[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Inquisitor Builds That Wreck Hard!

Path of Exile Best Inquisitor Builds
When Righteousness meets opposition, it's time to burn the heretics!

[Top 5] Path of Exile Best Inquisitor Builds That Wreck Hard!

These burly, strong, and virtuous men, who are willing to cleanse Wraeclast of filth through any means necessary are equipped with some of the strongest elemental capabilities in the game in the shape of the Inquisitor, and here are some of the best Inquisitor builds!

5 – Aegis Incinerate Inquisitor

Incinerate at max stages

I covered this build in its Elementalist iteration, but unlike that little witch, this strapping, muscular man can take a much bigger punch, and enough damage to demolish most content in the game!

What the Aegis Incinerate Inquisitor Excels in:

  • Ridiculously Tanky.
  • Immune to Ailments and Resistant (100%+) to Curses.
  • Can reach upwards of 6 million DPS.
  • Unique playstyle.

Aegis Incinerate Inquisitor full details:

  • This muscular man is TANKY! With over 8,000 EHP (4k life/4k es), Nature’s Patience Keystone, 75/75 Attack/Spell Block, Aegis Aurora ES on Block mechanic, Unaffected by Curses and Elemental Ailment Immunity, and 50k+ Armor with buffs up makes for this build one of the tankiest solo builds in the game.
  • With so much investment in defense, one would think that damage is lacking. This is most definitely not the case, as you can reach ridiculous amounts of damage, and combined with Nature’s Patience, you get progressively tankier as you stand still to channel Incinerate, while hopping around with Lightning Warp without breaking your channel.
  • While this all sounds amazing, keep in mind that this build is not cheap and that you most likely won’t be able to league-start with it, or at the very least, you’ll face heavy opposition while doing so. The upside is that this build clears all content in the game, and face-tank pretty much everything except the pinnacle of enemies.

For more information, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2865430

4 – Elemental Crit Staff Cyclone + Shockwave


While this isn’t as tanky as the previous one, this build is just as strong and bulky, capable of dishing out tons of damage while ignoring the enemies’ resistance. Hit fast, hit hard, constant freezes against even bosses, with the chunky Shockwaves.

What the Ele Crit Staff Cyclone Excels in:

  • Very Tanky with over 7k EHP
  • Combined damage between Shockwave and Cyclone of upwards of 4 million damage
  • Almost block capped with Staff
  • Ignores enemies’ resists

Elemental Crit Staff Cyclone + Shockwave full details:

  • We are near immune to curses due to Pious Path’s increased effect of Consecrated Ground, and we ignore enemies’ elemental resistance when we critically strike, guaranteeing us full damage, no matter who it is.
  • With proper investment, we achieve 100% crit chance, over 450% crit multi (which can be magnified further if you are a masochist and use a Replica Abyssus for a whopping 120% crit multi on melee strike instead of the safer Starkonja’s).
  • Combined 7k eHP, and block, we achieve absurd tankyness, with fantastic clear, popping packs with just a shock-wave. The build can be pricey to min-max, but it can be a good league starter without many (in fact, no) actual required Uniques. And the biggest one is dirt-cheap 2 days into the league, anyway.

For more details, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3191928

3 – CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor

100% Delirious Map Clearing

Cast on Critical Strike is, and probably will ever be, a staple in PoE. And this build tries its best to be the tankiest version of it while dealing millions of damage and having a superb clear at the same time.

What the CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor Excels in:

  • Absurdly tanky, nigh immortal
  • Enough Single target damage to insta-phase many late-game bosses
  • Consistent damage
  • Buttery smooth map clear

CoC Ice Spear Inquisitor full details:

  • The biggest hardship to overcome as a CoC build, since 3.15, is mana cost of skills. Ever since the change that made spells cast by CoC have a cost, everyone was chomping at the bits to try to solve the issues, and that’s how you will have to act too. Several little things help you with that, from Replica Conqueror’s Efficiency to Elreon’s Jewelry and Watcher’s Eye Clarity mods.
  • While we aren’t Low Life, we still need to have several auras, and we do that by stacking several sources of MRE, from Sovereignty wheel to Charisma Annointment, as well as helmet enchants or corrupted implicits on jewels or specific cluster jewels with focused MRE for each aura.
  • Damage-wise, we stack Strength and Intelligence, making use of several unique item’s synergies to bump our critical chance to 100%, as well as increasing both our Life and ES, (and accuracy) sky-high. A Vortex with Bonechill will also magnify enemies’ damage taken, since we can’t reduce enemies’ resistance (we ignore them).

For a full breakdown, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3220977

2 – Mjolner FireCoC

Purifying Flame against a Metamorph

As a running theme with Inquisitors, tankiness is par for the course, and this one is no different. It’s a fantastic all-rounder build with an extremely high ceiling and gear flexibility. You can improve as you play and you can start with most any gear.

What the Mjolner FireCoC Excels In:

  • Boasts over 6k eHP with Petrified Blood.
  • Has great clear when combined with Asenath’s Gentle Touch.
  • Can do all bosses comfortably.
  • Buttery Smooth Cyclone clearing.

Mjolner FireCoC full details:

  • This build makes use of Leadership’s Price, which gives us Brittle, Scorch and Sapping Conflux, which boosts both damage and survivability sky high, especially combined with Painseeker Gloves (for bossing).
  • Stacking as much Maximum Elemental Resist as possible, both on gear and the passive tree, we can achieve over 86% Max Ele Res, with 70%/74% Attack/Spell Block chance, 20% Sap, 15% Physical Damage Taken as Fire Damage and 15% Phys as Cold from the unique flask Taste of Hate, as well as 25k+ Armor, makes for this build one Tankyboi.
  • The biggest hurdle with Leadership’s Price is that for it to work, you need to balance your two highest attributes, and since we want to stack as much Intelligence and Strength as possible, since we get 1% crit chance per 1 point of the lowest of the two, as an Inquisitor, and because Mjolner has absurdly high stat requirements, we basically get free 100% critical strike chance with Brittle and this node alone.

For a full breakdown, check here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3179644

1 – Pohx’s Righteous Fire Inquisitor

Celestial Righteous Fire MTX against the Phoenix Guardian

Pohx is a very well-known streamer and content creator and a favorite of mine, and as he is wont to do, he loves playing builds that deal damage to themselves in order to do damage, like Death’s Oath or RF. Combined with substantial buffs and nerfs, as well as massive changes to how RF works, RF became a FotM build.

What Pohx’s Righteous Fire Excels In:

  • Extremely Tanky (of course, it’s an Inquisitor build, it’s always tanky!
  • Buttery smooth clear.
  • Can League start if you know what you’re doing.
  • Cheap to start with and can scale to upwards of 6 million DPS.

Pohx’s Righteous Fire Inquisitor full details:

  • Righteous Fire works by continuously sacrificing over a third of your Life and ES to deal part of that damage to enemies surrounding you as fire damage, and since the way to scale damage is by getting more Life and ES, you progressively get tankier and tankier.
  • In 3.16, The Brass Dome received a massive rework (along with how armor and evasion are calculated) and it grants up to +5% Max Elemental Resistance. This, together with Rise of the Phoenix for another +5% Max Fire Ele Res, and another +5% from the Passive Tree, you can easily reach 90%, which is the cap for Maximum resist, making it so you only take around 5 to 7% of your life as damage, which is extremely easy to achieve enough regeneration for, as an Inquisitor.
  • To increase your damage further, we use a secondary 6L with Scorching Ray to reduce the enemy’s fire resistance, as well as deal substantial damage by itself. With Replica Soul Tether, 50% of all damage bypasses Energy Shield and grants 15% of Max Life as ES, and this gets increased by all your % ES on gear and tree. Since RF deals more damage based on how big our Combined Life/ES is, we get even tankier whiles increasing our damage!

For a completely thorough guide, from start to finish, follow Pohx here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3CkKNMr0wc

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