[Top 3] TFT Best Aphelios Builds That Are Powerful

Best Aphelios Builds in TFT
Stone and spirit return to you.

Aphelios is back in TFT, with his sister crafting for him one of the strongest weapons to take out his enemies with.

Aphelios fires a huge moon blast that deals damage to all that are in the area and then increases his attack speed.

In this article, we will mention the combos to place Aphelios in, his best items, and how to make sure to take out your enemies and get that first place.

They are motes of dust, shimmering in moonlight

Aphelios is a great pick as he shares both the deadeye trait, which allows him to target people in the backlines mostly, and the Targon trait, which allows the team to gain more heal and shield.

Aphelios’s stats, traits, and items are all to be discussed down below to make sure you send your enemies off to the moon.


Best Aphelios builds in TFT Set 9

Aphelios’s stats:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 800 / 1440 / 2592
  • Mana: 70 / 140
  • Armor: 30
  • MR: 30
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 48 / 86 / 156
  • Damage: 60 / 108 / 194
  • Atk Spd: 0.8
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4


Aphelios’s traits:

1. Targon

All your unit's healing and shielding is improved.

  • 2 20% increased healing and shielding
  • 3 40% increased healing and shielding
  • 4 70% increased healing and shielding

2. Deadeye

Innate: +1 Range Every 3 seconds, Deadeyes attack the enemy with the highest percent Health and deal bonus damage.

  • 2 20% Damage
  • 4 65% Damage
  • 6 140% Damage

Aphelios’s ability

 Moonlight Vigil

Fire a moon blast at the largest group of enemies that deals physical damage to enemies within 2 hexes.

For 7 seconds, equip 3 Chakram, plus 1 more for each enemy hit by the blast (Max 10). Attacks deal bonus physical damage for each Chakram equipped. Aphelios heals 50%Ability Power of damage dealt by Chakrams.

  • Moon Blast: 200% / 200% / 550%
  • Chakram Damage: 8% / 8% / 40%


Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:


Aphelios’s best items

1. Giant Slayer

Grant 20% bonus Attack Damage and 20 bonus Ability Power. Abilities and attacks deal 25% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health.

2. Infinity Edge

Grant 20% bonus Attack Damage and 15% bonus Critical Strike Chance.

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.

3. Guinsoo's Rageblade

Attacks grants 4% bonus Attack Speed. This effect stacks.


Best comps for Aphelios



  • 3 Targon
  • 3 Frejlord
  • 3 Invoker
  • 2 Bastion
  • 2 Bruiser
  • 2 Deadeye

This is a quick level 8 reroll, so you should have a strong economy and level up the four-cost champions to at least level 2.

Pick any augment that will boost your healing because healing and selecting backlines are the two main focuses of this competition.

Best build for this comp:

1. Aphelios is the major damage producer in this composition since he possesses both the deadeye and targon traits, which improve healing, and can strike at ridiculous speeds.

2. Sejuani is one of the game's most powerful tanks since she possesses both the Bruiser trait, which raises maximum health, and the Frejlord trait, which freezes foes and boosts tankiness.

3. Shen is a great choice because he possesses both Invoker and Bastion qualities, which will let him to work well as a tank with Taric and speed up the team's mana production.

4. Sion will resemble a wall more because he and Sejuani both possess the unkillable Bruiser trait.

5. Taric is essential since he possesses the targon trait, which will significantly improve the team's healing, and the bastion trait, which raises his defensive numbers.

6. Soraka would be the team's third targon healer and second invoker who would increase their incoming mana.

7. While on the front lines, Lissandra would deliver significant damage, freeze opponents, and activate the Frejlord trait.

8. Ashe is a must-have on your squad since she will be the third Frejlord and second Deadeye.



  • 6 Bastion
  • 3 Targon
  • 2 Invoker

This comp revolves around the bastion trait which gives extra armor and magic resist and get super tanky in the frontlines.

This is a fast reroll to level 8 with strong economy to make sure you get your main champions.

Best team for this comp:

1. Aphelios is one of the greatest tier 4 ADCs in TFT since he possesses the traits deadeye, which allows him to snipe out hazardous foes, and targon, which increases the team's healing capacity.

2. Shen is an excellent frontline tank since he possesses the invoker and bastion qualities, which let him take less damage and get more inbound mana.

3. K'Sante has the bastion trait, which enables him to take less damage, making him a particularly excellent choice for the front lines.

4. Taric is a key selection for this squad since he possesses the attributes of both a bastion and a targon, making him a very effective tank and healer.

5. By boosting the team's healing and mana inflow, Soraka, an invoker and member of the Targon, dramatically boosts the usefulness of the team.

6. Kassadin is a smart pick because he possesses the team's bastion characteristic.

7. Maokai strengthens his tanking abilities by healing himself while acting as a bastion.

8. Your sixth bastion member is Poppy.



  • 6 Ionia
  • 2 Bastion
  • 2 Invoker
  • 2 Deadeye
  • 2 Targon
  • 2 Challenger

In order to ensure that you obtain the top tier champions to level 2 at the very least, go on a quick reroll to level 8 with good economy because this combo is centred upon the Ionia and deadeye characteristics.

Also keep in mind that to get the most out of this squad, you must level up the champions with 1-3 cost.

Optimal group for this build:

1. Aphelios is the primary damage provider in this composition since he possesses both the Targon, which boosts the team's utility, and the Deadeye, which targets foes with the highest percentage of health.

2. Yasuo, who possesses both the Ionia and challenger qualities, is the second damage-dealer if enlightened.

3. Karma would have both the Ionia and invoker qualities and would be devastating from the backlines.

4. Jhin the Second Deadeye, who possesses the Ionian characteristic as well.

5. Taric, as a member of the Targon and Bastion, is a fantastic tank on the front lines.

6. Sett will share the Ionia trait, making him a highly powerful choice if you have his augment.

7. Shen is the second bastion and the fifth Ionian to suffer significant harm on the front lines.

8. Irelia is a wonderful fit for this squad because she is the second Challenger and the sixth Ionia.

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