[Top 3] TFT Best Yasuo Builds That Are Powerful

Best Yasuo Builds in TFT
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The wind master Yasuo is back to TFT with his blade, knowing his purpose, which is getting there in the first place.

Yasuo dashes through enemies, knocking them up and dealing huge damage to the target.

In this article, we will mention the combos to place Yasuo in, his best items, and how to make sure you take out your enemies with the wind techniques.

There are three certainties in life: honor, death, and hangovers.

Yasuo is a great pick in the late game, as he can deal a lot of damage on the frontlines while taking out your enemies’ backlines with his tornado.

Yasuo’s stats, traits, and items are all to be discussed down below to make sure you get the best outcome from placing him on your team.


Best Yasuo builds in TFT Set 9

Yasuo’s stats:

  • Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 950 / 1710 / 3078
  • Mana: 50 / 110
  • Armor: 50
  • MR: 50
  • Ability Power: 100
  • DPS: 60 / 108 / 194
  • Damage: 75 / 135 / 243
  • Atk Spd: 0.8
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1


Yasuo’s traits:

1. Ionia

Each Ionian has a unique bonus within their Ability.

Every 4 seconds, a number of Ionians are enlightened to their spirit form, gaining 20 Mana and doubling stat bonuses for 4 seconds.

  • 3 100% Ionian bonus, 1 enlightened
  • 6 200% Ionian bonus, 2 enlightened
  • 9 325% Ionian bonus, 3 enlightened

2. Challenger

Challengers gain bonus Attack Speed.

When their target dies, Challengers dash to a new target and increase their Attack Speed bonus by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

  • 2 30% Attack Speed
  • 4 60% Attack Speed
  • 6 95% Attack Speed
  • 8 140% Attack Speed


Yasuo’s ability

 Last Breath

Send a whirlwind at the furthest enemy within 2 + Attack Range hexes, knocking up and Stunning all enemies hit. Dash to and slash the original target, dealing % Attack Damage+ % Ability Power physical damage to them. Slam them into the ground and deal physical damage to enemies within 1 hex.

  • Ionia Bonus: +15% Omnivamp
  • Slash AD: 475% / 475% / 1500%
  • Slash AP: 50% / 75% / 300%
  • Slam Damage: 300% / 300% / 750%


Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:


Yasuo’s best items

1. Bloodthirster

Grant 20% Omnivamp.

Once per combat at 40% Health, gain a 25% maximum Health shield that lasts up to 5 seconds.

2. Infinity Edge

Grant 20% bonus Attack Damage and 15% bonus Critical Strike Chance.

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.

3. Titan’s Resolve

Grant 2% Attack Damage and 2 Ability Power when attacking or taking damage, stacking up to 25 times.

At full stacks, grant 25 Armor and Magic Resist.

Best comps for Yasuo

3. Min 20


  • 8 Void
  • 2 Sorcerer
  • 2 Challenger
  • 2 Bruiser

This comp is based on the void trait calling the deadly baron nashor.

For Yasuo's void trait to be fully triggered, this combination needs the void emblem.

The best team for this build is:

1. Kai'Sa does most of the damage because she is a part of both the Void and the Challengers, which speeds up her attacks a lot.

2. Cho'Gath is one of the most important defensive tanks because he has both the void and bruiser traits.

3. Rek'Sai has the void and bruiser traits, which makes her a great tank.

4. As a void and magician, Malzahar can do good damage from behind the lines.

5. Vel'Koz and Malzahar have the same Void and Sorcerer abilities, which makes them both do more damage.

6. Bel'Veth, a Tier 5 Void Champion, is a great choice. She does a lot of damage and summons Void Creatures that help you in fight when she gets taken down.

7.Kassadin is a great main tank because he has the Void trait and a big shield that protects him from damage.

8. You have to use Yasuo in this combo. You should give him a Void Emblem, and he will share the champion trait with Kai'Sa, doing a lot of damage.



  • 6 Ionia
  • 1 Technogenius
  • 4 Challenger
  • 2 Juggernaut

This comp focuses on high-tier champions and ionia champions, so this is a fast reroll to level 8 with a strong economy to make sure you get your high-tier champions to level 2 at least and the lower levels to level 3.

Best group to build this:

1. Yasuo will do a lot of damage in the front lines because he has both the Ionia trait and the Challenger trait.

2.Kai'Sa is the second person who does damage because she also has the trait of a competitor.

3. Heimerdigner is a great choice for this team because he can call up his turret and stun enemies, which gives the team a big boost.

4. As a member of Ionia, Shen is a great choice for the front lines because he is a great tank who can take a lot of harm.

5. Irelia is a great choice in the early game alongside Sett because she can take a lot of damage with her skill and give good damage as a Challenger.

6. Sett is a great choice, as others have said, because he shares both the Ionia and the Juggernaut, especially if you have his enhance.

7. Warwick will be a good fit for your team because he has both the Juggernaut and the Challenger traits.

8. Ahri is your sixth Ionian player who can do a lot of damage from behind the lines.



  • 4 Challenger
  • 3 Ionia
  • 5 Juggernaut
  • 1 Darkin

In order to win this game, you must quickly reroll to level 8 while keeping a strong economy.

Best team in this comp:

1. Darius shares the juggernaut, which gives him more tankiness, and the noxus, which raises his overall stats. This makes him a powerful damage dealer and tank on the front lines.

2. Aatrox, your fifth slayer, is a juggernaut and a member of the Darkin clan. He will be wreaking damage on the battlefield while healing himself and applying some CC.

3. Because Garen is the third powerhouse, he makes a great tank for the front lines.

4. Warwick is a great choice for the front lines because he is the fourth giant and challenger.

5. Irelia is the second challenger, which makes her more effective in the front lines and gives her extra benefits. She also has the Ionia gene.

6. The third challenger, Yasuo, does a lot of damage and has the Ionia trait enabled.

7. Sett is a great fit for this team because he is the second Ionian and the fifth Juggernaut.

8.Kai'Sa is one of your most important damage providers because she shares the challenger trait with the rest of the team.

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