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Undertale Armor
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Where are the 10 pieces of armor in Undertale?

Unlike many RPG games, in Undertale you can finish the game without killing an NPC. That doesn’t mean you won’t battle them– there are plenty of battle opportunities in the game. But even if you choose not to fight back, that doesn’t mean you can’t defend yourself; so, here’s a guide to the top 10 (and only) pieces of armor in Undertale and how to get them.

10. Bandage

Dropping the bandage

Undertale-- Armor-- Bandage. Start at 0:00

The Bandage acts as your starting piece of armor and so is free of cost. It offers no defense when equipped and cannot be reequipped once unequipped. It’s the worst piece of armor in the game.

Still, it is in the game for a reason, so here’s a short list of why you shouldn’t toss the bandage to the side:

  • When equipped it offers a 100% chance of fleeing in a battle, excluding boss fights and Hard Mode
  • After being unequipped it can still be used once to heal 10 HP

Bandage full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Bandage

9. Faded Ribbon

Finding the Faded Ribbon in the Ruins

Undertale-- Armor-- Faded Ribbon. Start at 0:31

The description states ‘If you’re cuter, monsters won’t hit you as hard’. It’s one of a kind, so don’t try looking anywhere else for it. Luckily it can be found easily in one of the puzzles in the Ruins and is free to take.

Here are a couple more reasons to add the Faded Ribbon to your wardrobe:

  • It offers 3 defense, marking it better than the Bandage
  • If you collect it and decide later you have no use for it, you can sell it for 100G

Faded Ribbon full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Faded_Ribbon

8. Manly Bandana

The Manly Bandana description

Undertale Where to Get the Manly Bandana

The Snowdin Shopkeeper sells the Manly Bandana for 50G. It’s the third piece of armor you can find in the game and so manages at the third from the worst.

Here are a few reasons the Manly Bandana has muscled its way to number 8:

  • It offers a whopping total of 7 defense
  • It can be sold for the same amount it can be bought for if you want your money back
  • In the Genocide Route, it’s free, found in the same place

Manly Bandana full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Manly_Bandanna

7. Old Tutu

The Old Tutu description

How to Find the Old Tutu (Undertale). Using a mod for a different player skin

The Old Tutu’s description states ‘Finally, a protective piece of armor’. It can be found behind a waterfall in Waterfall for free. It’s also one of a kind, so if you get rid of it, it’s gone forever.

Here’s why it’s hopped to number 7:

  • It offers 10 defense– the first to reach double digits!
  • You can sell it for 80G

Old Tutu full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Old_Tutu

6. Cloudy Glasses

Buying the Cloudy Glasses from Gerson

Undertale-- Armor-- Cloudy Glasses. Start at 1:31

Gerson sells the Cloudy Glasses in Waterfall for 35G. They aren’t one of a kind, so you can buy as many as you want. They also have a low defense– 6.

That said, here’s why the Cloudy Glasses aren’t quite as they seem at first glance:

  • They increase the number of invulnerability frames after you’ve been hit during a fight by 9
  • They sell at a higher cost (50G) than they buy for, so you can use them to farm for gold

Cloudy Glasses full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Cloudy_Glasses

5. Temmie Armor

Temmie Armor description

Undertale-- Armor-- Temmie Armor. Start at 1:51

The Temmie armor is found in the hidden Tem Village, and it’s a bit different than the rest of the armor in this game– it’s the second most powerful armor in the game. Still, its entire existence is a bit of a game-breaking joke, only available after spending truly ridiculous amounts of gold, putting it at number 5. If you want to go through the effort of gold farming to get it, then it’s a lot of help– just with a few drawbacks. First, the high gold and time cost, and second, it’s unavailable in the Genocide route.

Here’s why you might want to pay for Temmie’s colleg (context available in-game):

  • It has an astounding 20 defense
  • It raises attack by 10
  • It recovers HP every other turn
  • It slightly increases invulnerability frames after being hit during battle
  • The price decreases after every death

Temmie Armor full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Temmie_Armor

4. Stained Apron

The Stained Apron description

Where to Find the Stained Apron Undertale

The Stained Apron is found in Hotland for free. It’s one of a kind, and cannot be found during the Genocide Route. It only offers 11 defense, a dramatic drop from the Temmie Armor– but again, it’s free, no gold farming needed.

Here’s why you butter believe the Stained Apron deserves number 4 on this list:

  • You can sell it for 100G
  • It heals 1 HP every other turn
  • Once more, you don’t have to farm for a ridiculous amount of gold

Stained Apron full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Stained_Apron

3. Cowboy Hat

Buying the Cowboy Hat from Bratty and Catty

Undertale-- Armor-- Cowboy Hat. Start at 2:31

The Cowboy Hat can be bought from Bratty and Catty at MTT Resort for 350G. It’s found late in the game, with only one– yes, one– other armor to be found after it. Like many others, it’s one of a kind.

Here’s why this battle-worn Cowboy Hat has made it this far in the game:

  • It offers 12 defense
  • It raises attack by 5
  • It’s free in the Genocide Route

Cowboy Hat full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Cowboy_Hat

2. Heart Locket

Frisk, the player character and Eighth Human, often associated with the True Pacifist Route

Undertale-- Armor-- Heart Locket. Start at 2:51

The Heart Locket is an item available only in the Pacifist and Neutral, found in Asgore’s Home at the end of the game. Technically, this is the last armor in the game, with the number 1 armor on this list being its substitute in the Genocide Route. So if you’re not planning to kill everyone in the game, this is the last and final piece of armor you’ll be able to equip.

Here’s why the Heart Locket shouldn’t be forgotten:

  • It offers 15 defense
  • It’s free and one of a kind
  • You could sell it for 250G

Its description says ‘Best Friends Forever’ which is just heartwarming

Heart Locket full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/Heart_Locket

1. The Locket

Chara, the First Human, often associated with the Genocide Route

Undertale-- Armor-- The Locket. Start at 3:11

This is the Genocide Route version of the Heart Locket. If you’re planning a Genocide Route, look for The Locket in Asgore’s Home. Its description states ‘You can feel it beating’, which is the perfect match for the off-putting kill-everyone world the Genocide Route offers.

Here’s why The Locket makes number 1 on the list:

  • It has 99 defense
  • It’s free and one of a kind
  • If you can find a shopkeep, you can sell it for 500G

The Locket full stats: https://undertale.fandom.com/wiki/The_Locket

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