Planetside 2 Best Sniper Rifles

Planetside 2 Best Sniper Rifles
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Today, we’ll have a look at the best sniper rifles Planetside 2 can provide to those seeking comfort in one spot while staying a harbinger of death for their enemies.

What we’re looking for?

First, we need to understand what makes a good sniper rifle. It’s killing capability, projectile speed, and range, of course. There are two types of sniper rifles, semi-auto rifles, and bolt-action rifles. In this list, we’ll be presenting the second type only, since bolt action is designed specifically for longer ranges and more damage per single shot while having a significant drawback at the rate of fire. But we don’t seek a rate of fire when we speak of rifles that are meant to deliver deadly single shots, right?

Each faction has, as some refer to it - sniper rifle’s tiers, it ranges from their value to their shooting power. With that in mind, let’s proceed! 


Tier 1: cheapest, but still effective.

Tier 1 bolt action sniper rifles are something you’d get on the beginning of a path to becoming a pro sniper. They cheap, their cost is only 325 credits | 250 DC, or, you may have it by default if you’re playing NC! That’s right, unlike other factions that have semi-automatic sniper rifles by default, NC is the only faction that starts with a bolt-action sniper rifle already unlocked and ready to shoot. All rifles across all 3 factions are stat identical. These are the rifles that provide balance in terms of price and effectiveness.

They excel in: 

  • Shortest reload compared to higher tiers.
  • Max range for a single headshot, 2 torso shots kill: 350m 
  • Low chamber time compared to higher tiers

The rifles in tier 1 are: 

  • M-77B (TR)

  • NC14 Bolt Driver (NC)


  • XM98 (VS)
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