Destiny 2 Class Tier List: The Best Destiny 2 Classes and Subsclasses

Destiny 2 best Classes
Which one is best for you?

Fire makes everything more epic.

Destiny 2’s newest DLC, Forsaken, was just released last year. With it, the power and usefulness of each character subclass shifted significantly, essentially rendering all previous class guides obsolete.

But don’t worry fellow guardians! Below you’ll find a clear guide to your new favorite class, if not a justification for sticking with what you know. Eyes up guardian, and happy hunting.

S Tier

These classes have a distinct advantage over the others, primarily due to abilities that have no clear defense. In all honesty, going up against these classes can seem a bit unfair, and you may find inexperienced players complaining that these choices are broken and overpowered. That being said, S-tier classes are far from invincible, and highly-skilled players can take them down with ease in some circumstances. Just be aware that these classes will make your journey a bit less challenging, and you may garner a bit of hate from the n00bs and trolls of the internet.

  • Striker
  • Voidwalker

A Tier

These classes have slightly more vulnerabilities than the highest tier. In many cases, A-tier classes are just as effective offensively as the previous classes. However, these classes have limited options for escaping tough situations, and they lack the synergetic abilities of the previous classes. That being said, many players still prefer a class from this tier, and highly-skilled players have shown that perks and abilities are no substitute for sound strategy and a quick trigger finger.

  • Nightstalker
  • Sentinel

B Tier

These classes have some exploitable weaknesses, which can make them significantly less effective than the previous classes. These classes can still be useful, but guardians may get frustrated using these classes in every situation. As such, players should understand that choosing one of these classes can present additional challenges, and they may want to have a back-up class for particularly adverse circumstances.

  • Sunbreaker
  • Dawnblade
  • Gunslinger

C Tier

These classes are weaker than the others. There’s just no way around that. For whatever reason, these classes lack significant power and have plenty of weaknesses. These classes are not unplayable, but they will provide an uphill battle for the guardian. As such, unaware players may find these classes especially frustrating to use.

  • Arcstrider
  • Stormcaller

Titan: Striker (S Tier)

A Titan goes full Superman.

The striker currently reigns as the most powerful class in Destiny 2, but just barely, and it’s not for everyone. Remember when I said you might get a bit of hate for picking an S tier class? The striker is a prime example. Against other guardians, this class can escape death in almost any situation. When outgunned, players can use their super ability, fists of havoc, to destroy any nearby players and gain a boost to sprint speed. Originally, the striker could only use their super once before having to recharge it. However, Bungie “balanced” fists of havoc by giving the player a timed duration to use the ability, meaning that strikers can now run down players at maximum speed and slam them into oblivion. Paired with damage resistance on a class that already has more base health than the others, and you can see how this subclass is devastating. Strikers are slightly less effective in raids and story-based activities, but not by much. Fists of havoc can quickly clear areas of lower-level enemies, and any remaining groups can be taken out by the striker’s devastating grenades. Fists of havoc is risky to use against bosses; the attack can trigger a fatal counterattack if the titan does move quickly. This limits the striker’s effectiveness during raids and other end-game events, as they will have to rely solely on weapons and grenades. However, the titan’s rally barricade can allow teammates to send an unending volley of rockets, bullets, and grenades at bosses, and many teams require at least one titan solely for this ability. As such, the striker stands as one of the most adaptive and powerful classes of Destiny 2.

Power Rating: 93/100

Warlock: Voidwalker (S Tier)


This one’s a bit controversial. The voidwalker has fluctuated drastically in terms of effectiveness, and it currently reigns as one of Destiny 2’s most powerful classes. While the striker is able to escape death, the voidwalker is able to prevent death. The voidwalker has 3 abilities that allow it to heal in some way, and no other class can self-heal as effectively. The attunement of hunger path is especially devastating due to its synergetic abilities. The devour ability allows voidwalkers to regenerate health with a simple melee attack. Veteran guardians are well aware that many firefights end with a melee duel, and the ability to regain all last health after a successful hit spells certain doom for your opponent. Devour also provides health for any kills shortly after the initial melee strike, which makes the warlock all the more un-killable. Now, devour is only active after the voidwalker consumes a grenade. But this initial action also provides health to the guardian, which makes this an extremely safe option to use. Beyond providing additional health, kills under the devour effect extend its duration and recharge grenade energy. This means the voidwalker can enter a state of near-constant regeneration. The only limitation is the time needed for grenades to recharge, and the player’s ability to kill quickly. However, armor pieces that speed up grenade cooldowns are commonplace, and the guardian is far from defenseless in the short time t takes for this ability to recharge. Additionally, the nova bomb super is effective against raid bosses and other players. The range and power of the ability makes it extremely effective for controlling zones in the crucible, and melting a boss’s health during raids and story missions. The voidwalker may not be invincible, but with such safe options, an ability to constantly recharge health, and limited vulnerability, this class can certainly feel unstoppable.

Power Rating: 92/100

Hunter: Nightstalker (A Tier)

In a world of futuristic space warriors, swords and bows are the best weapons.

I need to get something out of the way. This is my favorite class. With that bias out in the open, let me explain what makes the nightstalker an A-tier class. Nightstalkers are masters of stealth and experts of team-based combat. That last statement is particularly important. Hunters are often criticized for their lack of team support abilities, and they are sometimes viewed as impatient lone wolves. But this simply isn’t true. Nightstalkers are able to set teammates up for easy kills, or finish off enemies as a weakened teammate withdraws to heal. The smoke grenade, for example, allows hunters to simultaneously disorient enemies while chipping away at their health. Alternatively, it can be used as a short-term invisibility cloak, ideal for moving players to safer positions. The way of the trapper class path makes nightstalkers particularly hard to pin down. This path gives the hunter a more detailed radar and the ability to become invisible. Additionally, the trapper’s smoke bombs and void arrows (the super ability) stick to walls for a surprisingly long duration. This toolset provides the hunter with several options. Invisibility allows the guardian to easily flank enemies that are distracted by teammates, and the smoke bomb can provide hunters with a quick retreat. If a nightstalker is damaged or surrounded, the enhanced radar and sticky smoke bombs allow the guardian to escape and return to damaged, disoriented enemies after healing. The nightstalker has also received one of the best new class paths from the Forsaken DLC. For guardians that prefer close-range combat, the way of the wraith allows players to become invisible and attack enemies with an enhanced melee strike. This attack has longer range and greater damage than the hunter’s default melee ability. Pair this with a super ability that severely limits enemy mobility, and you have the opportunity for devastating, coordinated attacks against enemy teams or groups of raid enemies. The nightstalker’s limited durability means players will need to stick with their team and constantly plan their next move. However, Destiny is very team-based game, and the nightstalker’s unique playstyle is extremely fun to use. In short, the nightstalker is a specialized, effective class that I personally recommend.

Power Rating: 88/100

Titan: Sentinel (A Tier)

The sentinel, Earth's mightiest hero.

Have you ever wanted to feel like Captain America, in space? This sturdy class is the epitome of the titan mindset: reliable, deadly, and unmovable. This class is also an ideal place to start for players who lack a defined playstyle. That doesn’t mean sentinels are ineffective or “easy to play.” Rather, the sentinel provides players with more variance than perhaps any other class. Aggressive players can choose the aptly named code of the aggressor to gain an armory of offensive perks. Defensive and team-support players can choose the code of the protector. And strategic players can choose the newly added code of the commander for a truly unique playstyle. Sadly, none of these choices provide the synergy of an S-tier class, but players who choose the sentinel are rarely disappointed. Additionally, the sentinel’s shield is one the most effective and fun to use super abilities in the game. It can be used as a defensive guard, which has provided wins for highly-skilled teams in some last minute objective games. However, the shield can also be used as a devastating offensive tool, able to wipe out entire teams in the right hands. This is yet another area where the sentinel varies dramatically. Aggressors gain an additional shield charge, providing the player with more offensive power. Protectors gain a near-invulnerable dome, reminiscent of Destiny 1. Commanders are able to amplify team damage while defending teammates. This last option is particularly useful during raid bosses. The sentinel is essentially a double-edged sword. None of the sentinel’s class paths provide a clear advantage over other players. However, players can choose exactly what strengths and weaknesses they want. This is an ideal choice for guardians who enjoy all Destiny has to offer, from raid bosses to high-stakes Osiris streaks to seasonal events. This solidifies the sentinel as an A-tier class.

Power Rating: 87/100

Titan: Sunbreaker (B Tier)

He has a hammer, and he's on fire. Enough said.

The sunbreaker was devastating in the original Destiny but lost of a bit of its fire during the transition to Destiny 2. In theory, the sunbreaker is unbeatable. A flaming warrior with an exploding hammer, how do you defeat that? Well, with almost any other super ability, it turns out. The sunbreaker’s super ability is range-based, but it doesn’t have the distance and power of the golden gun or nova bomb. The hammer lacks the defensive options of the sentinel’s shield and the sheer power of the striker’s fists of havoc. The individual abilities don’t fare much better. The sunbreaker’s grenades are not particularly damaging or unique, and most of the abilities tie in to the flawed Hammer of Sol. However, despite its numerous shortcomings, the sunbreaker excels in one area: crowd control. The sunbreaker can clear out large groups of enemies faster than any other class. This makes the sunbreaker the best choice for many story-based missions and raids. The hammer is just powerful enough to defeat most minor enemies in a single hit, and each individual throw uses a tiny amount of super energy. The hammer can also lower a boss’s health surprising quickly with focused throws. Depending on the player’s class path, kills will either regenerate health or cause enemies to do damage to a larger area. This allows the titan to keep throwing longer. This class may have some general weaknesses, but it has one unparalleled strength.

Power Rating: 82/100

Warlock: Dawnblade (B Tier)

The dawnblade is in the aesthetics S-tier.

This class lights itself on fire and throws melee weapons. Sound familiar? Like the sunbreaker, the dawnblade’s super ability is cinematically impressive but not extremely effective. The dawnblade’s abilities are unique, but other classes have superior options. This class sits in the B-tier because it doesn’t do anything exceptionally well or tremendously poor. The dawnblade’s grenades are effective, but not as effective as the striker. This class provides lots of healing options, but titans can provide equal support to teammates and the voidwalker can self-heal much more effectively. Sadly, there isn’t much more to say about the dawnblade. This class isn’t particularly weak, but it doesn’t provide any significant advantages over other classes.

Power Rating: 80/100

Hunter: Gunslinger (B Tier)

The golden gun is the most iconic weapon in all of Destiny. RIP Cayde.

This is, by far, the hardest class to rate. The experience a player has as a gunslinger is almost entirely based on skill. That means the gunslinger is extremely effective in some cases, and almost useless in others. This range of makes sense when you look at this class’s abilities. The iconic golden gun, for example, fires 3 shots capable of instant death. The super can be altered to fire more shots or less, more powerful shots with certain armor pieces and abilities, but normally the player has three chances at a kill. Unlike other supers, the golden gun is extremely high risk. Other subclasses can continue to use their abilities until the super ends (except for the S-tier voidwalker), but if a gunslinger misses a shot, that’s it. The gunslinger also lacks the armor and speed boosts of other supers, which leaves the hunter vulnerable while lining up kills. This high-risk playstyle also shows through the class’s melee ability. The gunslinger is the only class to use a ranged melee attack regardless of subclass path. This added range has clear benefits for the hunter, as players can attack targets that would normally be out of melee range. However, if the attack is missed, the player is left with the least damaging melee attack in the game. This means players will need pinpoint accuracy to use the class well. Interestingly, some of the best Destiny players prefer this class. This makes sense; the professionals have no issue maintaining the accuracy and quick reflexes that this class requires. However, the gunslinger is not as effective as the previous classes for many players. As such, it sits in the B-tier.

Power Rating: 80/100

Hunter: Arcstrider (C Tier)

Arcstriders are ancient masters of hitting things with sticks.

The arcstrider seems like an action hero that someone came up with in middle school. If that sounds like an insult, it isn’t. The arcstrider is essentially a rogue warrior who wields a bolt of lightning. This class is exciting, it’s visually impressive, and it appeals to the general superhero design that we all know and love. But it’s extremely weak. Spinning a stick around looks cool, but a stick is still just a stick when you start whacking people with it. The arcstrider’s super ability is likely the worst of Destiny 2, and the class’s other abilities are equally underwhelming. One of the arcstrider’s class paths focuses on melee attacks, while another focuses on movement speed and the constant availability of abilities. Both of these options sound nice, but the arcstrider’s melee attack is barely more effective than a standard knife strike, and the grenades aren’t particularly damaging. This means the melee path is ill-advised, and a quick recharge rate for abilities provides little benefit. The final path provides changes to how the super works, but it doesn’t make the super, or any other abilities, more effective. Put all this together, and you have a great idea that falls well below the other options.

Power Rating: 72/100

Warlock: Stormcaller (C Tier)

Lightning jazz hands.

Most of the critiques of the arcstrider also apply here. The stormcaller can float around and shoot lightning out of its fingertips. So far, so good. However, the stormcaller requires much more time to kill opponents compared to other classes. This means a confident warlock can quickly be shut down by a quick-thinking striker with fists of havoc charged. The attunement of conduction path does enhance the power of the already-effective arcbolt grenade, but that’s the only redeeming factor of this class. Other classes also have access to the arcbolt grenade, which means the stormcaller’s ace in the hole is far from unique. The movement of this class can feel very free-flowing, but it isn’t quick. The super ability has a “floaty’ feel to it, and the warlock’s slow glide makes for an easy target. The blink teleport is an ideal choice that adds a lot of fun to this class, but the fun disappears when bullets fly. This is another class that should be one of the best, but sadly falls short.

Power Rating: 68/100



The decision to choose a class can be overwhelming. If a certain choice appeals to you, it’s probably the best path forward. You may notice that even the lowest rated class sits well above a rating of 50. None of the classes in Destiny 2 are worthless, and each one pertains to certain preferences and playstyles. If you’re still unsure, refer to this guide for recommendations as you try out each class. Destiny 2 is surprisingly balanced, but the vastly different classes leave room for constant adjustments to power and effectiveness. You may find that your favorite class is surprising more effective after an update. For now, get out there and push back the darkness. Good luck, guardian.

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