[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Assault 'Mechs

The Atlas is big, mean and eats lighter 'Mechs for breakfast.

[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Assault 'Mechs

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While some players might love the idea of whizzing past enemy ‘Mechs in a Flea and taking pot shots at them from behind, others, such as myself, like to straight up brawl our hearts out with some good ol’ combined arms fire.  

And what better ‘Mech is suited for such a task than the Assault Battlemech.  These titans of battle vary in weight with the lightest being 80 tons and the heaviest at 100 tons.   Assault ‘Mechs sport the thickest armor and have the most weapons out of all the other battlemech weight classes.  Rightfully so, since assault ‘Mechs only ever have 1 role on a battlefield, to dominate and destroy the enemy.  

To help players out, I’ve listed down  my top 5 best assault ‘Mechs in Mechwarrior 5.  This is, of course, from my experience playing the game so hopefully, you guys won’t crucify me too much if you don’t find your favorite assault ‘Mech on this list.  I also didn’t include any Hero ‘Mechs since those are almost always better than anything out there.  



The Stalker 3FB is a reliable assault 'Mech that's excels at any range.


  • Weight:  85 tons
  • Armor:  512/538
  • Structure:  269
  • Free Tonnage:  40.69 tons
  • Top Speed: 48.6 km/h
  • Stock Armament:  2 Medium Lasers & 1 LRM 15+ART IV (Right Arm), 2 Medium Lasers & 1 LRM 15+ART IV (Left Arm), 1 ER Large Laser (Right Torso), 1ER Large Laser (Left Torso)

Originally designed by Triad Technologies in 2594, the Stalker has been a workhorse assault ‘Mech of the Inner Sphere for more than 200 years, and has served with distinction in the Star League Defense Forces for 2 centuries prior to that.  The Stalker is a powerhouse of a ‘Mech, mounting a mix of heavy weaponry and heavy armor.  While no one will ever accuse the Stalker of being fast, few will claim it is easy to stop.  


  • Better heat management compared to other Stalker variants thanks to 7 double heat sinks.  
  • Has ECM, which makes the 3FB harder to target with missiles.
  • Can effectively engage enemies at any distance due to its varied weaponry.  

Switch out the LRM 15s to SRM 6s, M lasers to M Pulse Lasers, add a few more Double Heat Sinks and you got yourself a serious brawler that will kill anything in its path.  

The STK-3FB can be taken as salvage in the Will of Kali questline.  If players are lucky, the 3FB may show up being sold as a rare ‘Mech in ‘mech markets closer to Terra.  



Protect that right arm & the Gauss Rifle will help you take down 'Mechs from long range.


  • Weight:  90 tons
  • Armor:  555/570 Ferro Fibrous
  • Structure:  285
  • Free Tonnage:  44.6 tons
  • Top Speed:  48.6 km/h
  • Stock Armament:  3 Medium Lasers (Right Torso), 1 Gauss Rifle (Right Arm), 1 LRM 20 + ART IV (Left Torso), 1 SRM 6 + ART IV (Left Arm)

First produced in 2592, the Highlander served the Star League Defense Forces with distinction for almost 2 centuries, and earned its place in the history books with an absolutely stellar combat record.  Designed to stand alone in the defense of a city, or to provide support for a mixed type attack, the Highlander makes up for its slow speed with the ability to leap over obstacles.


  • Good tactical sniper ‘Mech due to its 3 jump jets and arm mounted Gauss Rifle.
  • Majority of weapons situated in the torso means the Highlander can keep fighting despite losing both arms.
  • One of the few assault ‘Mechs that can use jump jets.
  • Ferro Fibrous armor gives more free tonnage to use on ammo, heat sinks & weapons.

Some skill with the Gauss Rifle goes a long way when piloting the 732B.  Or you can ditch the LRM 20 for another SRM 6 + ART IV and upgrade your medium lasers to pulse lasers to make the 732B a more lethal alpha striker up close.  Either way, this Highlander won’t disappoint you.  

The 732B can sometimes appear as a rare ‘Mech sold in industrial hubs near Terra.  Just check the systems with the rare ‘Mech icon.  



Nobody in their right mind would want to go up against an Atlas... unless you can blow its head clean off.


  • Weight:  100 tons
  • Armor:  608/626
  • Structure:  313
  • Free Tonnage:  54.94 tons
  • Top Speed:  48.6 km/h (XL engine)
  • Stock Armament:  1 Gauss Rifle (Right Torso), 1 ER Large Laser (Right Arm), 1 ER Large Laser & 1 Anti Missile System (Left Arm), 2 Medium Pulse Lasers (Center Torso)

When General Aleksandr Kerensky laid down the design specifications for the Atlas in 2755, he decreed it should be “a ‘Mech as powerful as possible, as impenetrable as possible, and as ugly and foreboding as conceivable, so that fear itself will be our ally.”  The Atlas met those ambitions, and from its first deployments would grow a terrifying reputation.  Heavily armored, heavily armed, and heavily feared, the Atlas is a lumbering monstrosity of firepower.  


  • One of the best armored assault ‘Mechs in the game.  Hard to kill.
  • Great sniper due to its Gauss Rifle and 2 ER Large Lasers. 
  • Has AMS which protects it from enemy missiles.  

The K’s stock weaponry is good enough as it is, but if players want a more straightforward brawler, they can replace the Gauss with an LBX AC/10 and the 2 ER L Lasers with 2 more M Pulse Lasers instead.   

The AS7-K can be found most commonly in Combine space during 3049 and above.  Pay attention to the ‘Mech markets in industrial hubs there.    



The right torso is where most of the Banshee's weapons are located.  Make sure to protect it.


  • Weight:  95 tons
  • Armor:  480/598
  • Structure:  299
  • Free Tonnage:  44.32 tons
  • Top Speed:  48.6 km/h
  • Stock Armament:  1 PPC, 4 Medium Lasers & 1 SRM 6 (Right Torso), 1 Small Laser (Head), 1 Small Laser (Center Torso), 1 AC/10  (Left Torso), 1 PPC (Left Arm)

First fielded by the Terran Hegemony in the mid-25th century, the Banshee was originally intended to fulfill a close combat role.  However, poor performance on the battlefield relegated it to militia and training commands throughout the Inner Sphere.  It was only until the start of the 3rd Succession War that necessity brought the chassis back into active service.  Despite its shaky beginnings, the Banshee is regarded as an effective direct-fire support slugger capable of outmaneuvering many other ‘Mechs in its class.  


  • Great for brawling from mid to close range.
  • Torso-based weaponry means the Banshee can keep on fighting even if both its arms get blown off.
  • PPCs can scramble enemy sensors & raise their heat level.   

The 3S can take out lighter ‘Mechs with a well placed alpha strike up close.  Although I’d probably take out the PPCs and put in Medium Lasers and a shitload of double heat sinks to make the 3S a more dedicated midrange laser brawler.  

The 3S will become available in 3026.  Look for it in Steiner controlled space either for sale or as salvage.



With 6 laser hard points on the torso, few 'Mechs can withstand an alpha strike to the head from the 3M, especially if you put higher tiered pulse lasers on it.


  • Weight:  85 tons
  • Armor:  464/538
  • Structure:  269
  • Free Tonnage:  25.69 tons
  • Top Speed:  64.8 km/h
  • Stock Armament:  3 Medium Lasers (Right Torso), 3 Medium Lasers & 1 SRM 6 (Left Torso), 1 ER PPC (Right Arm), 1 Machine Gun (Left Arm)

First built for the Star League in 2633 by Hollis Industries, the Battlemaster is one of the most iconic chassis of its time.  Many tales of its operational record have circulated, from holding off entire lances to taking out multiple outposts single handedly.  As a well rounded heavy hitter with a storied past, the Battlemaster is considered a premiere assault ‘Mech and a devastating force to reckon with on the field.  


  • Has mostly energy weapons that don’t need ammo which is ideal for long engagements.
  • 8 Double Heat Sinks to dissipate heat buildup more efficiently, enabling the 3M to fire its weapons more often.
  • Quite fast for an assault ‘Mech since a lot of them average out at 48.6 km/h, while the 3M clocks in at 64.8 km/h.

One of my favorite assault ‘Mechs in the game.  The 3M has the speed of a heavy ‘Mech with the firepower of an assault ‘Mech.  I always group fire my Medium Lasers (or Pulse Lasers if I have any to spare).  Ditch the PPC for another laser and add all the heat sinks you can.  You’d be surprised at how fast this thing kills enemies.  

The 3M shows up as a Rare ‘Mech in Liao industrial hubs when the year hits 3049.  It can also show up as part of the enemy force when taking contracts against House Liao, Independents and Black Inferno factions.  

And there you have it, friends.  My personal picks for the top 5 Assault ‘Mechs in Mechwarrior 5.  I’m sure all of you have your own top 5 that greatly match your playstyles.  I’d like to know more about your top 5 assault ‘Mechs, too.  Feel free to let me know.  









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