[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Best Heavy Mechs (Non Hero)

Nothing beats the chaos of going in guns blazing.

[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Best Heavy Mechs (Non Hero)

The Catapult is an adequate ‘Mech.  Not the best, but good enough.

Aside from being well-rounded enough to complete every mission in Mechwarrior 5, the things I like about non hero Heavy ‘Mechs is that these guys are way cheaper to acquire and repair than hero ‘Mechs.  The price tag on hero heavies cost tens of millions of C-bills if players want to buy them. It takes less effort to get non heroes, too.  Some hero ‘Mechs require you to finish a chain of quests before obtaining them.  

Some hero variants may be sporting lostech weapons and equipment by default, too.  But these same lostech gear players can be obtained when players reach higher reputation levels.  It’ll then be just a matter of refitting your favorite ‘Mech with stuff like pulse lasers, gauss rifles, double heat sinks, LBX autocannon, etc.  

As for heavy ‘Mechs, well, what can I say?  These guys are my personal favorite out of all the MW5 weight classes.  Heavies have great survivability, ample speed and enough firepower to bring down even the heaviest of ‘Mechs.  (Assuming we, the pilots, have some decent aim, of course.)  These 60-75 ton hulks of steel perform superbly in almost any mission but shine the most in missions that require players to destroy a lot of stuff, like a warzone or beachhead.

I’ve said all that’s needed to be said about heavy ‘Mechs, so without further ado, here’s my top 5 non hero heavies in Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries.


5. Warhammer WHM-6RB

The Warhammer is one of the most famous Battletech designs, probably rivaling the Marauder.


  • Weight:  70 tons
  • Armor:  358/446 Ferro Fibrous
  • Structure:  223
  • Free Tonnage:  28.56 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h
  • Standard Loadout:  1 PPC (Right Arm), 1 Medium Laser & 1 Small Laser (Right Torso), 1 SRM 6+ART IV & 1 Machine Gun (Right Torso), 1 Medium Laser & 1 Small Laser (Left Torso), 1 PPC (Left Arm)

When the procurement officer outlined requirements for a “mobile ‘Mech with enough firepower to destroy or severely damage any ‘Mech of the same weight class or lower,” StarCorps Industries responded in 2515 with the aptly named Warhammer.  Serving ably in the ranks of the Star League, the Warhammer formed the backbone of several heavy regiments.  The Warhammer supplements its devastating long range capabilities with a host of medium & short range weapons.  


  • 2 PPCs deal significant damage to hostile targets from long range.
  • Equipped with 7 double heat sinks to disperse excess heat faster.
  • Has the most free tonnage out of all the non hero Warhammer variants, giving players more customization options.

The 6RB can fire its PPCs more consistently thanks to its 7 double heat sinks.  Players can take advantage of this by making this ‘Mech a long range attacker.  I suggest dropping the small lasers though.  Machine guns are better for raids and demolition missions.  Use the SRM 6 and medium lasers to finish off enemies that survive the 6RB’s dual PPC onslaught.

Players need to have the Legend of the Kestrel Lancers DLC to get the 6RB.  While this Warhammer variant is readily available early on, it’s a rare ‘Mech.  That means players might have a better chance of getting this variant in the industrial hub systems near Terra.  Scum save before visiting systems with rare ‘Mechs.  It will save you some in-game time.   


4. Cataphract CTF-0X

I don’t care what people say.  The Cataphract looks cool.  


  • Weight:  70 tons
  • Armor:  384/446
  • Structure:  223
  • Free Tonnage:  27.07 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h
  • Standard Loadout: 1 PPC & 1 Medium Laser (Right Arm), 1 Medium Laser & 1 AC/10 (Right Torso), 1 Medium Laser (Left Torso), 1 Medium Laser (Left Arm)

The Capellan Confederation found itself desperately short on heavy and assault battlemechs during the final years of the 3rd Succession War.  The Cataphract was born directly from that need.  Pride quickly turned to embarrassment as the sole Cataphract production facility was lost to Davion forces only a few years after it became operational in 3025.  Shortly thereafter,  the Cataphract could be found among the ranks of enemy garrison units.  At first glance, the Cataphract seems to be an attempt to make a heavy battlemech as versatile as possible, given its mix of weaponry and an abundance of armor.  


  • Has a Beagle Active Probe that identifies and reveals hostile forces on the map.  Useful for lances that have missile boats in them.  
  • ECM disrupts the opposing force’s sensors,  giving your lance the advantage on the field.
  • Varied weapon loadout enables both variants to adequately handle enemies from all ranges.

Unlike other ‘Mechs on this list, the Cataphract can perform well as both a support and attack unit.  Drop the AC/10 for an LBX/10 instead.  The Cataphract is quite tanky so players can go around the frontlines disrupting enemy sensors and blasting their faces in with its PPC and an LBX/10.  If you don’t like autocannons, use pulse lasers instead of regular lasers for more punch.

The Cataphract is more likely to show up in Liao space when the year hits 3025.  Check the industrial hubs there when they’re selling rare ‘Mechs.  Save before heading to one.  Reload when necessary. More importantly, players need to have the Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC.  Otherwise, this ‘Mech chassis won’t be available.


3. Black Knight BL-6B-KNT

The Black Knight is the epitome of the laser boat.


  • Weight:  75 tons
  • Armor:  416/474
  • Structure:  237 Endosteel
  • Free Tonnage:  31.19 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h
  • Standard Loadout:  1 ER PPC & 1 Medium Laser (Right Arm), 1 Large Pulse Laser (Right Torso), 1 Small Laser (Head), 1 Large Pulse Laser & 1 Medium Laser (Left Torso), 1 Medium Laser (Left Arm)

In the years since introduction, the Black Knight has gained a positive & well deserved reputation.  With its creation, some believe that Kong Interstellar Corporation came close to achieving the ultimate in heavy class battlemech design.  Production of the chassis slowed after the destruction of the KIC plants during the 1st Succession War, but the hallowed reputation of the Black Knight has only grown as a result.  


  • 3 large energy weapon slots can equip anything from ER Large Lasers to PPCs to Large Pulse Lasers to Large Chem Lasers.
  • 6 Double Heat Sinks dramatically keeps heat buildup manageable, ensuring the Black Knight’s weapons fire more consistently.
  • Equipped with a Beagle Active Probe that can identify hostile forces quicker.

Drop the small laser & equip this ‘Mech with cantina mods that minimize heat buildup since those 2 large pulse lasers can get quite hot.  If you prefer, you can swap out the large pulse lasers & PPC with short burst large lasers or large chem lasers for easier heat management but with a slight drop in DPS.  Either way, the Black Knight will kick ass on the battlefield as long as you don’t play too recklessly.

Players need to have the Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC to be able to get this Black Knight variant.  The good news is this ‘Mech is available pretty early in the game.  The bad news is it can take a while to actually find it since it’s a rare ‘Mech.  Your best bet is to try looking in industrial hubs near Terra and look for the rare ‘Mech icon that appears above the names of planetary systems.  Save before heading there and reload if another ‘Mech is the one on sale.


2. Marauder MAD-5D

It’s easier to headshot an Atlas than a Marauder due to the cockpit’s placement.


  • Weight:  75 tons
  • Armor:  448/474
  • Structure:  237
  • Free Tonnage:  37.19 tons
  • Top Speed:  64.8 km/h
  • Stock Armament:  1 ER PPC & 1 Medium Pulse Laser (Left Arm), 1 ER PPC & 1 Medium Pulse Laser (Right Arm), Streak SRM2 (Left Torso), 1 Large Pulse Laser (Right Torso)

The Marauder was first built as an attack and direct fire support unit.  It’s one of the most well-known 'Mechs in existence and originally meant to usher in a new generation of 'Mechs.  On its own merits though, the Marauder is a devastatingly powerful 'Mech, outclassed only by larger machines.


  • Lighter XL engine gives more free tonnage to use on armor, structure, ammo & double heat sinks.
  • Pulse lasers & ER PPCs deal great damage at any range.
  • Double Heat Sinks offer better thermal efficiency, contributing to increased fire rate of energy weapons.
  • Jump Jets make the MAD-5D more mobile than the Marauder’s other non-hero variants.

The Marauder 5D is an awesome long to mid range brawler and should be used as such.  This ‘Mech can easily be used to snipe enemies from afar with its dual ER PPCs but can also do commendable damage from medium range thanks to its pulse lasers.  Players can use the 5D’s jump jets to find ideal sniping positions or just to make quick getaways when the ‘Mech attracts too much aggro from hostile forces. 

The MAD-5D starts spawning at around 3047 as a rare ‘Mech.  Players can try their luck getting one in Davion ‘mech markets near the Lee star system.  Or RNG might bless you with one in the industrial hubs there. If not, try Terra, which seems to spawn rare ‘mechs more often than other star systems.  


1. Orion ON1-K

The Orion is sometimes called the “Poor Man’s Atlas.”


  • Weight:  75 tons
  • Armor:  464/474
  • Structure:  237
  • Free Tonnage:  27.69 tons
  • Top Speed:  64.8 km/h
  • Stock Armament:  1 SRM4 & 1 LRM15 (Left Torso), 1 Medium Laser (Left Arm), 1 Autocannon 10 (Right Torso), 1 Medium Laser (Right Arm)

The Orion K was the first true Heavy 'Mech. As a multi-role brawler, the Orion can engage enemies at a variety of ranges, and with plenty of armor, it can survive combined fire for quite some time. Slow, yes - but powerful.


  • Good mix of energy, ballistic and missile weapons which makes the Orion capable of fulfilling any role.
  • Quick torso rotation and multiple weapons groups means the ON1-K can quickly pick off multiple targets.
  • Most weapons located on the torso means the Orion can keep shooting despite losing both its arms.  
  • Decent armor, making it a good choice for A.I. lance mates.  

The Orion K is a tanky heavy ‘Mech with a good amount of weapons.  That said, I suggest swapping out the LRM15 and AC/10 for an SRM6 and an LBX/10 instead to make the K a deadly close range brawler.  Since this ‘Mech is quite well armored, it can afford to get close to enemies and destroy them easily with the LBX/10 and the 2 SRM launchers it has on the torso.  

The ON1-K is readily available from 3015 onwards.  Keep an eye out for it primarily in Marik industrial systems or those hubs closer to Terra since it has more chances of spawning there than in the outer regions of space.  


Too bad ships this big became extinct in MW5’s timeline.  These would’ve been cool to fight.

One last piece of advice.  No ‘Mech is invincible.  Tactics and a combination of various skills will always be the deciding factor in every MW5 mission, especially in the late game.  That’s why players need to practice their aim and piloting skills; as well as upgrading their pilots and the gear on their ‘Mechs.  That way, we, the players, won’t have too much of a hard time in the late game missions.


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