Plague Inc Greenland Guide

Plague Inc Greenland Guide
That moment when you've infected every country but Greenland...

Greenland does not want you to succeed.

Every game has its challenges because is there really a point in playing a game that doesn’t? Challenges are what make the battle to win a worthy endeavor, and for Plague Inc., Greenland just so happens to be one of the greatest challenges. This Plague Inc. Greenland guide will help you conquer the country like a modern day Genghis Khan.

So What’s the Problem with Greenland?

At the start, Greenland looks like any other, run-of-the-mill, totally generic country, just like the rest of ‘em on Plague Inc. So what about it has players in tears and vowing vengeance? Upon closer inspection, you’ll realize that Greeland is an island, and not only is it an island, but it’s only accessible by overseas transportation. This is kind of a problem if you want to get Greenland infected, especially since ships rarely travel to and from this place. To make things even better, it has a spare population and it’s cold. These conditions are pretty much the opposite of what you need to get your plague up and running, and are also pretty good at killing off a hopeful young plague trying to make its way in the world.

Strategy #1: Spread the Wealth

Greenland is one of the hardest countries to infect in Plague Inc., as aforementioned, and so unless you start your plague there, it’ll probably be a while until you start seeing its population turn red...if at all. What to do about this you, who so desperately wants to beat Plague Inc., may ask?  In order to spread the wealth of disease, you must evolve some of the pricier transmissions, water 1 and air 1, until you reach extreme bioaerosol. The water based transmissions are absolutely necessary because, as stated earlier, Greenland is only accessible by boat, and extreme bioaerosol is always a good friend to have.

Strategy #2: Play to the Cold 

So Greenland is cold, yes. Now for us folks who generally start our plagues in nice warm places ripe for disease spreading like Saudi Arabia, the cold is bad news. However, if you know what to do, you can actually use the cold climate to your advantage. Certain symptoms, for instance pneumonia and sweating, are actually more effective in cold climates. If you invest in those, they’ll definitely help in your ruination of Greenland.

Strategy #3: Resistance is Key

On top of strengthening your plague to resist drugs, it’s also important to buff up your plague to survive against the elements. Generally, your plague is somewhat resistant to the climate it started in, so if you started somewhere hot you won’t need to evolve heat resistance. Greenland-wise, it is almost always a good idea to evolve cold resistance 1 and 2 so you can be sure your plague won’t succumb to the weather.

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