[Top 10] Plague Inc Best Transmissions

[Top 10] Plague Inc Best Transmissions
Get your Plague Inc. Disease spreading like the news.

There is a strategy to spreading disease.

Plague Inc. is all about wiping out the world, and that’s exactly what these top 10 Plague Inc. best transmissions will help you do. After all, the number one way to make sure everyone is a goner is to hit them before they even know what’s happening. Picking the right transmissions will have your plague spreading swiftly and stealthily.

Best Tier 1 Transmissions

10. Livestock 1

Livestock 1 imageAnimals are an excellent choice to carry your disease

In both the real world and the Plague Inc. world, a plague that spreads through food is going to get to everyone. Especially when that food is something almost everyone eats, like the meat of livestock.

What's great about Livestock 1

  • Increases infectivity by 2
  • Especially effective in rural regions
  • Increases chance of mutation

Livestock 1 details

  • Livestock susceptible to infection
  • Costs 7 DNA

9. Rodent 1

Rodent 1 imageRats and fleas are a disease spreading dynamic duo.

Remember the bubonic plague that took out around 30% to 60% of Europe’s population back in the day? Yeah, that was all thanks to the hard work of some disease-carrying fleas on rats.

What’s great about Rodent 1

  • Increases infectivity by 3
  • Especially effective in urban areas
  • Increases likelihood of mutation

Rodent 1 details

  • Common flea susceptible to infection
  • Costs 10 DNA

8. Bird 1

Bird 1 imageInstead of a messenger pigeon, why not have an infected pigeon?

Air travel restrictions won’t be stopping your plague if you have Bird 1 on your side. So far there aren't any countries strong enough to stop birds from flying in and out whenever wherever.

What’s great about Bird 1

  • Increases infectivity by 3
  • Increases land transmission
  • Raises chance of mutation

Bird 1 details

  • Birds susceptible to infection
  • Costs 12 DNA

7. Air 1

Air 1 imageNo one will see your disease coming if it's through air travel.

Nothing says sneaky like a dust particle, because how dangerous can a literal speck be? The answer can be extremely if you have Air 1.

What’s great about Air 1

  • Increases infectivity by 4
  • Especially effective in arid climates
  • Increases air/plane transmission

Air 1 details

  • Pathogen can travel on dust particles
  • Costs 9 DNA

Best Tier 2 Transmissions

6. Bird 2

Bird 2 imageWith the birds under your rule, you'll be unstoppable.

Bird 2 turns birds into your weapon so you can infect other species and also hard to reach areas like islands. Why stop at infecting the all powerful birds when you can weaponize them?

What’s great about Bird 2

  • Increases infectivity by 6
  • Increases land transmission
  • Increases possibility of mutation
  • Can lead to increased infection rates in event of extreme migration
  • Can infect islands through animals

Bird 2 details

  • Avian brain tissue is damaged causing birds to attack other species
  • Costs 18 DNA

5. Air 2

Air 2 imageYour disease will blow straight through humanity's defenses with this transmission.

You can’t stop a disease you can’t see coming, and humanity definitely won’t be able to see your plague lingering in the air, waiting to strike. Puny human inventions like air filters won’t be able to stop your disease if you have Air 2.

What’s great about Air 2

  • Increases infectivity by 7
  • Especially effective in arid climates
  • Planes likelier to infect other countries
  • Can counter air filters

Air 2 details

  • Organism can survive suspended in air for a long time
  • Costs 14 DNA

4. Insect 2

Insect 2Use the horde of bugs vibing on the planet to your advantadge.

Bugs are everywhere, of that there is no doubt. So why not have them do something useful for once like spreading your disease?

What’s great about Insect 2

  • Increases infectivity by 8
  • Especially effective in hot climates
  • Raises likelihood of mutation

Insect 2 details

  • Increases rate of infection transfer between insects
  • Costs 20 DNA

3. Water 2

Water 2 imageThis transmission is almost like an all access pass for your disease.

Everyone drinks water, because if not they’d die. Now they can also die because of water, if Water 2 is brought into play!

What’s great about Water 2

  • Increases infectivity by 9
  • Especially effective in humid climates
  • Increases chance of plague being spread to other countries by ship
  • Excellent for infecting difficult islands

Water 2 details

  • Pathogen can now also survive in chemically treated water
  • Costs 15 DNA

Best Tier 3 Transmissions

2. Extreme Zoonosis

Extreme Zoonosis imageIn this world, it's infect or be infected.

Why stop at infecting humanity? Why not also infect all the animals and then have them help you with infecting humanity?

What’s great about Extreme Zoonosis

  • Increase in infectivity by 5
  • Effective in both rural and urban areas
  • Increases land transmission
  • Raises chance of mutation
  • Increases likelihood of diseases spreading to other countries

Extreme Zoonosis details

  • Infection affects multiple species
  • Costs 22 DNA

1. Extreme Bioaerosol

Extreme Bioaerosol imageThere'll be no stopping your plague once it has reached this level.

If you’re going to play a game where your goal is to wipe out humanity, you might as well go big or go home. Actually, just go big with Extreme Bioaerosol that infects air and water to make sure your plage gets spread everywhere.

What’s great about Extreme Bioaerosol

  • Increases infectivity by 5
  • Increases sea transmission
  • Increases air transmission
  • Effective in both humid and arid climates
  • Not affected by air/water filters

Extreme Bioaerosol details

  • Pathogen bypasses filters due to an adaptive cellular shell
  • Costs 16 DNA

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