Top 10 Most Unique Undertale Merchandise For Your Collection

The perfect merch for the perfect collection.

10. This Adorable mug 

This mug is perfect for whatever drink you want to put in it! Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, what ever makes you determined to go about your day.

You can buy this mug here on  redbubble 

9. This messenger bag

This messenger bag is adorable. It sports Sans, Papyrus, Frisk, and Toriel all under the Undertale title.

It’s perfect for carrying your laptop with you in all of Undertales glory.

You can get this bag on  etsy

8. Undertale character patches

These iron on character patches are perfect for if you want to sport you favourite character on a jacket or you backpack. With every characters sprite, and a little save star, these will fill your heart with determination.

You can buy these adorable patches here on etsy

7. Undertale Tarot Prints

These Tarot Prints are from the official merch page but they’re still pretty unique. Each character has a beautifully drawn tarot card that is unique to each of the characters.

You can buy the Tarot Prints from undertales official merch page

6. Laptop and Wall Decals

These wall and laptop decals are the perfect undertale decorations. Each character has a unique decal to match their personality and to bring the perfect sense of nerdiness to your space.

You can get these perfect decals from etsy.

5. These Undertale inspired candles

Here we have two candles inspired by Undertale. One is Toriels delicious pie and the other is Papyrus’ spaghetti. They’re perfect for creating the atmosphere while playing the game.

You can get them here on etsy

4. This Mettaton clock

This clock is amazing. The clock face features Mettaton EX and the arms of the clock are his legs. In the back there’s cube Mettaton and Napstablook.

You can get this fabulous clock here on etsy.

3. These Quote Buttons

Although pins and buttons aren’t uncommon products for the fanbase, these are pretty original.

Each button sports a quote from the game. They include:

“You’re meeting all my standards!”
“Who needs arms when you have legs like these?”
“Would you ever smooch a ghost?”

Plus, if there isn’t the quote you want, you can commission one and have a special quote pin of your own.

You can buy them here on etsy.

2. This Creepy Flowey Prop

Flowey is by far one of the creepiest characters. So why not have a life sized flowey with glowing red eyes? This prop is perfect for any undertale cosplay or for just creeping out your friends.

You can get this beautiful prop from etsy.

1. These Undertale inspired flasks

Last but not least, are these Undertale inspired flasks. There’s a flask for Sans, Undyne, Mettaton, Flowey, Grilbby, and Gaster. Each has been themed around a different kind of alcohol and the back sports a signature quote from the game.

You can get these flasks here on etsy.

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