[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Best Assault Mechs (Hero)

Annihilators have devastating firepower. Too bad they're slow as hell.

[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Best Assault Mechs (Hero)

The Victor is a pretty solid 80 ton assault ‘Mech.

Anybody that’s familiar with Battletech knows that shit is about to hit the fan if lances of assault ‘Mechs start appearing on the field.  These bad boys are the be-all and end-all of ‘Mech warfare.  Assault ‘Mechs are the heaviest battlemechs available.  They are massive hulking beasts that can weigh up to 100 tons, have the thickest armor and enough firepower to level a city block faster than your grandpa can finish singing a Metallica song.  

The assault ‘Mechs in Mechwarrior 5: Mercs are no exception.  In the hands of a skilled pilot, these ‘Mechs can easily wreck anything in their path, piling up the kills as they go.  Hero assault ‘Mechs are even more OP.  Generally speaking, they are armed with better weapons, have thicker armor and/or have more advanced equipment like double heat sinks, AMS or MASC.  All these advantages come at a price, however.  Hero ‘Mechs are very costly and assault ‘Mech hero variants are the most expensive of them all.  

That said, if players can afford them, hero assault ‘Mechs will definitely make clearing missions easier.  That’s assuming players make the effort to sustain minimal damage & don’t let their hero ‘Mechs get blown up during the missions, of course.  

After countless hours of playing Mechwarrior 5: Mercs, here’s my five best hero assault ‘Mech recommendations.  


5. Sleipnir CP-S

Dual Gauss Rifles.  That’s all you need to know.  


  • Weight:  90 tons
  • Armor:  544/570
  • Structure:  285 Endosteel
  • Free Tonnage:  44.19 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  1 Gauss Rifle (Right Torso), 1 Medium Laser (Right Arm), 1 Medium Laser (Head), 1 SRM 4 (Center Torso), 1 Gauss Rifle (Left Torso), 1 Medium Laser (Left Arm)

The daughter of Col. Charles Wilson, Ariana was a mercenary raised by the soldiers of the Eridani Light Horse.  What could easily have turned into nepotism was anything but as she joined basic training after her nineteenth birthday.  Forswearing even a hint of favoritism, her poor study skills left her struggling under the extra burden of too many watchful eyes.  Despite an inauspicious start, through grit and determination, she ultimately graduated top of her class.  Upon taking command of the Seventh Striker Battalion, she chose a Cyclops (which she named Sleipnir) knowing the ‘Mech’s poor reputation would test her skills even further.  


  • The Sleipnir can take on enemies from all ranges due to its varied default loadout.
  • Outfitted with Endosteel structure and an XL engine, the Sleipnir has more free tonnage to use on ammo, heat sinks, armor & weapons.
  • 2 Gauss rifles make it an exceptional sniper.  

The Sleipnir is best used as a long range direct fire unit & sniper mainly because of its dual Gauss rifles that are situated high in its torso.  Equip high tier Gauss rifles, practice those headshots and soon you’ll be taking out Banshees and Annihilators with little difficulty.

The Sleipnir will start showing up in industrial hubs from 3031 onwards.  Save & pray to RNGesus before heading out to an industrial hub with a skull icon.  Reload if unsuccessful.


4. Kaiju KGC-KJ

Kaiju can deal a tremendous amount of energy damage.


  • Weight:  100 tons
  • Armor:  576/626
  • Structure:  313 Endosteel
  • Free Tonnage:  50.44 tons
  • Speed:  48.6 km/h
  • Standard Loadout:  2 PPCs (Right Arm), 1 Ultra AC/5 (Right Torso), 1 LRM 15 (Left Torso), 2 PPCs (Left Arm)

Ivo was just a skinny teen when he briefly appeared on holovid screens across the Inner Sphere in his father’s documentary series “Greenburg’s Godzillas.”  Now several years later, he’s serving as a mechwarrior in the unit helmed by his father.  Despite the show’s cancellation, the Greenburgs have obviously done well for themselves, as most fresh mechwarriors tend not to serve in a green-scaled King Crab.  


  • 4 large energy weapon slots can be fitted with the biggest energy weapons that deal a ton of damage from afar.
  • Has 5 double heat sinks that help cool down Kaiju faster.  (Non hero King Crabs don’t have double heat sinks)
  • Has the 2nd largest free tonnage space among the  KGC variants for more customization options.  
  • Sufficiently tanky for an assault ‘Mech.

Kaiju does very well with 4 large pulse lasers.  Personally, I’d swap out the LRM 15 for an SRM6.  Use the space to add more double heat sinks.  An alpha strike of 4 large pulse lasers or PPCs is more than enough to delete the head of a hostile ‘Mech.  Just be mindful of the damage to Kaiju’s arms.  This ‘Mech is pretty useless without them.  

Unlike the Carapace variant, players don’t need to complete quests to obtain Kaiju.  Industrial hubs will start selling Kaiju at random when the year hits 3032.  Look for the skull icon in those hubs.  Save before traveling to one and reload if a different hero ‘Mech appears.  


3. Boar’s Head AS7-BH

The Boar’s Head can give as good as it takes.  


  • Weight:  100 tons
  • Armor:  592/626
  • Structure:  313 Endosteel
  • Free Tonnage:  41.94 tons
  • Speed: 64.8 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  1 AC/10 (Right Torso), 3 Medium Pulse Lasers (Right Arm), 1 LRM 10 (Left Torso), 3 Medium Pulse Lasers (Left Arm)

At home on the frontlines,  the Boar’s Head is the very definition of reckless bravado.  By 3022, the ‘Mech piloted by the impetus Rodney Van Kleven of the 6th Sytris Fusiliers, had already made a name for itself, crushing its way to victory after victory.  Famed for overheating and shutting down in the thick of the fight, Van Kleven’s Atlas is feared by allies and enemies alike, who can never afford to let this behemoth out of their sight.  


  • 6 Medium Pulse Lasers make the Boar’s Head an effective brawler, especially if you use high tier lasers.  
  • The only Atlas variant that has a top speed of 64.8 km/h.  (Other variants only have a maximum speed of 48.6 km/h)
  • Can deal with enemies from all ranges due to its varied weapons loadout.  
  • While it has a bit less armor than other Atlas variants, The Boar’s Head can still tank hits to a decent extent.  

First, slap a shitload of double heat sinks on this thing!!!  Second, I suggest making the Boar’s Head into a truly dedicated brawler by either removing the Autocannon & LRM entirely or replacing them with a much lighter AC & an SRM.  Use the extra weight for more double heat sinks instead.  

When the year hits 3023, the Boar’s Head will have a chance to be sold in industrial hubs.  Like I’ve stated before, the appearance of hero ‘Mechs is entirely RNG dependent so save before hunting this ‘Mech down.


2. Privateer COR-PVT

This frankenmech is surprisingly deadly despite its appearance.


  • Weight:  95 tons
  • Armor:  576/598
  • Structure:  299
  • Free Tonnage:  52.32 tons
  • Speed:  48.6 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  1 Heavy Rifle & 1 LRM 10 (Right Torso), 1 Autocannon/20 (Right Arm), 2 Large Chem Lasers (Left Torso)

In the Periphery, battlemechs aren’t simply field repaired.  All too often, mashups and grafting whole parts to make something combat worthy is the only resort.  Some call them “FrankenMechs”; the Oberon Confederation scoundrels call the big ones Corsairs.  This one’s about as big as they come, and the wretch that got pulled from it, one Tyler Erickson called it “Privateer.”  It makes you wonder how these pirates got their hands on so many ‘Mechs in recent years.  


  • 2 Large Ballistic hard points that can equip the biggest autocannons you have.  This makes the Privateer a deadly brawler.
  • 2 Large Energy hard points that can be fitted with long range lasers or PPCs make this ‘Mech capable of dealing damage from afar.  
  • 4 Double Heat Sinks dissipate excess heat faster, allowing the Privateer to shoot more often.  
  • Has a good amount of armor that makes the ‘Mech able to tank hits to a certain extent.

Don’t let the Privateer’s looks fool you.  This is a deadly ‘Mech once it gets close, especially if it’s equipped with 2 AC/20s (or LBX AC 10s if you want some free tonnage and more range).  This machine is a much bigger, meaner version of the Hunchback 4G.  Get close, aim for the center torso or head, fire all your ACs.  Enemy dies.   Just remember to play it a bit smart since the Privateer is as slow as an Atlas but without the extra armor.  

Assuming players have the “Heroes of the Inner Sphere” DLC, the Privateer can be obtained as a reward after finishing the “X Marks the Spot” questline that appears from April 19, 3026 onwards.  It will be damaged and in need of repairs so make sure to fix it up as soon as possible if you plan on using it.  


1. Carapace KGC-CAR

With 4 LBX ACs, this thing will cripple any ‘Mech easily.


  • Weight:  100 tons
  • Armor:  576/626
  • Structure:  313
  • Free Tonnage:  54.94 tons
  • Speed:  48.6 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  2 Ultra AC/5 (Right Arm),  1 LRM 15 Stream (Right Torso), 1 LRM 15 Stream (Left Torso), 2 Ultra AC/5 (Left Arm)

Lionell Stanz was once a respected member of Steiner High Command.  His ardent opposition to the merging of the Lyran Commonwealth with the Federated Suns became politically isolating, and in frustration, he resigned.  Those who knew him during his service never dreamed he’d go this far, and thought that he’d quietly retire on planet Summer.  Apparently, he found fast friends among the Sky Separatists there, and with a new battlemech.  Carapace is clearly a product of Lyran battle doctrine, as big as they come and armed to the teeth.  


  • Comes with 4 Medium Ballistic hard points that can be outfitted with Ultra ACs or LBX ACs.  Either way, no ‘Mech is standing up after getting hit in the head with those.  
  • 2 Stream LRM 15s make the Carapace a passable indirect fire support ‘Mech should the need arise (like having both its arms blown off)
  • XL engine technology gives the Carapace more free tonnage to use on ammo, armor and heat sinks.  
  • Has ample armor that makes it able to shrug off damage to a certain extent.

The Carapace is for those of us who love ballistic weaponry.  Equip this ‘Mech with 4 high tier Ultra ACs and you’ll be dropping enemies like flies.  The downside is you have to make sure to keep damage to your arms minimal since most of your DPS comes from those 4 ballistic weapons you have equipped.  

The “Heroes of the Inner Sphere” DLC is required in order to get this ‘Mech.  Players will then get a damaged Carapace as a reward for completing the “Stop the Launch” quest line that appears when their reputation reaches level 12 and when the year hits 3028.


Running around in an Annihilator, even at top speed,  is a boring chore.  

I can’t stress enough that repairing hero ‘Mechs is quite expensive and will eat up a lot of your C-bills if you’re not careful.  That’s why using hero assault ‘Mechs is a calculated risk every time, especially in warzone missions where enemies will keep coming until players actively choose to leave the mission area.  

My advice, fellow mechwarriors, is to only use these hero ‘Mechs yourself since your A.I. pilots can be dumb as rocks early on.  Only assign them hero variants if you think your lance mates are sufficiently adept enough to kill enemies quickly, saving your precious hero ‘Mech from unnecessary damage.


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