[Top 10] The Division 2 Best Exotic Weapons

Division 2 Best Exotic Weapons
Best exotic weapons.

With the excitement for TU10 which is just around the corner, getting into some of these exotic weapons for it is important. 

You will find that some of the exotic weapons that were on this list last time have either stayed or have been removed. 

You will find out why and more details on the changes that were made on the exotic weapons as far as talents, etc. 


1. Bullet King

Bullet King Stats:

  • RPM: 850
  • Mag: 100 (infinite, if we’re being honest)
  • Talent(s): Bullet Hell - For every 100 bullets that hit an enemy, replenish some ammon to you and your allies’ reserves.

*Note: This player is using Bullet King with +50K damage and without maxed out LMG damage; it’s about +13.0%.

What Makes Bullet King A Useful Exotic:

  • This exotic will definitely come in handy when playing with a team, as its talent is not only beneficial to yourself but to your teammates. 
  • Bullet Hell will be a godsend if you find yourself in a tight spot where reloading is not in your best interest. 


2. Big Horn

The Bighorn Stats:

  • RPM: 800    
  • Mag: 30
  • Talent(s): Big Game Hunter - When scoped, switches to semi-automatic fire mode, dealing 450% weapon damage with each shot. 

What Makes The Bighorn A Useful Exotic:

  • While it is an AR, the talent for this weapon makes it worth the grab as it increases weapon damage by 450% for each shot. 
  • As the talent makes this weapon switch to semi-automatic which could help make the weapon more stable. 


3. Lady Death

Lady Death Stats:

  • RPM: 900    
  • Mag: 32
  • Talent(s): Breathe Free - When moving, gain 4 stacks per second, or 8 stacks if sprinting, up to 40 stacks total. Each round fired consumes a stack, amplifying damage by 60%. Kills grant +20% movement speed for 10s.

*Note: This Lady Death has damage of 60K, so with improvement can be rolled to have max SMG damage. This Lady Death was just dropped for this player. 

What Makes Lady Death A Useful Exotic:

  • Lady Death is a very fun and fast gun, but with a mag at 32 you may want to find a way to boost your mag count. Other than that, it is a great weapon for PVP. 
  • Rate of fire is high for this weapon and while that makes for emptying your 32 mag quickly, it has the potential to tear your opponents to shreds. 


4. Eagle Bearer

Eagle Bearer Stats:

  • RPM: 750
  • Mag: 60
  • Talent(s): Eagle’s Strike - Accuracy increases as you continuously fire, up to +30%. Headshot kills grants the tenacity buff for 15s of tenacity is increased by 15s for body shots and 5% for headshots. Tenacity - 20-80% of damage taken is delayed until the buff expires. Protected Fire -  While the Eagle Bearer is holstered, you’ll gain 10% bonus armor while firing your current weapon. 

What Makes Eagle Bearer A Useful Exotic:

  • The Eagle Bearer is often called the best AR in the game, and that can be true especially when god-rolled like the one that is being featured. You do some serious damage with this weapon. 
  • The weapon is very useful for PVP. 


5. Nemesis

Nemesis Stats:

  • RPM: 50
  • Mag: 5
  • Talent(s): Electromagnetic Accelerator - Shots fired deals 0-100% weapon damage based on how long the trigger is held before releasing. 

*Note: This Nemesis’ core attributes are not maxed out. 

What Makes Nemesis A Useful Exotic:

  • Nemesis has changed since the title update, but it is still a fearsome weapon and really beneficial for PVP.
  • The talent allows for weapon damage to be dealt at 100% based on how long a player holds the trigger. 
  • The Nemesis Digital Scope gives +35% headshot damage. 


6. Diamondback

Diamondback Stats:

  • RPM: 100
  • Mag: 5
  • Talent(s): Agonizing Bite - Diamond randomly marks an enemy. Hitting that enemy consumes the mark, guaranteeing a critical hit with damage amplified by 20%. A new random enemy is marked afterward and whenever you reload. After hitting a mark, all shots fired are guaranteed critical hits for 5s. 

What Makes Diamondback A Useful Exotic: 

  • This weapon can be amazing for PVP if all energy is put boosting critical hit damage with Agonizing Bite. 
  • *Note: While it does seem logical to pay more attention to critical hit damage with this weapon’s talent, it is up to you because with at least 40% critical hit chance, you could deal more damage with the Diamondback. 


7. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams Stats:

  • RPM: 70
  • Mag: 8
  • Talent(s): Sandman - Melee attacks instantly kill non-elite enemies.

What Makes Sweet Dreams A Useful Exotic:

  • Its talent makes this weapon great since it is a shotgun and getting close to your targets is crucial. You can immediately kill non-elites before they get the jump on you. 


8. Liberty 

Liberty Stats:

  • RPM: 173
  • Mag: 8
  • Talent(s): Liberty or Death - Gain a stack on each hit, up to 30. Headshots consume all stacks, repairing your shield for 3% per stack. 

What Makes Liberty A Useful Exotic:

  • This exotic weapon is really nice for those who are using the shield skill because of the talent.


9. Pestilence 

Pestilence Stats:

  • RPM: 605
  • Mag: 100
  • Talent(s): Plague of the Outcasts - Hits apply a debuff dealing 100% weapon damage over 10s. This stacks up to 50 times. Whenever an enemy dies with this debuff, all stacks are transferred to a nearby enemy within 25m. 

What Makes Pestilence A Useful Exotic:

  • Pestilence is an excellent weapon, especially with this talent, Plague of the Outcasts. When you hit an enemy with this weapon and they bleed and die, the next enemy starts to bleed and die, and then the next enemy. 


10. Chameleon

Chameleon Stats: 

  • RPM: 1035
  • Mag: 90
  • Talent(s): Adaptive Instincts - Hitting 30 headshots grants +20% critical hit chance and +50% critical hit damage for 45s. Hitting 60 body shots grants +80% weapon damage for 45s. Hit 30 let shots grant +150% reload speed for 45s.

What Makes Chameleon A Useful Exotic:

  • The talent is the main reason why anyone should use this weapon. It is an extremely beneficial weapon for different aspects like weapon damage, critical hit damage, and reload speed. You can benefit from this weapon in many ways.

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