[Top 10] The Division 2 Best Hybrid Builds

Division 2 hybrid builds
10 of the best hybrid builds in The Division 2.

The term Hybrid, when it comes to gaming may or may not be familiar to some. 

It refers to, in accordance with The Division 2, having an even or almost even split between two certain attributes. 

In The Division 2's case, this would be a split between red/yellow, blue/yellow, or blue/red attributes. 

In other words, players have created builds in which they focus on health/power, skill/power, or skill/health instead of having bits of all three. 

While we can get into an entire debate about whether or not this game is greatly compatible to carry out Hybrid builds, we will be going over some that seem to be working for a lot of people. 

*Note: These builds are TU10/10.1. 

1. Liberty Shield Tank

This an extraordinary Tank and Skill build all rolled into one. 

An easy to learn and easy to use build using the Technician specialization. 

With the Stinger Hive and the Bulwark Ballistic Shield, you will be hitting 2M with the Harmony rifle, and still crashing in with 1.7M with the second skill in use. This build is destructive, fun, and real wind-knocker. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • This build is wicked when it comes to supplying bleed damage with the Stinger Hive.
  • The Harmony Rifle is equipped with this build, and with the Perfectly In Sync talent, increases your skill and weapon damage by +20%. 
  • Pairing the Liberty pistol with the Shield for that Liberty or Death talent with a +2% weapon damage that stacks up to 30x. 

Build Link:


2. Heroic

This build shreds through everything! 

A hybrid critical build with the Technician Specialization.

Running around with the new Harmony rifle, hitting at almost 1M, which is pretty decent; perfect for those who are new to getting together focused builds like this. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • This build is using the Mechanical Animal with Future Perfection at almost god-rolled. 
  • 15s of overcharge with Future Perfection, also gives your skills more damage. 

Build Link: 


3. “Tip of the Spear”

This is not just any marksman rifle build, this build hits hard. 

When playing solo, you can see almost +60M damage so this build can be very valuable for those who are running lonewolf style. 

This build is very easy to build with four pieces of Tip of the Spear gear set. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • This build utilizes the Decoy skill and Mantis combo, which is an incredible duo for this build. 
  • Dealing damage with the signature weapon increases total weapon damage by 20% for 60s.
  • This build shows off its weapon damage and headshot damage with zero focus on crit damage. 

Build Link:


4. Turret/Drone

The Technician Specialization used in this build really helps the skills in this build. 

Using the P416 with In Sync, fully buffed, you will be getting that 30% weapon and skill damage bonus.

What This Build Excels In:

  • This build utilizes the Harmony rifle to its full potential.
  • The use of Hana-U brand set adds +10% Skill Haste, Damage, and Weapon damage. 
  • Skills are given +30 more damage. 

Build Link:


5. Solo

A DPS build that can elevate you to Skill Tier 5, which applies survivability to health, and skills like Shield. 

This puts you up close and personal with your enemy and keeps you in the game much longer. You will feel undefeated. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • 13 red attributes and 2 yellow, this build definitely focuses on the damage. 
  • You can easily reach skill tier 5 with this, and will not leave or be disappointed. 
  • Fixates on the Coyote’s Mask which gives you extra crit damage and crit chance and is god-rolled. 

Build Link:


6. DPS

This build is definitely a show-don’t tell. 

You can see how well this flows and hits at above 2M damage with a Classic M1A. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • This build uses the Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun, and for good reason, packs a 1.2M damage punch. 
  • All about power, this build tag teams the turret and drone so enemies are constantly being hit from all directions. 
  • With an emphasis on weapon damage and crit chance/damage, you can tell that this build will just eliminate enemies left and right. 

Build Link:


7. Status Effect

The main point of this build was to be a tank status effect sort of build. 

You will be able to absorb damage and take control of your enemy.

What This Build Excels In:

  • The Golan Gear for this build increases your status effect and armor regen, so right there you can see how this build is leaning towards keeping you in the game while making sure you can take down your enemy. 
  • 20K armor regeneration, which is pretty good.
  • This build has 120% skill haste, which keeps your status effects going for a lot longer. 

Build Link:


8. Talent Synergy

Synergy is key for this build. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • This build excels in spreading status effects on mobs. You can definitely tell the duration for status effects is greatly increased with the use of the Golan Gear pieces. 
  • Using Decoy in PVP is incredibly strong even with the Imperial exotic holster. It is highly recommended. You'll find yourself able to run up to other agents without being noticed until you make the first shot.

Build Link:

9. Hybrid Skill

Synergy is also key to this build. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • In Sync talent is important with this build and it is equipped on both primary and secondary weapons. 
  • With the FAMAS and Classic M1A, you can expect to mow down enemies very quickly and powerfully.
  • Perfect Combined Arms is a talent on the backpack in this build that really brings out the power of the skills you are using. 

Build Link:


10. PVE/PVP 

This build is a PVE/PVP build with 120% repair. 

What This Build Excels In:

  • Invisible Hand is the secondary AR that is used in this build and uses Perfect Allegro, an amazing talent. 
  • Rocking at over 2M damage, this build really hammers in the importance of weapon damage and assault rifle damage as you will use one for your secondary weapon. 

Build Link:

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