[Top 3] TFT Best Nautilus Builds That Are Powerful Set 11

Best Nautilus Builds in TFT
You are in the deep end now!

Nautilus is a Tier 2 frtonline in TFT Set 11. He doesn’t only sustain a lot of damage; he also sends waves to stun enemies.

In this guide, explore the winning strategies for the top 3 TFT Nautilus builds that are powerful in Set 11, the highest win rate items, and expert tips.

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Nautilus in TFT Set 11 shares 2 strong traits, which makes him a great pick for midgame.

Nautilus shares the Mythic trait, which grants him additional health and AP once he becomes Epic.

Below, we'll explore Nautilus’s stats, traits, and recommended items tailored for TFT Set 11, empowering you to maximize his impact within your team composition.


Nautilus Powerful Builds for Dominance in TFT Set 11

Nautilus’s stats – Set 11:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 1000 / 1800 / 3240
  • Mana: 80 / 180
  • Armor: 60
  • MR: 60
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 42 / 76 / 136
  • Damage: 70 / 126 / 227
  • Atk Spd: 0.6
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1


Nautilus’s Traits – Set 11:

1. Mythic

Mythic champions gain Health, Ability Power, and Attack Damage.

After 4 player combats, they become Epic, increasing the bonus by 50%.

  • 3 – 8% Heath, 10% Ability Power and Attack Damage.
  • 5 – 18% Heath, 20% Ability Power and Attack Damage.
  • 7 – 25% Heath, 32% Ability Power and Attack Damage.
  • 10 – Instantly become Epic. The bonus is increased by 250% instead.

2. Warden

Wardens take less damage. For the first 10 seconds of combat, they take an additional 15% less damage.

  • 2 – 10% Damage Reduction
  • 4 – 20% Damage Reduction
  • 6 – 33% Damage Reduction


Nautilus’s ability – Set 11

 Depth Charge

Send 3 shockwaves towards the most enemies in a line, dealing magic damage and Stunning all enemies hit.

  • mana cost: 80 / 180
  • AP Damage: 150% / 225% / 1000%
  • Stun Duration: 1.75 / 2 / 8


Priority Items for the Carousel

To ensure success in your TFT Set 11 matches, prioritize the following components at the start of each carousel round. These items are essential for crafting key items that synergize with various team compositions:


Nautilus’s items in Set 11:

1. Bramble Vest

Gain 5% max health.

Take 7% reduced damage from attacks. When struck by any attack, deal 100 magic damage to all adjacent enemies.

Cooldown: 2 seconds

2. Dragon’s Claw

Gain 9% max health.

Every 2 seconds, heal 5% max Health.

3. Warmog’s Armor

Gain 7% max health.


Top 3 TFT Best Nautilus Builds That Are Powerful


1. Because he has the Mythic and Warden abilities, which let him to tank and stun opponents, Nautilus is a fantastic choice for a crowd control and tank member.

2. Neeko is an additional tank with an abundance of stats and benefits due to her sharing of the Mythic, Arcanist, and Heavnely qualities.

3. Your early tank, Cho'Gath, possesses the same Behemoth and Mythic qualities that make him a great tank.

4. Illaoi, who possesses the Ghostly, Arcanist, and Warden attributes, is a front-line tank as well.

5. Sharing characteristics with both Heavenly and Behemoth, malphite is also an excellent early tank.

6. Caitlyn is your damage dealer; she can deal greater damage because she possesses the Ghostly and Sniper characteristics.

7. With the Mythic and Invoker characteristics, which give her greater mana and AP, Lillia is a damage dealer from the backlines.

8. Kog'Maw has the Mythic, Invoker, and Sniper attributes, which enable him to cast his spell more frequently and cause massive amounts of damage.


1. Sivir is a potent selection because she has the Storyweaver and Trickshot abilities. She also gives her nearby friends attack speed.

2. Bard is unstoppable when he has double Guinsoo's Rageblade on him because he shares the Mythic and Trickshot qualities, which allow him to do massive amounts of damage.

3. When Kayle summons herself, at least three Storyweaver companions must be present to deliver massive amounts of damage and provide her nearby teammates additional ability power or attack speed.

4. Lillia possesses both the invoker, which strengthens the squad, and the mythic, which is the primary feature.

5. Bard and Kog'Maw are both excellent damage dealers; you can choose either as your carry since they both possess the Mythic and Invoker qualities.

6. Tahm Kench, who possesses both the Bruiser and Mythic qualities, is your primary tank on the front lines.

7. Galio is an excellent choice because he not only possesses the Bruiser and Storyweaver traits—both necessary for this combo—but he also teases the majority of his opponents.

8. Because he has qualities similar to both Warden and Storyweaver, Garen is a suitable choice early in the game.

9. Nautilus is a crucial choice because he is your second Warden and fifth Mythic. He also dazes a swarm of adversaries.


1. Illaoi is an essential member of your squad because she possesses the Ghostly, Arcanist, and Warden abilities.

2. As a Tier 5 champion, Sett had the same Warden attribute as the rest of the team.

3. Amumu is an excellent front-line player because he possesses both the Warden and Porcelain attributes.

4. Nautilus is an excellent tank because he possesses the Warden attribute.

5. Lux is your primary source of damage in the early to mid-game, sharing qualities with Arcanist and Porcelain.

6. Lissandra is an Arcanist and a Tier 5 Porcelain member, which gives her a tremendous damage output.

7. Ashe shares both the Sniper and Porcelain abilities, doing massive damage.

8. Caitlyn is a high-damage dealer for single targets early in the game due to her sharing of the ghostly and sniper attributes.

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