[Top 10] Plague Inc Best Symptoms

[Top 10] Plague Inc Best Symptoms
Bringing to you some of Plague Inc.'s nastiest symptoms

If you want a deadly disease, your plague will need to be strengthened with symptoms.

These Top 10 Plague Inc best symptoms are just what you need if today’s the day you’re wiping out humanity. While spreading a plague to destroy your enemies may not be possible in real life, it is in Plague Inc. Even if you were not born as an evil mastermind, these dastardly symptoms are sure to have you causing chaos in no time.

10. Coughing

CoughingThe cough is small but mighty.

In order to spread your disease, you need to start somewhere, and coughing is the perfect place. After all, coughing always seems harmless in the beginning.

  • Increases disease infectivity
  • Can be evolved into super deadly diseases
  • Can be used to create destructive combos

Coughing is a tier 1 symptom that speeds up the spread of disease, which is perfect if you want a lot of people sick in a little bit of time. Also, coughing can be leveled up into some pretty nasty diseases, and it can be used to make havoc-wrecking combinations. Coughing is the most expensive tier 1 symptom, but it definitely lives up to its price.

9. Vomiting 

Vomiting imageNothing like a solid hurl to get those germs out there.

When you're starting out, what you really want to do is get your disease out there. Spewing out a fountain of germs does that with flair.

  • Disease infectivity increased by 3%
  • Severity increased by 1%
  • Can be used to create horribly infective combos

Vomiting is a tier 2 symptom that also gets the disease spreading. But not only does it increase how infectious a disease is, it also ups its severity! This means it's harder for a cure to be made and you get more DNA points out of it.

8. Paranoia 

Paranoia imageAs it was once said, we have nothing to fear but fear itself.

If you're ready for things to start getting crazy, then it's time for paranoia. When people are panicked are when they’re easiest to prey on.

  • Cure requirement increased 6%
  • Increases disease severity
  • Necessary for other more dangerous diseases

Paranoia is a tier 2 symptom that causes its victims to have horrible delusions. This is a huge plus because it causes them to be so distrustful of others, that they might even withhold cure information. Nothing kills quite like fear itself, after all. On top of that, paranoia is just one step down the road of other, fatal diseases.

7. Skin Lesions

Skin Lesions imageSpread your disease with an absolutely disgusting symptom.

If the disease isn’t spread, then there’s no way it can kill. That’s where one of the game’s most infectious symptoms, skin lesions, come in. The Bubonic Plague, one of the deadliest diseases ever, had this nasty symptom.

  • Increases severity of disease
  • Hugely increases infectivity of disease
  • Noticed in every plague type

Skin Lesions is a tier 3 symptom that works by causing huge boils to form on its victims, which is wonderfully nasty. It infects its prey quickly and efficiently, perfect for preparing a more fatal symptom to take place. Not to mention, it also increases the severity of the disease which means it does more than just infect!

6. Pulmonary Oedema

Pulmonary Oedema imagePulmonary Oedema is a fatal symptom.

If you’re looking for a jack of all trades, Pulmonary Oedema might be the symptom for you. It increases just about every factor you’d want to increase for your disease.

  • Greatly increases severity
  • Greatly increases infectivity
  • Increases lethality

Pulmonary Oedema is a tier 3 symptom that kills through a heart abnormality, which leads to the breaking down of the respiratory system. At the cost of a mere 7 DNA, you can up the severity, infectivity, and lethality of your disease. Nothing quite like having a symptom that does it all.

5. Immune Suppression

Immune Suppression imageIncrease the spread of your disease by weaking your foes.

What makes a disease worse than having a symptom that causes a victim to become even likelier to catch a disease? Immune suppression will have the sick getting sicker, and sicker, and sicker until they’re a goner.

  • Increased infectivity, lethality, and severity
  • Increases chance for mutation
  • Can be directly evolved into a fatal symptom

Immune Suppression is a tier 3 system like no other. In fact, it’s the only symptom in the game that can increase the chance for a mutation which are basically Plague Inc. freebies. Immune Suprression’s main feature is that it weakens the immune system which can be fatal, and is just what you want in this game.

4. Dysentery

Dysentery imageIf all you want is for humanity to suffer, then look no further.

All history buffs should be familiar with this symptom that terrorized the past, and so should everyone looking to cause some suffering in Plague Inc. It causes some pretty horrible suffering to all the unlucky souls who have it.

  • Boosts infectivity, lethality, and severity
  • Makes cure harder to develop
  • Can be fatal

This terrible tier 4 symptom does many cruel things to the body, breaking down it’s digestive tract being one of them, but in short it’s watery diarrhea with blood in it. It can even lead to death by starvation. Take advantage of this symptom to increase your diseases infectivity, severity, and death rate.

3. Hemorrhagic Shock

Hemorrhagic Shock imageTake out your enemies with one quick move.

As the list wraps up, it’s time to dig into the deadliest symptoms Plague Inc. has to offer, starting with Hemorrhagic Shock. This symptom is a one hit K.O.

  • Severity increase is catastrophically high
  • Lethality increase is very high

Hemorrhagic Shock is a tier 4 symptom that is perfect for your pathway to victory. How it works is that it stops the heart from being able to pump effectively, which means a lack of oxygen, which ultimately means death. It’s high lethality stats mean that it is pretty much a sure killer, and it is what you should use when getting rid of the last of humanity.

2. Necrosis 

Necrosis imageStart moping up the mob with this symptom.

Necrosis is the symptom to go to when there’s a few people left to be infected and the rest are ripe for killing. It turns your disease into a lawnmower to the grass that is humanity.

  • Catastrophic severity increase
  • High lethality and infectivity increase

This tier 4 symptom can kill countries with only a few infected if used in the right scenarios. It causes tissues to lose blood, which leads to the development of gangrene. Bodies with this symptom can be used to continue spreading the disease.

1. Total Organ Failure

Total Organ Failure imageThis symptom is the symptom of symptoms, and signifies the end of the game when done right.

When the game is just about done and you’re ready to claim victory, is when you should finish strong. There’ll be no one left once you bust out this mad lad.

  • Catastrophic severity
  • Catastrophic lethality

Total Organ Failure is the tier 4 symptom you should be aiming for. It causes the mass cell death of multiple tissue types, which then causes a swift death by body-wide organ failure. This symptom is the ultimate finishing move.

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