Plague Inc Best Way To Kill [Top 5 Ways]

Plague Inc Best Way To Kill
There are many different ways to wipe out humanity in Plague Inc, and these are a few.

Plague Inc. isn't a game you can play with only half your brain.

It’s one thing to play the game, but it's another thing to beat it. To beat Plague Inc. one simply cannot pick a few options and call it a day. Nay, one needs strategy. These Plague Inc. Best Ways to Kill offer strategies to aid you in your conquest over humanity.

5. Save DNA

Save DNA imageBe sure to pay attention while playing so you don't miss any DNA bubbles.

The currency of Plague Inc. is DNA, and like they say, money makes the world go round. If you run out of DNA to blow when the time counts, well, it’s game over for you. Spend your DNA carefully or it’ll be hard to make kills.

Why Saving DNA is Great:

  • Allows you to buy abilities, symptoms, and transmissions when needed

How It Works:

  • Only buy the transmissions and abilities that are necessary at the start of the game
  • Be sure to collect DNA diligently while you’re plague is spreading
  • Use your rationed DNA to buy symptoms like Total Organ Failure once all, or the majority of the world has been infected
  • Use your rationed DNA to buy transmissions like Extreme Bioaerosol to attack difficult to infect countries
  • Use your rationed DNA to slow cure discovery

4. Devolve Lethal Symptoms

Devolve Lethal Symptoms imageWhen you devolve symptoms playing bacteria, you get two DNA back.

Symptoms are what reveal your plague to the public, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. As soon as your plague starts looking deadly, humanity is going to want to look for a way to shut it down. So to prevent that, devolve your symptoms.

Why Devolving Symptoms is Great:

  • Prevents humans from becoming suspicious about your disease

How it Works:

  • Devolve lethal symptoms that have mutated
  • Keep/evolve symptoms that increase infectivity (ex. coughing)
  • Once your plage has infected all or most of humanity, then begin investing in lethal symptoms

3. Wait for Most to be Infected Before Making Your Plague Lethal

Wait for Most to be Infected Before Making Your Plague Lethal imageWhen you recieve the No Healthy People Left notification, evolve as many lethal symptoms as you can.

By now you’ve probably figured out that you don’t want your pague to kill its host in 0.002 seconds. But why? Simply put, if your plague kills too quickly, it’ll raise suspicion among humans who have more than one brain cell and they’ll begin looking into a cure. If that happens, a cure may be found before everyone has been infected. Humanity will be safe, and your plage will perish, which is the opposite of what we want.

Why Waiting for Most to be Infected Before Making Your Plague Lethal is Great:

  • Ensures that most of the population has contracted the disease before humanity begins cure research

How it Works:

  • Invest more in transmissions and abilities rather than deadly symptoms at the beginning of the game
  • If necessary, devolve symptoms that may have mutated
  • Infectivity should be greater than lethality at this point
  • Do not let your plague become lethal until most of the world has become infected
  • Once all or the majority has been infected, invest in deadly symptoms

2. Infect the Islands

Infect the Islands imageIslands are almost always one of the last to be infected.

It’s pretty common Plague Inc. knowledge that the islands (Greenland we’re looking at you) are especially hard to infect. One way to make sure humanity is getting wiped off the grid is making sure the islands are infected before their ports are closed. In fact if you don’t get to them before then, you’re at risk of being too late.

Why Infecting the Islands is Great:

Once these difficult to infect locations have been infected, you’re much more likely to win the game

How it works:

Method A

  • Start your plague on an island (ex. Greenland, Madagascar)

Method B

  • Start your plague in a country with easy access to areas like Greenland or Iceland (ex. Norway)

Method C

  • Use Extreme Bioaerosolto spread your plage to those locations if they have not been infected yet

1. Start in a Poor Country with Good Connections

Start in a Poor Country with Good Connections imageSaudi Arabia is one of the best countries to start in.

The country you choose to start your plage in can make or break your run. Choose a wealthy country that has few connections to the rest of the world, and your plague is just about done for. However, if you play smart and choose a sad, hapless country that has a lot of ports and airports to prey on, your victory is just around the corner.

Why Starting in a Poor Country with Good Connections is Great

  • It is easy for your plague to infect the general population, and it is easy for it to spread

How it works:

  • Pick a country that is poor, has a large population, and has plenty of ports and airports to start your plague in.
  • Spread your plague via transmissions and watch it take over the world!

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