[Top 3] TFT Best Braum Builds That Are Powerful

Best Braum Builds in TFT.
Is it the moustache? Who knows?

Braum, an Iceborn hero of the Freljord, is well-liked for his huge muscles and even greater heart.

In every tavern north of Frosthold, they raise a glass to him and recount the time he smashed a mountain into rubble and cut down an oak grove in a single night.

Braum, armed with his shield—an ancient, magical vault door—travels the Arctic as a jovial guardian, securing safety for the weak and bringing Freljord one step closer to realising its ideal of permanent peace.

In this article, you will find the best builds to place Braum in TFT, making sure he guards your team with his huge shield and mustache, of course.

Today, we fight as enemies. Tomorrow, we may fight as brothers.

As a child, Braum was much larger than other Freljordian youngsters, but his mother taught him never to use his size to bully.

He became a local hero, rescuing children who had slipped into icy ravines, saving travelers stranded in blizzards, and protecting families from ravaging wildclaws. 

Even so, he sees in Ashe someone who can end the centuries-old feuding among the Freljord's tribes, and the Avarosans have informally adopted him into their number. 

Some even say that it was Braum who first introduced Tryndamere to Ashe.

Best Braum builds in TFT Set 7.5

Braum’s stats:

  • Cost: 2 Gold
  • Health: 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Mana: 60
  • Starting Mana: 30
  • Armor: 60
  • MR: 60 DPS: 51 / 92 / 165
  • Damage: 85 / 153 / 275
  • Atk Spd: 0.6
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Braum’s traits:


Scalescorns take 20% reduced damage from enemies with more than 1900 Health. They also deal a percent of their damage as additional magic damage.

  • 2 15% magic damage
  • 4 50% magic damage
  • 6 90% magic damage


Once per combat at 50% Health, Guardians shield themselves and their closest ally for a percent of their maximum Health. Shields stack!

  • 2 25% of max health shield
  • 4 40% of max health shield
  • 6 80% of max health shield
  • 8 130% of max health shield

Braum’s ability


Braum raises his shield towards the largest group of enemies for 4 seconds, reducing his damage taken from that direction.

Damage Reduction: 70% / 75% / 85%

Braum’s best items

1-Warmog’s Armor

Regenerates 3% of maximum health per second

2-Sunfire Cape

At start of combat, and every 2 seconds thereafter, applies a 8-second burn to a random enemy within 2 hexes, dealing 2% of target's maximum health true damage each second and applying Grievous Wounds icon.png Grievous Wounds for the duration.

3-Gargoyle Stoneplate

The holder gains 18 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for each enemy targeting them.

Best comps for Braum


To maximise his range in this combo, equipping Yone with the Swiftshot emblem is essential, as is the "Scoped Weapons" augment.

All the champions in this reroll are cheap, so you'll want to go for a 3 star Yone and other strong champions.

Best team for this build:

1-Yone is the primary damage dealer, thanks to his vast range and the guardians' protection.

2-As a guardian, Idas is at the forefront of the fight, and the shimmerscale dragon is a tremendous asset.

3-Last but not least, Leona activates the Mirage and Gaurdian abilities.

4-Braum was a Guardian, shielding Yone with his massive body.

5-Being a shimmerscale and dazzling foes are two of Jax's many talents.

6-Nasus was a part of the Shimmerscale and the Guardians.

7-If Yone were a swiftshot champion, Twitch would complete the combination.


Your whole team of warriors will be battling side-by-side with you in this competition, with the help of the Guardians who have been assigned to watch over them.

The objective of this level 8 reroll is to raise Sylas, Olaf, and Yone to level 3, which is a very slow process.

Best team for this build:

1-You'd have a monster on your hands if you put Olaf, your primary damage carrier, with four warriors plus his Bruiser sibling, Sylas.

2-Pantheon provide an extra Warrior and Whisper to your party.

3-In addition to bolstering the Warriors’ quality, Yone also boosts the Mirage’s quality.

4-As a CC-machine, the Yasuo serves as an extra Warrior and Mirage.

5-Braum is an excellent choice because he embodies both the Scalescorn and Guardian traits.

6-With his Bruiser and Whisper abilities enabled, Sylas serves as your team's backup tank.

7-Rakan provides his squad with increased magic resistance as a Mystic and shields them from danger as a Guardian.

8-When Bard uses the Mystic ability, the opposing team is stunned.


All the champions in this reroll to level 8 cost 3 gold or less, so you'll want to make the most of your currency by levelling up cheap champions to 3 stars.

This composition prioritises Seraphine, who boosts the warriors' on-hit damage while under the watchful eye of the guardians.

Best team for this build:

1-As a member of the Mirage and the Warrior, Yone is your primary source of damage.

2-Olaf, is your secondary damage carry while playing as a Warrior with a Scalescorn.

3-The winning formula is Seraphine, which boosts on-hit damage while also healing and protecting your squad.

4-Similar to her, Rakan is a mystic and a protector.

5-Mirage and Guardian status is awarded to Leona.

6-Guardian Zac is one of the best bubble teams around.

7-As a Guardian and a member of the Scalescorn, Braum is a natural match.

8-Bard shares the Mystic attribute while stunning adversaries and rendering them susceptible to additional harm.

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