a great track.

7. Death by Glamour

Death by Glamour from the Undertale OST

As is Mettaton, Death by Glamour is a song that resembles a high-stakes game show to please the fans. For such an intense fight, Death by Glamour certainly delivers its due when it comes to adding to Mettaton’s game show, keep the player on their toes, and rock the heads of many enjoyers.


ASGORE from the Undertale OST

For being the theme of the alleged final boss, ASGORE does well in delivering a sense of finality and intensity. Throughout the song, different instruments play the melody resembling the different sections of the game, including a separate section in which part of Heartache plays. As if the fight wasn’t already intense and awesome enough, ASGORE seals the deal in making this fight as emotionally motivating as it is

5. Spider Dance

Spider Dance from the Undertale OST

Even though Muffet isn’t known as a main character in Undertale, many fans love her debut, and her song is definitely a big factor in that matter. The song is insanely catchy and the melody has references to the child nursery “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” which only adds to the theme and mood of the character and fight as a whole.

4. Finale

Finale from the Undertale OST

Playing in the second half of the Omega Flowey fight, Finale is the perfect song for the situation it’s used in. In a once previously known inescapable death sentence, the souls Flowey abuses for power rebel against him, giving the player a new sense of hope. In the background, Finale plays, and with its elements of hope and determination, serves as the perfect song to deliver the exact mood of the new fight.

3. Battle Against a True Hero

Battle Against a True Hero from the Undertale OST

In an unprecedented sequence of events, Battle Against a True Hero plays out as Undyne the Undying rises to defeat the player after death through the power of determination. The soft melody counters her original theme ‘Spear of Justice,’ which only proves the difference in attitude Undyne has, making the fight that much more menacing.

2. Megalovania

Megalovania from the Undertale OST

Coming in at number 2, Megalovania is the beloved song belonging to the comical skeleton sans. Right after his sudden attack against the player, Megalovania kicks in and immediately sends shivers down players’ spines. With sans’ intense, difficult fighting style and the underlying theme combating a determined killer and a futile attempt to break their will, Megalovania is the perfect song to suit sans’ unprecedented determination.

1. Save the World

Save the World from the Undertale OST

And finally at number 1, Save the World. Playing at the third stage in Asriel’s fight, Save the World is a beautifully orchestrated song that brings hope to the player in this stage where the player, as hinted by the song, must save their friends including Asriel to save Undertale. As the final boss of the True Pacifist ending, there surly was a lot of pressure in creating a song to match the mood, but as we see time and time again with Toby Fox, this song perfects the emotions from both Asriel and the player in a heated battle with the fate of the world at stake.

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