Mechwarrior 5 Medium Mech Tier List [Best And Worst Medium Mechs Revealed]

The Kintaro specializes in missiles more than anything else.

Mechwarrior 5 Medium Mech Tier List [Best And Worst Medium Mechs Revealed]

Has anyone ever told you not to play with fire?

There is no shortage of Medium ‘Mechs in Mechwarrior 5: Mercs.  The game actually has a total of 17 different medium ‘Mech chassis and each has at least 3 variants.  While that is a lot of mediums to choose from, some players would rather pilot a heavy ‘Mech than a medium.   That’s understandable since heavies are able to carry more weapons and can deal more damage in general.  

But that doesn’t mean that medium ‘Mechs are useless.  Far from it.  Medium ‘Mechs are quite versatile in Mechwarrior 5: Mercs.  They are adequately fast, have ample armor and can deal good damage, even at higher reputation levels.  It’s just that the late game has enemies that are tankier & deal more damage, rendering a lot of medium ‘Mechs obsolete.  

That’s why, after some testing, yours truly has put together a tier list for medium ‘Mechs that you, dear readers, can peruse and give yourselves some idea on which mediums are worth investing time and C-bills on.  


S Tier

The medium ‘Mechs on S tier are capable of dealing significant damage to enemies above their weight class.  With some skill, players can even field these battlemechs well into higher rep level missions, provided they have sufficient support, of course.  


S Tier: Dark Death ASN-DD

The ASN-DD can give light ‘Mechs a run for their money.

The Dark Death is the best Assassin model hands down.  With its high top speed, the DD can quickly chase down hostile targets and blast it with its autocannon.  This ‘Mech becomes more deadly at close range if players swap out the AC/2  with an LBX/10 and the LRM 5s with SRM 6s.  


  • Has ECM which makes enemies have a harder time trying to lock on the DD.
  • 7 jump jets make the Dark Death as agile as light ‘Mechs.
  • 2 medium missile slots can be equipped with SRM6 launchers, the deadliest missiles in the game.
  • Its right arm can mount an LBX/10 autocannon that can shred an enemy’s armor in no time.
  • Perfect for raids and demolition missions since the DD has speed & weapons that deal damage to structures quicker than lasers.  


S Tier: Yen-Lo-Wang2 CN9-YLW2

When using this ‘Mech, players need to get in the enemy’s face quickly.

The 50 ton Yen-Lo-Wang2 is so specialized in short range weapons that few ‘Mechs can survive its close quarters onslaught.  Not content with just an AC/20 (which is already a fearsome weapon by itself,)  the YLW2 also comes with a medium claw that can fatally cripple a hostile ‘Mech in just a few swings.  


  • The Yen-Lo-Wang can take out light & medium ‘Mechs with just a couple of well-placed shots from its AC/20.
  • Decent speed & armor for a medium ‘Mech, which makes it fairly easy for this ‘Mech to get into melee range quickly and use its claw.
  • The medium claw deals enough damage to destroy lights & mediums in just a few swings.
  • Optimized weapon loadout for close range battle makes the YLW2 a lethal CQC specialist.
  • Can be bought fairly early in the game.  (Around the year 3027)


S Tier: Florentine CRB-FL

The CRB-FL with 2 LBX/10s can kill lights & mediums with little to no difficulty.

The Florentine is an autocannon lover’s battlemech.  2 medium ballistic slots in the arms makes for easier targeting, and when equipped with 2 LBX/10s, the CRB-FL can shred a hostile ‘Mech’s armor fairly quickly.  Even without double heat sinks, thermal buildup won’t pose too much of a problem for this battlemech as its main DPS comes from the autocannons mounted on its arms.


  • 2 medium ballistic slots equipped with Ultra AC/5s capable of dealing copious amounts of damage. 
  • Has the most free tonnage out of all the Crab variants, giving players more options to customize the Florentine.
  • Versatile weapon loadout makes the CRB-FL capable of performing most medium ‘Mech roles with little difficulty.
  • One of the few medium ‘Mechs to have 2 medium ballistic slots.
  • Decent armor and top speed for a medium ‘Mech.


S Tier: Grid Iron HBK-GI

Players can swap the Gauss for an LBX/10 if they prefer a shotgun instead of a sniper rifle.

Hunchbacks have earned the favor of the Battletech community for being one of the best medium ‘Mechs out there.  The GI variant is no different.  It’s tanky for a medium ‘Mech, it’s outfitted with a lostech weapon and it’s a tremendously capable mid range brawler and/or sniper depending on the pilot’s playstyle.  


  • Works well as a sniper thanks to its shoulder mounted Gauss Rifle.
  • 2 Medium Pulse Lasers & an SRM launcher makes the Grid Iron able to brawl at close range.
  • 3 Double Heat Sinks vent excess heat so you can fire your lasers & SRM more often.  
  • Can be bought early in the game if players have enough C-bills.
  • Comes equipped with lostech weapons like a Gauss rifle and pulse lasers out of the box which generally only appear mid game.  


S Tier: Golden Boy KTO-GB

The GB is as slow as a heavy ‘Mech, but can also deal damage like one.

The KTO-GB is a very deadly ‘Mech that punches well above its weight class if configured as an SRM boat.  Tanky to a certain extent and with enough firepower to quickly reduce foes into smoldering heaps of metal, the Golden Boy is probably one of the few medium ‘Mechs that is very viable even in the late game.  


  • With 5 SRM launchers, the GB can make short work of almost any enemy.    
  • Equipped with 6 Double Heat Sinks to help dissipate excess heat, ensuring the Golden Boy can consistently fire its SRMs.
  • 3 Medium Pulse Lasers work well as back up weapons when your SRMs are in cooldown.
  • Has the most armor out of all the other Kintaro models, increasing its survivability
  • Can be bought at industrial hubs very early in the game unlike some hero ‘Mechs that require players to finish a specific quest chain.


S Tier: Gray Death SHD-GD

Players can peek out of cover to fire the shoulder-mounted autocannon. 

The Gray Death is a versatile medium ‘Mech that can fulfill almost any early to mid game mission with ease and can even be viable for some late game battles, as well.  Especially if players refit the GD with tier 5 lostech weapons like  ER lasers and an LBX AC/10.  Out of the box, this ‘Mech is a superb short to mid range brawler that’s also tanky enough to survive until the end of a mission.


  • Varied weapon loadout makes the Gray Death a versatile machine that’s able to play different roles on the battlefield.  
  • Decently armored for a medium ‘Mech
  • Has more free tonnage to use on weapons, ammo, armor & heat sinks due to its Endosteel structure and XL engine.
  • Equipped with Double Heat Sinks that lets the Gray Death cool faster.  
  • Has a torso-based medium ballistic slot that can equip an LBX/10 AC which is way better than the AC/10


S Tier: Loup de Guerre TBT-LG

The LG can reach a top speed of 105.3 km/h, putting the Golden Boy to shame.

Loup de Guerre is a lighter version of the Kintaro Golden Boy.  When built as an SRM brawler, this ‘Mech can easily dispatch most enemies with a couple of salvos from its SRMs.  Being 5 tons lighter and significantly faster than the Golden Boy, players will find the LG can chase down any ground target & destroy them with ease.  


  • Equipped with 4 SRM launchers that deal potent damage.
  • With a top speed of 105.3 km/h, the LG is the fastest Trebuchet variant.  It can run around the battlefield spamming SRMs.
  • With the addition of an anti-missile system, the Loup De Guerre doesn’t have to worry too much about incoming enemy LRMs.
  • Its Beagle Active Probe lets the LG spot hostile targets quicker.
  • 3 jump jets makes the Loup de Guerre more mobile, which complements its already fast top speed.


A Tier

‘Mechs on this tier are just as viable as those in S tier.  Players just need a bit more practice in piloting and gunnery to keep these guys alive and/or deal a crap ton of damage.  A tier ‘Mechs are still a good investment so no worries.  


A Tier: Assassin ASN-27

With its ECM & TAG, the ASN-27 is a fast support ‘Mech.

The Assassin 27 is a good scout and support for the player’s allied missile ‘Mechs.   This ‘Mech is too lightly armed to take out targets on its own, but when used in a lance with missile boats, the ASN-27 can potentially increase the damage a player’s LRM ‘Mechs by reducing their lock on time.


  • ECM disrupts enemy sensors and makes the ASN-27 take less damage.
  • Its speed & 7 jump jets make this variant a highly mobile scout.
  • The 27’s TAG reduces the lock on time of friendly missile boats, increasing their fire rate.
  • Has good armor for a 40 ton ‘Mech.
  • Can be acquired early in the game.


A Tier: Arrow BJ-A

2 machine guns may not deal much damage, but 6 of them will.

The Arrow’s 6 machine guns can deal an insane amount of damage in a short period of time.  And with its speed of 84.6 km/h, the jump-capable Arrow can handle rough terrain with little difficulty.  This makes the BJ-A very well-suited to do raids and demolition missions, as well as taking out the occasional enemy straggler on the field.


  • 6 machine guns bring down enemy structures with ease, making the Arrow perfect for demolition contracts.  
  • Great for flanking and harassing enemy units due to its speed.
  • Has a decent laser loadout should the machine guns run dry (or the Arrow’s arms get blown off)
  • Equipped with 2 jump jets that make the Arrow more agile.
  • 2 Double heat sinks help prevent rapid thermal buildup.


A Tier: Yen-Lo-Wang CN9-YLW

Yen-Lo-Wang can kill hostile ‘Mechs quickly thanks to its huge autocannon.

Much like the Hunchback 4G, few ‘Mechs can stand up to Yen-Lo-Wang's autocannon 20.   With a decent pilot at the helm, the well-armored YLW can be used to flank enemies and hit their vulnerable backsides with the AC/20.  


  • YLW is fairly tanky for a medium ‘Mech & has more armor than a Hunchback.
  • Its right arm can be slotted with the biggest ballistic weapons in the game, namely the AC/20, AC/20-BF or the Gauss Rifle.
  • Yen-Lo-Wang is a deadly close range brawler that can dispatch ‘Mechs its size with little trouble.
  • Can be bought fairly early in the game, unlike other hero ‘Mechs which require players to finish a number of quest missions.


A Tier: The X-5 CDA-X5

This ‘Mech is surprisingly fast & well-armed for a scout.

The X-5 is an excellent medium scout that’s fast and tanky enough to take down both light & medium ‘Mechs without too much difficulty.  It's also perfect for raid contracts and can even run them solo even up to mid game.  


  • Comes with 3 double heat sinks that vent excess heat faster.
  • With a top speed of 133.65 km/h, the X-5 can outrun everything except the hero Locust.
  • A good complement of medium lasers & SRMs enables the X-5 to hold its own in a fight.
  • Well- armored for a fast 40 ton ‘Mech.
  • Can be bought early in the game, giving players access to a tanky & well-armed scout. 


A Tier: Crab CRB-27B, 27SL

This ‘Mech is quite the killer if it’s equipped with 2 PPCs.

The Crab 27B & 27SL can deal some decent damage at long range, making them ideal ‘Mechs for players who want to get their hands on an early game sniper.  PPCs also work well with these 2 variants since these ‘Mechs are equipped with double heat sinks which is somewhat of a rare thing in early game stages.


  • Laser weapons don’t require ammo, making the Crab ideal for long engagements.
  • Both the 27B & 27SL have double Heat Sinks that vent waste heat quicker, enabling their lasers to fire consistently.
  • Fairly well armored for a Medium ‘Mech.
  • The 27SL has jump jets that help it navigate treacherous terrain.
  • Both variants can be bought in industrial hubs very early in the game.


A Tier: Dervish DV-7D

Few medium ‘Mechs can equip 2 LRM 20s like the Dervish.

The Dervish 7D is a superb medium missile boat.  It’s capable of raining down death from afar with its dual LRM 20s and can hold its own against smaller enemies that get too close.  


  • With 2 LRM 20s, The 7D can wipe out hostile targets without having to risk getting shot at.
  • 5 jets enable the 7D to traverse any kind of terrain.
  • Decently armored for a medium missile ‘Mech.
  • Has 4 missile slots that can be equipped with SRM 6s which deal a ton of damage.
  • Torso-based LRMs ensure the 7D can still function as an LRM boat despite losing both arms and a leg.


A Tier: Frenzy DV-FR

This ‘Mech can be configured to be a lethal SRM boat.

Frenzy is a great missile boat.  At 55 tons, it can house 2 LRM 20s and 2 SRM 4s.  Players who swap out the LRMs for more SRMs will find that this ‘Mech will rack up kills pretty quickly as a well-placed quad SRM6 salvo is enough to take down almost any ‘Mech. 


  • 5 jump jets enable Frenzy to negotiate rough terrain with ease.
  • Has the most free tonnage out of all the Dervish variants, giving players more customization options. 
  • One of the few medium ‘Mechs that can equip 2 large missile weapons.  
  • Highly adaptable ‘Mech that can be used either as an indirect fire support or a close range brawler.
  • Has 4 missile slots that can equip SRM 6 launchers which are the most OP weapons in the game.


A Tier: Ghillie ENF-GH

Players who love roleplaying as a sniper will love Ghillie.

The Ghillie is a great 50 ton sniper ‘Mech.  Skilled players can use the arm-mounted Gauss rifle to take apart enemies from long range without them even noticing thanks to the Ghillie’s built in ECM.  


  • Has more customization options thanks to having the most free tonnage out of all the Enforcer variants.
  • Its Gauss rifle can deal lethal damage to opponents from far away.  
  • Has ECM that disrupts enemy sensors & prevents enemies from locking on to Ghillie with LRMs.
  • 5 jump jets enable the GH to quickly reach an ideal sniping position or to make a quick retreat.
  • Has the most armor out of all the other Enforcer models.


A Tier: Sparky GRF-1E

I wish it had more of its lasers on its torso instead of its arms…

Sparky is an excellent medium laser boat provided you put enough double heat sinks on it to keep it from melting.  This ‘Mech can fulfill the role of a long to mid range brawler since it has the armor and firepower to do so.  


  • An all energy loadout makes Sparky ideal for prolonged battles.
  • 5 jump jets make this ‘Mech able to handle treacherous terrain with ease.
  • Sufficiently tanky for a 55 ton battlemech.
  • Ideal for early to mid game warzone missions 
  • Its PPC can disrupt enemy sensors and raise their heat level.


A Tier: Griffin GRF-2N

The 2N has the most armor out of all the Griffin models.

The Griffin 2N, unlike the Sparky, is better used as a short to mid range brawler due to its thicker armor and the ability to equip 2 SRM 6 launchers that can decimate opponents at close range.  Just make sure to keep an eye on the SRM’s ammo as it's easy to empty the bins when you’re too triggerhappy.


  • ECM disrupts enemy sensors and minimizes the chance of the 2N receiving the full brunt of an attack.
  • 5 jump jets enable the 2N to quickly jump in and out of battle.
  • Equipped with a double heat sink to dissipate thermal build up faster. 
  • 2 medium missile slots can be used to equip SRM 6 weapon systems that can inflict heavy damage to enemy units.
  • Can be bought or salvaged very early in the game.


A Tier: Hatchetman HCT-5S

The Hatchetman is a monster when its enemy is within reach of its axe.

The selling point of the Hatchetman is its ability to finish off opponents with its handheld melee weapon.  That requires the ‘Mech to get in melee range quickly & be tanky enough to soak incoming damage on its way to the enemy.  In this regard, the HCT-5S is the best variant that has the best armor among all the Hatchetman models.


  • Can deal big damage to foes in melee range.
  • Very sturdy for a ‘Mech that weighs only 45 tons. 
  • Has the most free tonnage among all the other HCT variants.
  • 4 jump jets enable the 5S to quickly reach melee striking distance.
  • Its medium ballistic slot can equip an LBX/10 autocannon that can shred an enemy’s armor in no time.


A Tier: Hunchback (All Non hero Variants)

The Hunchback is one of the most famous ‘Mechs in the Inner Sphere.

The Hunchback is one of the most used medium ‘Mechs in both Mechwarrior 5 and Mechwarrior Online for good reason.  It’s sturdy enough to take a beating, it can mount powerful weapons and it’s versatile enough to fulfill almost any role on the battlefield.  


  • Sufficiently tanky and can perform well as a brawler at any range.
  • The 4G variant can house the biggest and most powerful ballistic weapons in the game.
  • Common ‘Mech that’s easily available early in the game.
  • The 4J & 4SP can use dual SRM 6s, making them as deadly as the 4G that has an AC/20
  • Has many variants that are able to do decent damage.


A Tier: Kintaro (All Non hero Variants)

SRM builds are not to be underestimated.  These guys are OP.

All non hero Kintaro variants perform well as SRM brawlers.  They have decent speed to get in optimal range to use their SRMs on the enemy.  This generally results in a quick kill for the Kintaros, making them perfect for assassination missions and raids.


  • The 19, 19B & 20 are clad in Ferro Fibrous armor which gives them more free tonnage and more customization options.
  • The KTO-19 & 19B have NARC which turns enemies into missile magnets.  
  • All models can kill light & medium ‘mechs easily with SRM alpha strikes.
  • With a top speed of 81 km/h, these Kintaro variants can quickly get in striking distance to unload their SRM payloads.  
  • These KTO variants are well-armored for medium ‘Mechs 


A Tier: Phoenix Hawk PXH-1B, 3S

Jump jets are the Phoenix Hawk’s best friend.

The 1B & 3S are arguably the best non hero variants of the Phoenix Hawk.  Decently fast and agile, these two can be used harasser units that can kite enemies with their long range weaponry.  Just take care not to get their arms destroyed.  Almost all of their weapons are located there. 


  • ECM disrupts enemy sensors and reduces incoming damage the 1B receives.  
  • Both the 1B & 3S have 6 jump jets that make them agile enough to dart in and out of battle swiftly.
  • The 3S has the thickest armor out of all the PXH variants.
  • Equipped with AMS, the 3S can shoot down incoming enemy missiles.
  • The 1B has 2 large energy slots that can be outfitted with the biggest energy weapons in the game.  


A Tier: Kuroi Kiri PXH-KK

With 2 PPCs, the KK is a beast at long range.

Kuroi Kiri is a superb laser-based sniper.  This thing can use dual PPCs to great effect and has enough agility to keep enemies at bay.  Just try to minimize incoming damage to its arms.  Kuroi Kiri is all but useless without its arm-mounted weaponry.


  • Has 2 large energy slots that can equip large lasers, PPCs and large pulse lasers.
  • 6 jump jets provide the KK with enough agility to swiftly enter or exit battles at a moment’s notice.
  • Equipped with AMS that automatically shoots down incoming enemy missiles.
  • Built-in double heat sink vents waste heat faster than normal single heat sinks.
  • Has the most free tonnage among all the other PXH models except for the 1B variant.


A Tier: Shadow Hawk SHD-5M

The Shadow Hawk is the Phoenix Hawk’s big delinquent brother with anger management issues. 

Equipped with an Ultra AC/5 and a Streak SRM2, the SHD-5M is the most advanced Shadow Hawk currently in the game.  The 5M is made even more deadly if players swap out the Ultra AC/5 and LRM20 for an LBX/10 autocannon, an SRM6 and more armor and/or heat sinks.  


  • Has 5 jump jets that make the 5M very mobile.
  • Well armored for a 55 ton ‘Mech.
  • Has a torso-mounted medium ballistic slot that can equip an LBX/10 or Ultra AC/5.  Both of which can deal good damage.
  • Has the most free tonnage out of all the non hero SHD variants, giving players more customization options.
  • Varied weapon loadout that makes the 5M a versatile ‘Mech that fulfills any role superbly.


A Tier: Trebuchet TBT-7M

The Trebuchet 7M has decent speed and armor for a medium missile boat.

The 7M fulfills the role of a medium missile boat perfectly.  This thing can use dual LRM 20s and it has enough backup weapons to take on enemies that get too close.  


  • Built-in NARC turns hostile ‘Mechs into magnets for allied missiles. 
  • 5 jump jets make the 7M more mobile and can be used to escape enemies trying to flank it.
  • Has the most free tonnage among all the Trebuchet variants, giving players more customization options.
  • The 7M’s medium missile slot can be used to equip an SRM 6 which is the most powerful missile weapon in the game.
  • Torso-mounted weaponry ensures the 7M’s ability to continue fighting despite losing both arms.


A Tier: Bloodlust VL-BL

The VL-BL’s weapon loadout makes it  a great close range specialist.  

The Bloodlust is perfect for raids and demolition missions mainly due to its specialized weaponry.  This hero Vulcan can also take down enemy mediums and lights at close range with the same aforementioned weapons.  


  • Can equip 4 SRM 4 launchers that quickly kill or maim enemy ‘Mechs its size.
  • 3 Machine guns can wreak havoc on enemy structures in no time.
  • 4 jump jets enable the Bloodlust to negotiate rugged terrain with ease.
  • Available for purchase at the start of the game, provided players have enough C-bills.


A Tier: Quarantine WVR-Q

Its pair of SRM 6s is more dangerous than its lasers.

Quarantine is an almost perfect short to mid range brawler.  My only issue with it is that most of its weapons are located on its right arm.  Players need to take extra care to not let it get blown off.  Otherwise the Q’s DPS will drop significantly.


  • Tanky enough to be a short range brawler.
  • Its dual SRM 6s can dish out a crap ton of damage up close.
  • 2 double heat sinks dissipate excess heat better than normal heat sinks.
  • 3 jump jets enable the Quarantine to traverse rough terrain easier.
  • Can use an LBX/10 autocannon that deals damage like a shotgun.


B Tier

‘Mechs in B tier are sufficiently able to destroy most enemies without having to micromanage your pilots.  They don’t excel in any particular field but they will be adequate for the roles assigned to them.  


B Tier: Assassin ASN-21, 25, 26

Assassins use their speed to outmaneuver their enemies.

Much like the Spider, the assassin is fast and agile but lacks firepower.  In a good pilot’s hands, this ‘Mech makes for a decent harasser unit but quickly becomes obsolete in the later stages of the game.  


B Tier: Blackjack BJ-1DB, 1DC, 1X, 3

All Blackjacks seem to get their arms blown off quite easily.

These Blackjack variants are decent enough to function as long range damage dealers since they have the weapons for it.  But their armor is a bit too thin for my taste so I suggest keeping them away from the front lines as much as possible.


B Tier: Centurion (All Non hero variants)

The Centurion is versatile enough to take on hostiles from various ranges.

The non hero variants of the Centurion are decent battlemechs that have enough firepower and armor to deal with early to mid game missions.  Just make sure that the Centurion’s right arm doesn’t get shot off early in a fight.  The ‘Mech  will suck without it.    


B Tier: Crab CRB-20, 27

Crabs have decent armor and speed for a medium ‘Mech.

The Crab can be deadly at long range, especially if equipped with 2 PPCs.  Players just need to slap on more heat sinks to keep this thing from overheating every 3 minutes.  


B Tier: Dervish DV-6M

A sufficiently good missile boat for a medium ‘Mech.

The 6M is decent enough to be the starting player’s long range missile boat.  Although its heavy reliance on ammo means it will have limited usefulness on the field, especially since it only has 2 medium lasers as backup weapons.  


B Tier: Enforcer (All Non hero Variants)

This ‘Mech is adequate for most missions thanks to its ballistic loadout.

Enforcers can be equipped with LBX/10 autocannons that are efficient at shaving off an enemy’s armor.  This makes the Enforcer a very good fit for a mid range brawler that can do well in raids, demolition and assassination missions from early to mid game.  


B Tier: Griffin GRF-1N, 1P, 1S, 3M, Ares

The Griffin & the Panther both have their main weapon in their right arm.

Griffins are best used to pick apart enemies from long range.  They lack any real mid range punch & are mediocre brawlers unless equipped with SRMs.  Their only saving grace is they have ample jump jets to quickly get away when cornered.  


B Tier: Hatchetman HCT-3F

That hatchet can do serious damage.  

The Hatchetman is slow for a medium ‘Mech but it can deal significant damage with its hand axe.  Players just need to get close enough to use it without getting wrecked by enemy fire.  Otherwise, just use the Hatchetman’s autocannon to deal damage from afar.


B Tier: Man-At-Arms HCT-MA

Good thing this ‘Mech can equip an LBX/10.  Getting into melee range is always a risk. 

Normally, you’d expect a hero ‘Mech to be sturdier than its other variants but the HCT-MA has less armor than the HCT-5S.  While it has the potential to deal a crap ton of damage with its melee weapon, having less armor means players will have to make the extra effort to not get blown up before getting close enough to use the MA’s hatchet.


B Tier: Phoenix Hawk PXH-1, 1K, 1P, 2

Protect the Phoenix Hawk’s arms.  That’s where most of its weapons are located.

The 45 ton Phoenix Hawk works well for early game missions but like the Blackjack, it becomes very replaceable as soon as players hit mid game where heavier and better ‘Mechs start showing up.  


B Tier: Kobold PXH-KB

Players get a free pilot along with this ‘Mech.

For a hero ‘Mech, the Kobold doesn’t offer much.  It works well as an early game mid range damage dealer but with less armor than most PXH variants, players can surely find better medium ‘Mechs to use after a short amount of time has passed in the game.


B Tier: Shadow Hawk SHD-1P, 2D, 2D2, 2H, 2K, 2P

The Shadow Hawk is a versatile medium 'Mech.

Shadow Hawks can deal decent damage, are tanky, are jump capable and can perform the role of a mid or short range brawler adequately thanks to their varied weapon loadout.  


B Tier: Trebuchet TBT-3C, 5J, 5N, 5P, 7K

The Trebuchet is a solid design & a reliable ‘Mech.

These Trebuchet variants are good enough to fulfill the role of an indirect fire support ‘Mech thanks to their capacity to use 2 LRM 20s but these guys are just average when used as mid range brawler units, except for the 7K which is the opposite of the other variants.  


B Tier: Vulcan VL-5T

Good thing its 4 medium lasers are in its torso.  Those arms are flimsy. 

The Vulcan 5T, with its somewhat irregular weapons placement, can deal sufficient damage for its size.  Sadly, it’s an average ‘Mech in regards to its armor, weapons and overall usefulness as there are better medium ‘Mechs out there.


B Tier: Wolverine (All Non hero Variants)

Wolverines are like Storm Troopers; abundant, common and easily replaceable. 

The Wolverine is an okay medium ‘Mech to use in the early stages of the game.  However, it is quickly outshined by better mediums like the Shadow Hawk which deals more damage despite having the same weight as the Wolverine.


C Tier

‘Mechs in this tier just generally suck.  They are generally lacking in either firepower or armor.  Sometimes, even both at the same time.  Players should just sell these machines and use the C-bills to buy better weapons and ‘Mechs.


C Tier: Assassin ASN-101

I’d rather pilot an SRM-wielding Jenner than this ‘Mech.

The Assassin might have a bit more punch than the Cicada but sadly, it’s still not enough.  Add that to the fact that the ASN-101 lacks armor, and you have a ‘Mech that’s going to keep racking up repair bills.


C Tier: Blackjack BJ-1

The BJ-1 is basically an underpowered Rifleman.

The default Blackjack has its weapons on its arms and is poorly armored for a medium ‘Mech.  I also find that the Blackjack’s arms get shot off a bit too easily. 


Cicada (All Non hero Variants)

Cicadas are like light ‘Mechs.  They’re fast, lack damage and flimsy as heck.

The Cicada is underwhelming in the sense that it lacks the punch that other medium ‘Mechs have.  It’s just a bit too lacking in the firepower department.  This battlemech isn’t worth the investment.


C Tier: Vindicator (All Variants)

Vindicators may look cool, but they lack a serious punch.

Suffering from the same issue as the Cidada, the Vindicator is also in need of some serious damage dealing capabilities.  Players might be tempted to add better weapons on this thing but I suggest they just buy better ‘Mechs.


The Hatchetman may be intimidating, but it’s also slow.

And there you have it. A full medium ‘Mech tier list.  Hopefully this gives players some advantage in the game.  And always remember that medium ‘Mechs can’t carry as much weaponry as heavies so playing smart is key.  Use the terrain to your advantage.  Fire those SRMs only when enemies are running towards you and not strafing you from the sides.  Lastly, have some general awareness of where hostiles are.  It’ll make things easier.


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Top 3 Favorite Games:The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fallout: New Vegas, Kingdom Come Deliverance

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