Plague Inc Bio Weapon Guide

Plague Inc Bio Weapon Guide
The stakes are higher than ever in Bio Weapon

Bio Weapon is the final boss of Plague Inc.'s standard plagues.

Bio Weapon is the last of the standard plagues, and it can only be unlocked once you have proven your worth by beating the others. It is a dangerous disease that becomes more and more lethal as the game progresses. Triumphing over Bio Weapon is no walk in the park, but this guide can definitely make it easier for you to reach that sweet, sweet victory.

Strategy #1: No Symptoms to Spot

Your best bet at winning with Bio Weapon is to stay undetected for as long as possible, and that means no symptoms. Rather than evolving symptoms, focus DNA on transmissions and abilities, and devolve any symptoms that mutate. This will prevent governments from catching on to your plague, and will keep cure progress to a minimum.

Strategy #2: Keep the Body Count Down

The first thing that will give your plague away would be dead bodies. Bio Weapon is a tricky plague to play because of its ever increasing lethality, which makes it all too easy for health officials to spot. Keeping the death rate low until all, or almost all, are infected is crucial to winning. If there’s no reason for them to be suspicious, then there’s no reason for doctors to begin working on a cure.

Strategy #3: The Power of Special Abilities

While you’re at a disadvantage at the beginning because of just how horribly lethal Bio Weapon is, Bio Weapon’s special abilities are there to save the day. Use Gene Compresion, Nucleic Acid Neutralization, and Deactivated Modified Genes to reduce your plague’s lethality so you can go about your merry way spreading sickness as you please. When just about everyone is infected, go in for the kill with Unlock Annihilate Gene that is unspeakably lethal and guaranteed to kill all in a matter of days.

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