[Top 5] Hearthstone Best Budget Decks

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Climb the ladder without draining your savings.

Crush legendary decks with aggro budget

One thing I love about CCGs (collectible card games) is beating an expensive deck with a budget deck. It’s oh so satisfying! Check out the latest budget decks for the Descent of Dragons expansion.

5. Secret Mage

Get your secrets on.

This deck is full of secrets and secret based synergies. The budget version is not the strongest but it’s a good way to mix it up if you’re tired of playing pirates.

What’s great about this deck:

  • Locking in a Counterspell while you have a winning board state. Feels Good!
  • Arcane Flakmage and Flame Ward provide defensive tools against aggro
  • Cloud Prince and fireballs give you that last push to victory

Tips for playing this deck:

  • Mulligan for Secret Keeper and Violet Spellwing
  • When you play Ancient Mysteries, if possible save the 0 cost secret to use with synergistic cards like Arcane Flakmage, Ethereal Arcanist and Cloud Prince.
  • Get minion damage in early so you can finish with burn spells.
  • You have 36 damage of burn spells, choose what can be spent removing the opponent's board and what has to go to face.
  • Save Counterspell for when you have a board to protect. Wait for your opponent to use their coin before you play Counterspell.

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4. Token Druid

"Nature can be very...violent..."

Tokens are a staple CCG archetype. Token druid is the only token deck for hearthstone.

What’s great about this deck:

  • The Forest's Aid Helps recover after a board wipe
  • If you can establish a board you win
  • Strong against aggro matchups

Tips for playing this deck:

  • Mulligan for one drops, Dreamway Guardians and Landscaping
  • Flood the board and buff three or more minions
  • Don’t worry about using a Savage Roar to trade up if needed
  • Combo Aeroponics with The Forest’s Aid or Landscaping
  • Savage roar To push damage when you have a big board even if it’s not lethal

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3. Galakrond Zoo Warlock

Zoolock just keeps on winning.

Zoolock is the original budget deck. This deck is full of little guys with deathrattles and Galakrond enablers.

What’s great about this deck:

  • Galakrond was given out for free
  • Get through any big taunt with Plague of Flames
  • Warlock hero power to keep the pressure on

Tips for playing this deck:

  • Mulligan hard for flame imp and evil genius
  • Take two for one value trades when you can
  • Combo knife juggler with invoke
  • Save your eggs for evil genius and grim rally
  • Don’t pop your eggs against control, they will AoE clear eventually

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2. Face Hunter

Face is, and always will be the place.

Face Hunter has spawned many a meme, and even an addon that covers up your opponents minions. You won’t be tempted to hit anything but face.

What’s great about this deck:

  • Lots of burn to get over taunt minions
  • Hunter has one of the best hero powers for aggro
  • Phase Stalker Provides great tempo and value

Tips for playing this deck:

  • Mulligan for a one and two drop minion
  • Play for board control against aggro matchups
  • Try to win by turn six or seven against control decks
  • After turn three try to hero power every turn
  • If you have enough burn spells for lethal over two turns, consider not playing a minion, as they might play Zilliax and heal

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1. Pirate Warrior

As long as there are no ninjas in hearthstone, pirates will be number one. 

As you can see, when we talk budget decks we’re talking aggro. Pirate warrior puts the ARGGG in aggro.

What’s great about this deck:

  • Consistent pirate synergy
  • Strong burst damage from weapons
  • Extra value from new card Hoard Pillager 

Tips for playing this deck:

  • Mulligan for one drops
  • Build a board early
  • Only value trade the first few turns
  • Push face damage asap to win by turn seven
  • Save an upgrade for Arcanite Reaper
  • Save rush minions to get past taunts

Deck Import Code AAECAQcADxywApED/wOOBdQF7gbnB8+JA9ytA92tA/muA+iwA+mwA4KxAwA=

Honorable Mention: Whizzbang the Wonderful

Whizzbang is love, Whizzbang is life. 

This is actually one of my favorite cards, just pop him into a deck and go. 


  • He updates for each expansion
  • Includes epic and legendary class cards


  • Random deck each time = no control over what you play
  • You’ll eventually lose to high tuned meta decks

If you’re new to Hearthstone and want to get the most enjoyment out of the game without breaking the bank, try some of these decks. Or just save up and craft Whizzbang!

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