[Top 10] Mechwarrior 5 Best Weapons that Wreck Enemies

The SRM can deal tremendous damage in a short time.

[Top 10] Mechwarrior 5 Best Weapons that Wreck Enemies

The Atlas is a fearsome 'Mech to fight at close range.

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is a shooting simulation game that lets players manage their own mercenary company from the ground up.  Players will need to manage their little merc band’s resources and equipment. They also have to take lucrative contracts to be able to buy the best equipment and ‘Mechs that can handle the toughest missions in the Inner Sphere.  .  

While the financial & logistical aspects of MW5 add flavor to the game, the most fun players can experience will be inside the cockpit of their giant walking war machines known as battlemechs.

Seeing that it is fairly important that your battlemech’s weapons are able to eliminate opponents quickly and efficiently, I have come up with a list of the 10 best weapons that can make your life in MW5 a little easier.    

I will be using tier 0 values for these weapons since not everyone is lucky enough to obtain tier 5 versions of said weapons.  Fear not though, we will get the higher tiered weapons when our merc company’s reputation goes up.  


10.  LRM 15 Stream+Artemis IV

The LRM 15 Stream + Artemis IV locks on faster & focuses its firepower in just one area.


  • Weight:  8 tons
  • Damage:  18
  • Rate of Fire:  11.65 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat: 5.4
  • Max Range:  720 Meters
  • Projectile Speed: 160 Meters/Second

The standard LRMs of the Inner Sphere got a significant upgrade with the discovery of Lost Tech by House Marik in 3035.  With the added capabilities of both the Artemis IV system and Stream technology, LRM salvos were now more accurate and had a much tighter spread compared to their previous counterparts.  


  • Faster lock-on times compared to the standard LRM 15.  
  • 34.5% narrower spread than the standard LRM 15 & 26% less spread compared to the LRM 20 ST, meaning  more of your missiles will hit the enemy’s center torso.  
  • Effective at safely taking out tanks & turrets at long range.

I personally use 2 LRM 15 ST+ART IV instead of 2 standard LRM 20s on my missile boats.  The 15 ST+ART IV weighs 2 tons less, which means you can add extra ammo.  Useful for long engagements.  It also generates less heat than the LRM 20. You just need a few double heat sinks and you’re good to go.  Just make sure to keep your distance from the enemy.  

The LRM 15 ST+ART IV will start showing up after Dec. 31, 3034, either used by ‘mechs or sold separately in markets. 


9.  Ultra Autocannon/5

The Ultra AC/5 is capable of being fired repeatedly even when in cooldown.  It also has a tendency to jam.


  • Weight:  9 tons
  • Damage:  6.1
  • Rate of Fire:  33.333 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  0.91
  • Max Range:  480 Meters
  • Projectile Speed:  960 Meters/Second

Introduced in 2640 by the Terran Hegemony, the Ultra AC/5 was an upgraded version of the standard autocannon 5.  Utilizing a different loading mechanism, the Ultra autocannons were capable of maintaining a substantially increased rate of fire over traditional autocannons, at the cost of higher heat and the risk of jamming.


  • Deals decent damage at mid range.
  • Can be fired while in cooldown, which means an increase in DPS potential. 
  • Relatively light for an autocannon that can double its front loaded damage.  

The UAC/5 is best used within close to mid range, preferably with at least 2 loads of ammo since it can run dry pretty quickly.  I equip multiple UAC/5s with ample ammo on an assault ‘mech like the King Crab.  You also need decent aim since you’ll be focusing those UAC/5s on an enemy’s head or torso.  Just be careful since these weapons can jam when fired on cooldown.  

The UAC/5 becomes available on Dec. 31, 3034 so players might want to check the market in the planetary systems they visit.  


8.  Autocannon 20

Capable of dealing destructive damage up close, the AC/20 is standard fare for 'Mechs like the Hunchback.


  • Weight:  14 tons
  • Damage:  20
  • Rate of Fire:  10.417 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  7.8
  • Max Range:  216 Meters
  • Projectile Speed:  320 Meters/Second

The AC/20 is capable of shredding a ton and a quarter of armor off a 'Mech in 1 shot. This is enough damage to take down even the heaviest of 'Mechs if aimed properly. Only hardened or ballistic armor could save a pilot from a hit to the head from this class of autocannon.


  • Can destroy light and medium ‘Mechs with ease due to its high damage being focused on a singular point.
  • Great early on since it is widely available at the start of the game.  
  • Ideal for Urban maps where you can use buildings as cover to get close to your enemies.  

The AC/20 can be difficult to use since its projectile is fat and slow, thus limiting your range and velocity.  But with enough practice, I find that aiming for either the head or the center torso more often than not, results in insta-kills.  You just need to get close without getting blown apart.

All standard Autocannons are readily available for purchase regardless of what year you're in.  Players just need to check the markets.  


7.  Medium Chem Laser

The Chem Laser deals less damage than standard lasers but has a shorter cooldown.


  • Weight: 1 ton
  • Damage:  4
  • Rate of Fire:  12.448 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  1.2
  • Max Range:  324 Meters

Chemical lasers were from a time before Fusion power plants became widely available.  The chemicals used to create the laser beam were so hazardous and toxic that the chem laser was phased out when better laser systems were developed.  


  • Deals slightly less damage than standard lasers, but generates significantly less heat per shot.
  • Fires faster than standard lasers, making them perfect for a sustained barrage.
  • Requires less heat sinks, which free up space for more chem laser ammo.  

I usually run a battery of at least 5 medium chem lasers on a Black Knight or Hunchback 4P.  The more lasers, the better.  That setup is usually good enough to erase most enemies.  Since the chem laser requires ammo, I don’t advise getting into long protracted battles like Warzone missions too much.  Enemies there spawn infinitely which will deplete your chem laser ammo.

Chem lasers are readily available at the start of the game.  Most markets would have them in stock. 


6.  LBX Autocannon 10 SLD

The best autocannon in the game due to its damage & range.


  • Weight:  11 tons
  • Damage:  10
  • Rate of Fire:  22.222 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  1.95
  • Max Range:  432 Meters
  • Projectile Speed:  640 Meters/Second

The LBX AC/10 was essentially a ‘Mech-mounted shotgun, capable of firing special "cluster rounds" that fragmented after being fired.  This allows the weapon to either spread damage out or focus damage on a small area, depending on the range.  LB-X autocannons were able to use either the special cluster rounds or standard autocannon rounds.


  • Has a longer range than the standard AC/10, which is a big improvement.  
  • Easier to aim than normal autocannons due to the LBX having no range falloff.  
  • Fires faster than standard AC/10, giving it a significant increase in DPS.

Arguably the best autocannon in MW5, the LBX AC/10 has it all, range, speed and firepower.  You can use it from farther away than you would a standard AC/10.  I prefer the Solid Slug version of the LBX since it deals all of its damage to a single point compared to the normal LBX which deals damage like a shotgun.  Also, having dual LBX AC/10s is great for mowing down enemies.  Just fit those into ballistic ‘mechs that are not as slow as the Annihilator and you’re good.  Sleipnir, the hero variant of the Cyclops, is a good choice for this.  

The LBX AC only appears from Dec. 31, 3034 onwards so be sure to keep an eye out when you travel to planetary systems with markets.  


5.  Medium Laser

A staple of most 'Mechs, the Medium Laser is a dependable energy weapon that doesn't require ammo.


  • Weight:  1 ton
  • Damage:  5
  • Rate of Fire:  10.084 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  2.7
  • Max Range:  324 Meters

The most straightforward weapons are the energy weapons, like the Laser.  Energy weapons don’t require any ammunition, but generate significant heat for a ‘mech. The basic energy weapons are the small lasers, medium lasers ​and large lasers.  


  • Doesn’t require ammunition.
  • Easy to aim since hits are near instantaneous & don’t have bullet drop off.
  • Medium lasers don’t require a lot of space in a ‘mech.  

Like most weapons here, the medium laser is very effective when used in groups.  The Battlemaster 1G or Black Knight can be an effective laser boat if you fill the torso with medium lasers.  You’re pretty much assured of a kill with a medium laser alpha strike to the enemy’s head.  Just don’t forget to load up on double heat sinks since group firing lasers can make your heat rise significantly.  

Being a basic weapon of ‘Mech warfare, Lasers are available at the start of the game.  Just buy them in markets or salvage them after missions. 


4.  PPC

The PPC deals solid damage but generates a lot of heat.  Watch that heat gauge.


  • Weight:  7 tons
  • Damage:  10
  • Rate of Fire:  10 Rounds/Minute 
  • Heat:  9.6
  • Max Range:  736 Meters
  • Projectile Speed:  832 Meters/Second

Particle Projection Cannons, most commonly referred to as PPCs, are the energy weapon equivalent of a Gauss rifle. Unlike Lasers, which fire energy beams, the PPC fires high-energy ion bolts.  


  • Doesn’t require ammo.
  • Great weapon for A.I. lancemates as they seem to be very accurate with it.
  • Good for destroying targets at range since the PPC, like the Gauss or Autocannon, deals all of its damage on a single point.  
  • The PPC can scramble an enemy ‘Mech’s sensors when hit.

When using multiple PPCs, make sure you have ample heat sinks installed on your ‘mech.  If you have a surplus of double heat sinks, use them on your PPC boat to keep your heat down.  

The PPC is immediately available for salvage or purchase very early in the game so you won’t have trouble finding one. 


3.  Medium Pulse Laser

The pulse laser deals great damage at the cost of more heat.


  • Weight:  2 tons
  • Damage:  6
  • Rate of Fire:  12.91 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  3.12
  • Max Range:  264 Meters

Pulse Lasers differ from traditional laser weaponry in that instead of firing one powerful beam, they maintain laser beams fired off in quick succession. While offering an overall increased rate of fire, the heat output also increases accordingly.


  • High Rate of Fire 
  • Deals more damage than standard lasers
  • Only needs 1 critical slot to equip on ‘Mechs

Pulse Lasers are great for those who like brawling from short to mid distances.  Also, their high rate of fire means you’ll be shooting these weapons more.  It’s best to use these lasers in groups.  Just have multiple double heat sinks in your ’mech since pulse lasers generate more heat than standard lasers.  

Pulse lasers become available either as salvage or buyable equipment from Dec. 31, 3036 onwards.  


2.  Gauss Rifle

Gauss Rifles have a long cooldown but are ideal to use for sniping enemy 'Mechs.


  • Weight:  15 tons
  • Damage:  15
  • Rate of Fire:  8.333 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  1.3
  • Max Range:  528 Meters
  • Projectile Speed:  1,600 Meters/Second

The Gauss rifle utilizes a series of electromagnets to propel slugs of ferrous nickel-iron alloy at extremely high velocities, making it a devastating and lethal long-range weapon.


  • Great for sniping enemy ‘mechs at range
  • Generates only a minimum amount of heat
  • Deals a lot of burst damage in a single location. 

If possible, I usually equip 2 Gauss rifles on assault ‘mechs like the Nightstar, Sleipnir or King Crab to snipe enemies from long range.  While a dual Gauss shot to the enemy’s head can take some practice, it can be quite rewarding once you pull it off.  

Gauss rifles are available from Dec. 31, 3039 onwards.  Be sure to check the equipment market when you travel to different planetary systems.


1.  SRM 6

SRMs can take out light and medium 'Mechs with ease.


  • Weight:  3 tons
  • Damage:  14.4
  • Rate of Fire:  16.043 Rounds/Minute
  • Heat:  4.32
  • Max Range:  216 Meters
  • Projectile Speed:  320 Meters/Second

SRMs are direct-fire missiles that sacrifice range for damage. Adapted towards the profusion of electronic jamming on the battlefield and the effectiveness of standard armor designs, these self-guided missiles are unique for using a special armor-piercing explosive warhead. 


  • Deals great damage up close.
  • Can take out slow moving targets in 1 salvo
  • Good weight-to-damage ratio

Having multiple SRM 6 launchers do an alpha strike will almost always destroy an enemy ‘mech.  Put as many SRM 6 launchers as you can on a missile boat like the Archer, slap on some armor and you can take out almost any enemy with relative ease.   Additionally, put some double heat sinks, as well.  Multiple SRM salvos can raise your heat significantly.

SRMs are available at the start of the game so no need to worry about hunting them.  They are fairly common everywhere.

And there you have it. The top 10 best weapons that will wreck your enemies in MW5.  And always make it a point to outfit your battlemechs with the best tier weapons  you have.  Feel free to try them out and let me know what you think.  




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