[Top 10] Plague Inc Best Disease

Top 10 Plague Inc Best Disease
Can you catch them all?

What can each disease do for you?

If you’re going to play a game about diseases, then you’d probably want to know which diseases are going to get you the most bang for your buck. This list of Top 10 Plague Inc best diseases goes over them all so you’ll be able to dive into Plague Inc like a pro. After this, you’ll be able to harness the power of any disease on your path to total destruction.

10. Fungus

Fungus imageFungus spreads by infecting others with its deadly spores.

Fungus is a disease for the patient, like people patient enough to watch the rise and fall of a mushroom. After all, spores aren’t exactly fast travellers.

Fungus advantages

  • Spore Burst allows infection of a random, uninfected country. 
  • Spore Hardening provides climate resistance 
  • Spore Eruption allows infection of multiple uninfected countries at once. 
  • Especially effective in humid climates

Fungus weaknesses

  • Needs carriers or special abilities to infect other countries
  • Spreads very slowly
  • Not very effective in arid climates
  • Fairly luck based

Fungus details

  • Standard Plague
  • Has standard transmissions, symptoms, and abilities
  • Disease spreads through release of spores
  • Special abilities are Spore Burst, Spore Hardening, and Spore Eruption
  • Must complete Virus on normal or higher to unlock

9. Necroa Virus

Necroa Virus imageThe Necroa Virus may not look like much, but it can bring back the dead.

The Necroa Virus, for many, is one of the most difficult to conquer. Funny, because you’d think having zombies on your side would make things zom-be a little easier.

Necroa Virus advantages

  • Once the Cytopathic Reanimation symptom is evolved, the cure becomes useless because it creates zombies that spread the disease
  • Easy to get DNA
  • Zombie hordes can enter, infect, and destroy countries with closed borders
  • You literally have zombies to destroy humans with

Necroa Virus weaknesses

  • Cure develops quickly/is easy to develop
  • Transmissions increase symptom mutation which increases risk of detection
  • Z Com (a military organization) can defeat zombies if left unchecked
  • Zombies must be created in order to unlock useful abilities and symptoms
  • Very difficult to win without using zombies

Necroa Virus details

  • Special plague
  • Immediately kills then reanimates victims as zombies through Cytopathic Reanimation symptom
  • Beginning transmission options are Zoonotic Shift, Blood 1, Saliva 1, and Segmented Genome
  • Origin story can be discovered in game
  • Complete 
  • Must complete Neurax Worm on brutal or mega brutal to unlock (iOS)

8. Bio-weapon

Bio-weapon imageBio-weapon is a timer counting down the end of humanity

Time continues to show nothing kills humans quite like other humans. The bio-weapon disease is a beautiful example of this.

Bio-weapon advantages

  • Will become more lethal during the game
  • Ideal for speed run strategies
  • More effective in wealthy countries
  • Above average infectivity

Bio-weapon weaknesses

  • Rapidly increasing lethality means too many may die before the disease can be spread
  • Kills host quickly
  • Not very effective in poor areas

Bio-weapon details

  • Standard Plague
  • A man-made virus that was accidentally released from a laboratory
  • Special abilities are Genetic Compression 1-3, Nucleic Acid Neutralization 1-3, Deactivated Modified Genes 1-3, Annihilate gene
  • Must complete Nano-virus on normal or higher to unlock

7. Prion

Prion imagePrion is a worm seeking to burrow its way into your brain and take over.

Prion is a sneaky disease that lurks in the brain like a microscopic ninja waiting to take out a charge. And so, as long as it’s in hiding it’s tricky for humanity to defeat..

Prion advantages

  • Special abilities slow cure research
  • Hard to notice and cure
  • Generally more effective in poor, rural areas

Prion weaknesses

  • Not much climate resistance
  • Slow to react to new evolutions
  • Spreads slower than other diseases

Prion details

  • Standard plague
  • Is a pathogen hidden within the brain
  • Special abilities is Neural Atrophy
  • Must complete Parasite on normal or higher to unlock

6. Nano-virus

Nano-virus imageIf there were any disease close to being flawless, Nano-virus would be it.

Nano-virus is another highly infectious example of human folly ready to bring ruin to the world. It is another of Plague Inc.’s laboratory born disease that is a speedy infector.

Nano-virus advantages

  • Above average starting infectivity rate
  • Superior resistance to all climates except humid ones
  • Cheaper symptoms
  • Symptoms that slow cure development are free

Nano-virus weaknesses

  • Cure development begins immediately
  • Not as effective in humid climates
  • Not extremely lethal initially

Nano-virus details

  • Standard plague
  • A microscopic microbiological Nanobot with the ability to self-replicate
  • Can be shut down with a kill code
  • Must complete Prion on normal or higher to unlock

5. Simian Flu

Simian Flu imageThe Simian Flu is what happens when Mother Nature has had enough.

It’s been said that no good deed goes unpunished, and that’s definitely true with the Simian Flu. This disease was created to help out humanity, but it just so happened to horribly backfire and become the undoing of man.

Simian Flu advantages

  • High chance of mutation
  • Can create other hosts of the disease: apes
  • Infected, intelligent apes can spread the disease between themselves and humans
  • Intelligent apes can slow cure research

Simian Flu weaknesses

  • Devolving traits are expensive, and become more expensive throughout the game
  • Neuro-enhancement 1 symptom allows cure to be made faster
  • Not extremely lethal initially

Simian Flu details

  • Based off of based on the ALZ-113 virus from Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  • A genetically modified medication designed to increase human intelligence and cure Alzheimer's disease, but is lethal to human patients
  • Increases ape intelligence, and apes are unharmed 
  • Most of Simian Flu abilities are ape-related
  • Has symptoms that were exclusive to the Smallpox, Swine Flu, and Nipah Virus scenarios
  • Introduces many new symptoms of varying lethality
  • Must complete Necroa Virus on Brutal (iOS) to unlock

4. Bacteria

Bacteria imageAs the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

The classic Bacteria has been a pal from the start, and is an option you can never go wrong with. It’s potential for destruction is limitless.

Bacteria advantages

  • Has general abilities, symptoms and transmissions
  • No major weaknesses
  • Special ability increases survivability and effectiveness in all climates

Bacteria weaknesses

  • No major advantages
  • Special ability is less effective than general abilities

Bacteria details

  • Standard plague
  • First available plague type option
  • Special ability is Bacterial Resilience

3. Parasite

Parasite imageThis parasite isn't interested in a symbiotic relationship with anyone.

Parasite preys on the weak but aims to topple the strong, and it just so happens to be one of Plague Inc.’s top diseases. After all, it’s a top killer.

Parasite advantages

  • Has general has transmissions, symptoms, and abilities
  • Has a higher starting severity than average
  • Special ability can lower its severity so it can spread far before getting noticed
  • Special ability can make it harder for cure to be formed and increase infectivity
  • Gains a lot of DNA from orange bubbles
  • More effective in poor, rural areas

Parasite weaknesses

  • Cannot passively gain DNA from infections
  • Higher starting severity than average means possible sooner discovery
  • Not as effective in wealthy countries

Parasite details

  • Standard plage
  • A parasite’s lifestyle prevents DNA changes from daily infection.
  • Must Complete Fungus on normal or higher to unlock

2. Virus

Virus imageVirus and its unpredicatbility is fun for gamers new and old.

Virus is the perfect disease for starting out players seeking a triumph over their fellow humans because it kills just that easily. It’s unpredictable, it’s wild, it’s the end of the human race.

Virus advantages

  • High chance of mutation
  • Special ability destabilizes DNA further increasing mutation rates
  • Mutating ability complimented by Darwinist and Creationist gene

Virus weaknesses

  • Without genes it can only mutate symptoms
  • Relies on rapid infection of population

Virus details

  • Standard plague
  • A hard to control, rapidly mutating pathogen
  • Special ability is Viral Instability
  • Must Complete Bacteria on normal or higher to unlock

1.Neurax Worm

Neurax Worm imageIf you're feeling too generious to wipe out humanity, have them worship you instead.

Neurax Worm is arguably one of the most enjoyable diseases on Plague Inc.. Though who knows if that’s what players actually think, or if they’re being mind-controlled into thinking that.

Neurax Worm advantages

  • Easy to gain DNA
  • Trojan plane ability allows unlimited options for spreading disease
  • Transcendence symptom can completely destroy cure discovery efforts
  • Offers many lethal symptoms that can kill in large quantities
  • Trojan Roamers raise infectivity rates in the country they are in
  • Trojan destroyers increase lethality rates by manipulating a host’s behavior

Neurax Worm weaknesses

  • Likely to be detected means cure research is likely to begin early
  • Easy to cure
  • Not extremely lethal
  • Requires above average DNA spending to become lethal

Neurax Worm details

  • Special plague
  • Burrows into a host’s mind and then controls them
  • Can make humanity worship it
  • A sleeping disease awakened by human activity
  • Special ability is Trojan Planes
  • Must complete all standard plagues on brutal or mega-brutal to unlock (iOS)

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