[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Best Heavy Mechs

Personal bias aside, the Marauder is one of the coolest 'Mechs in Battletech.

[Top 5] Mechwarrior 5 Best Heavy Mechs

Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries showing off its destruction physics in Unreal Engine 4.

One of the things I like about the Battletech universe is the variety of technology and war machines the people there utilize to maintain/gain influence across the Inner Sphere.   Take for example the Battlemech.  These walking war machines have numerous variants and a plethora of designs. 

Battlemechs are divided into 4 classes based on their overall weight.  Probably my favorite among the 4 weight classes, the heavies are those battlemechs that weigh in at 60-75 tons.  These ‘Mechs are, in general, have decent speed, are well armored & pack a mean punch.  

In Mechwarrior 5, players can use heavy ‘Mechs can be used for almost any mission with little difficulty.  (Provided, of course, we, the players, have some degree of piloting & shooting skills)  However, heavies are best used for missions that require more firepower than speed, like warzone or assassination missions.  I find that they can deal with beachhead missions just fine, as well.


5. Bounty Hunter 2 MAD-BH2

Players can swap out the Gauss Rifle for an LBX AC if they want to be a medium range brawler.


  • Weight:  75 tons
  • Armor:  464/474
  • Structure:  237
  • Free Tonnage:  42.69 tons
  • Speed:  48.6 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  1 Gauss Rifle (Right Torso), 1 ER PPC & 1 Medium Laser (Right Arm), 1 Medium Laser (Head), 1 ER PPC & 1 Medium Laser (Left Arm)

Hailed as the pinnacle of Battlemech design when it was unveiled in 2819, the Marauder was one of the ‘Mechs to step away from the purely humanoid body type and embrace a more menacing appearance.  The ‘Mech quickly became popular as a command vehicle, and throughout the Succession Wars, many battalion and regimental commanders made their Marauders their second homes on the battlefield.  Often deployed in heavy shock units with Warhammers and Thunderbolts, the Marauder is known for laying down an impressive long-range barrage before its opponents can close the distance.


  • Comes with 6 Double Heatsinks to help cool down the MAD-BH2’s energy weapons, which guarantee its PPCs (or Lasers if you choose to swap the PPCs out) can be fired more often.
  • Equipped with jump jets, making up for its slow top speed.
  • Great for sniping enemies from afar due to its long range PPCs and Gauss rifle.  

The Bounty Hunter 2 is a formidable long range sniper unit.  With decent sniping skills, players can utilize either the 2 PPCs or the Gauss to headshot any incoming hostile ‘Mech.  That said, the strategy here is to let your team advance on the enemy first while you hang back and pick apart any foe that foolishly leaves itself wide open to your long range weaponry.

For players who want the BH2, wait till the game gets to the year 3044 since this hero ‘Mech only shows up once you reach this time frame.  It will be randomly available in industrial hubs like any other hero variant. 


4. Yad al-Jauza ON1-YAJ

The Yad al-Jauza can be outfitted with 3 large lasers for that perfectly calculated headshot.  


  • Weight:  75 tons
  • Armor:  448/474
  • Structure:  237
  • Free Tonnage:  37.19 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  1 Large Laser & 1 LRM 10 (Right Arm), 1 Large Laser & 2 LRM 10 (Left Torso), 1 Large Laser (Left Arm)

Driven to madness by a shapeless cult known as The Will of Kali, Aditi Whidbey had attracted outside attention through the merciless butchering of civilians.  Piloting a ‘mech she styled Yad al-Jauza, she claimed it fell from the sky & was granted to her to fulfill her destiny.  Seemingly excommunicated from the religion she gave her life to, she and the splinter sect she led intended to purge the Inner Sphere of heresy and sought to bring about as much death as possible.  


  • Great long range damage dealer with its default weapon loadout. 
  • Equipped with 5 Double Heat Sinks to help manage excess heat, ensuring the YAJ can deal damage consistently
  • Has great customization options since the YAJ is one of the only two Orion variants that have the most free tonnage.  

Yad al-Jauza is a capable heavy sniper ‘Mech.  Players can poke targets from far away with the YAJ’s 3 large lasers.  It also has ample armor.  Personally, I swap the LRMs for SRMs just in case sniping opponents from afar isn’t viable.  Besides, with 3 SRM launchers, you can deal much more damage than just LRMs.  Also make sure to upgrade your weapons to the highest tier available to you for increased damage & range.  

Once players reach Reputation 9, the Hazing the Weak questline becomes available.  After completing all 4 missions of the quest chain, players will get a damaged ON1-YAJ as a reward.  


3. Black Widow WHM-BW

Natasha Kerensky’s Black Widow has 2 ER PPCs that can deal a lot of damage from long range.


  • Weight:  70 tons
  • Armor:  432/446
  • Structure:  223
  • Free Tonnage:  35.07 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  1 ER PPC (Right Arm), 1 Medium Pulse Laser & 2 Machine Guns (Right Torso), 1 SRM 6 (Right Torso), 1 Medium Pulse Laser & 2 Machine Guns (Left Torso), 1 ER PPC (Left Arm)

“The Queen of Spades”, “The First Lady of Death” & “The Black Widow” are only some of the names applied to Natasha Kerensky.  A living legend, her exploits with the Wolf’s Dragoons are known in every corner of the Inner Sphere and many have declared her the deadliest mechwarrior alive.  The tale of her losing her Marauder to the Bounty Hunter is well known, and every bar on every world has its own version.  The one about the Black Widow Company’s blackened ‘Mechs charging through the burning forests of New Delos are so widely known that many opponents have fled the battlefield simply at the sight of her jet black Warhammer.   


  • 8 Double Heat Sinks that efficiently vent waste heat, ensuring the WHM-BW’s ER PPCs can be fired more often.
  • Versatile & can engage enemies from any distance due to its varied weapon loadout.
  • Has the most free tonnage out of all the Warhammer variants, giving you more customization options.

The Black Widow can be used as a sniper to great effect.   Those ER PPCs can make short work of hostile tanks, turrets and VTOLs.  Players can also use them to soften up enemies for their squadmates.  The 2 arm mounted ER PPCs are the WHM-BW’s main DPS weapons so make sure not to overextend yourself and get your arms blown off.  Watch your heat gauge and pace your PPC rate of fire.  You don’t want to shut down in the middle of a battle.  

The Black Widow can be bought in industrial hub systems marked with a skull icon very early in the game, provided you have enough C-bills.  


2. Top Dog TDR-5S-T

With its lasers located mostly on its torso, the Top Dog almost feels like a mini Battlemaster.


  • Weight:  65 tons
  • Armor:  416/434
  • Structure:  217
  • Free Tonnage:  25.44 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h
  • Standard Loadout:  1 Large Laser (Right Arm), 4 Medium Lasers (Right Torso), 4 Medium Lasers (Left Torso)

Mary Tallman grew up around ‘Mechs.  Her father was a house Tech with the 22nd Avalon Hussars. In her late teens, she built her own Locust from spare parts.  Being comfortable inside a ‘Mech had its downside, and she chafed under the classwork at NAIS, instead leaving and enlisting with the 22nd Avalon Hussars.  With time, 2 things became apparent; Mary was a competent officer and unlikely to see promotion past Company Commander.  After 3 years with the Robinson DMM, she was offered her own command of the Bremmon Draconis March Militia, and quickly turned that troublesome unit around.  An expert at atmospheric drops, it’s no surprise Mary’s ‘Mech is one designed for planetary assault & her constant tinkering means that her Thunderbolt is anything but standard.  


  • Very effective mid range brawler due to its 9 lasers.
  • Almost all of its weapons are located in the torso, meaning the Top Dog can continue fighting despite losing both arms & a leg.
  • Ideal for prolonged engagements since its laser weapons don't require ammo.    

The Top Dog can take down almost any target with a few carefully aimed laser salvos.  The only issue I have with this ‘Mech is heat buildup.  I suggest outfitting the Top Dog with double heat sinks as soon as you get them if you intend to use this ‘Mech as one of your main damage dealers.  

The TDR-5S-T will spawn at random in industrial hubs with a skull icon from 3025 onwards.    Save, travel to the hub system & reload if RNG isn’t on your side.  


1. Agincourt ARC-AGC

Players only need to remember 2 things when piloting the Agincourt.  Missiles and more missiles.


  • Weight:  70 tons
  • Armor:  432/446
  • Structure:  223
  • Free Tonnage:  35.07 tons
  • Speed:  64.8 km/h XL
  • Standard Loadout:  1 LRM 10 Stream & 1 Streak SRM 2 (Right Torso), 1 Medium Laser & 1 SRM 6 (Right Arm), 2 Medium Pulse Lasers (Center Torso), 1 LRM 10 Stream & 1 Streak SRM 2 (Left Torso), 1 Medium Laser & 1 SRM 6 (Left Arm)

Baron Oliver Kincaid’s life was filled with remarkable ups and downs.  His posting with the prestigious Free Worlds Guards, his dishonorable discharge and stint as a mercenary before eventually, many years later, working his way back around to being able to show his face at the Marik Court.  During his time as a mercenary serving with Nik’s Cavaliers, he gave his battlemech a name, Agincourt.  When prompted to explain the name, he replied that it was there to remind him how powerful turns of fate can be, and to work hard to earn back what he once had.  As far as what it’s armed with, a search of the cockpit found a note attached under the weapons list that read ‘kitchen sink.’


  • Arguably the best missile boat in the entire game due to its 6 missile critical slots which can be configured for LRMs and/or SRMs.
  • Equipped with a Beagle Active Probe (BAP), the Agincourt can spot & target enemies with its missiles faster than other ‘Mechs.
  • 4 Double Heat Sinks dissipate heat faster, allowing the Agincourt’s missiles to fire more frequently.

The thing I love about this ‘Mech is you can play it as a long range missile platform,  a close range SRM brawler or a mix of both.  It all boils down to your playstyle & team composition.  Although turning the Agincourt into an SRM boat is my preferred choice since it can bring down almost any ‘Mech with a well placed SRM alpha strike, especially if your SRMs are at max tier.

The Agincourt is a reward for completing the final mission of the Bow and Arrow questline which appears from Dec. 20 3023 onwards.  Players also need to have reached Reputation 8 for the quest to appear.  


 Don’t forget to equip your ‘Mechs with better weapons to make your mercenary career easier.

While heavy ‘Mechs are generally outclassed by assault ‘Mechs,  they are, in my opinion, more versatile.  Heavy ‘Mechs have the speed, the firepower and armor to get the job done, especially if players focus their fire on an opponent’s head,legs or the back.  

Just remember to check your ‘Mech’s status in battle every now and then.  I know it has been said before but players should always keep moving so as to minimize the chances of being hit.  And try to fall back if you start to take too much damage.  I hope this guide helps both new & old players somewhat.  One other thing that’s equally important: enjoy the game. 


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