[Top 10] Plague Inc Best Genes

[Top 10] Plague Inc Best Genes
Let these genes help you spice things up!

Don't let anyone fool you into thinking genes don't matter, especially in Plague Inc.

If you feel like your diseases aren’t packing as much punch as they should, then these Top 10 Plague Inc best genes are for you. It’s all too easy to let your disease be mild with how personalized each game play is. These genes are what you need in order to have your disease doing mass destruction like nobody’s business.

10. Metabolic Hijack

Metabolic Hijack imageLet this gene do the boring work for you so you can figure out your next move.

With games like these, sometimes you just want to sit back, relax, and watch the world burn. That’s where Metabolic Hijack comes in.

What's good about Metabolic Hijack:

  • Automatically pops orange and red bubbles
  • Allows player to relax and observe game
  • Standard, DNA type gene

9. Sympto-Stasis

Sympto-Stasis imageEven when dominating the world, it's important to be economical.

Saving money is always a plus whether in the real world or in Plague Inc, and sympto-stasis can help with that. Because of course, the more money you have, the nastier you can make your disease.

What's good about Sympto-Stasis:

  • Symptoms do not cost more to upgrade
  • Can afford deadlier symptoms
  • Standard, evolution type gene

8. Suppression

Suppression imageLet closed borders be a fear of the past.

Never fear closed borders if you have suppression on your side. Though many counties close their borders once a disease has been discovered to prevent it from spreading,suppression has no problem slipping in.

What's good about Suppression:

  • Plague is likelier to cross closed land borders
  • Likelier for plague to spread after borders are closed when disease is discovered
  • Standard, travel type gene

7. Extremophile

Extremophile imageDont' let someting as petty as weather bother your plague.

You want your plague ending up everywhere, so it's only natural you should prepare your plague to deal with all sorts of environments. Extremophile gets your disease ready to deal with all sorts of climates, from finger-freezing cold to egg-frying hot. 

What's good about Extremophile:

  • Plagues receive minor bonus in all environments
  • Makes plague more successful no matter the location
  • Standard, environment type gene

6. Metabolic Jump

Metabolic Jump imageYou shouldn't have to worry about your DNA getting cut off when you're just about to finish humantiy.

If you're worried about being short on DNA when your plague is starting to get more dangerous, you won't have to be with metabolic jump. This gene makes sure you’ll be able to continue upping your disease when things are getting good.

What's good about Metabolic Jump:

  • Get more DNA from popping red bubbles
  • Allows you to afford more from plague store
  • Standard, DNA type gene

5. Aquacyte

Aquacyte imageLet your plague sail to victory.

Sea travel is one of the fastest ways for a plague to get around, and with the aquacyte gene, your gene will be crossing water like a sailfish. This is perfect for getting at those island countries who think a massive body of water is enough to protect them. 

What's good about Aquacyte:

  • Plague more likely to spread over sea
  • Helps in infecting island countries 
  • Helps spread plague quickly through seaports
  • Standard, travel type gene

4. ATP Boost

ATP Boost imageStarting out poor is never the move.

When you're starting out, you want to make sure you have enough DNA to get your plague as dangerous as it needs to be. Cost won’t be a problem if you have ATP boost on your side. 

What's good about ATP Boost:

  • Get 8 bonus DNA at beginning of game
  • Allows you to buy more effective supplies from plague store at start
  • Standard, DNA type gene

3. Darwinist

Darwinist imageLet your plague change on its own, because it just might do you some good.

Another excellent way to save on DNA is when you don't have to buy symptoms, transmission, or abilities because they mutate. The Darwinist gene can lend you a hand in this. 

What's good about Darwinist:

  • Increases chance of plague mutating
  • Mutated plagues means less DNA spent on symptom/transmission/ability
  • Standard, mutation type gene

2. Genetic Mimic 

Genetic Mimic imageA key factor in Plague Inc. is making sure your disease can't be cured.

It's obvious if your plague is harder to cure it'll do more damage, which is why genetic mimic is a must. With genetic mimic your disease will be a cut above the rest.

What's good about Genetic Mimic:

  • Plague is harder to cure 
  • Important to have at higher difficulties
  • Standard, mutation type gene

1. Catalytic Switch

Catalytic Switch imageLet humanity progressing on a cure work to your advantadge.

Towards the end of the game you're going to need more DNA to make sure humanity is done for. When humanity is futilely attempting to come up with a cure is where catalytic switch comes in. 

What's good about Catalytic Switch:

  • Get more DNA when popping blue bubbles
  • Allows you to receive more DNA once the game has progressed 
  • Standard, DNA type gene

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