[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Fusion Rifles and How to Get Them

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Ten back to back fusion rifles.

In Destiny 2, the Special Weapon slot is often occupied by a sniper rifle or shotgun. Their damage and ease of use position them as best-in-slot for almost every activity. However, with a sweep of changes over the last year, fusion rifles are now in the spotlight. Some say they’re overpowered, others a welcome shake to a stale meta. As such, should you choose to don the fusion rifle hat, here are the top ten fusion rifles in Destiny 2:

10: Vex Mythoclast (For PvP)

The Vex Mythoclast, after all these years, is still in top form.

Starting at number ten, we have one of Destiny’s most iconic weapons, Vex Mythoclast. Originally a Destiny 1 weapon, this fusion rifle auto rifle hybrid was introduced with Season of the Splicer and has made quite the impression. To see what’s going on, let’s start with the base stats:

  • Impact - 33
  • Range - 87
  • Stability - 37
  • Handling - 55
  • Reload Speed - 64
  • Aim Assistance - 75
  • Zoom - 15
  • Rounds Per Minute - 390

Upon release, the Vex Mythoclast was, unfortunately, disappointing. However, after a slew of reworks, it now sits comfortably amongst the best fusion rifles in the game. Using primary ammo and firing like an auto-rifle, Vex Mythoclast’s exotic perk, Timeless Mythoclast, builds up stacks of overcharge with every final blow. When fully overcharged, switch to the alternate firing mode - which makes the Mythoclast a linear fusion rifle - and go on a Crucible rampage!

But wait, the Mythoclast has an exotic catalyst! While firing full-auto, every final blow increases damage, accuracy, and stability. What a weapon!

How do I get the Vex Mythoclast?

Destiny 2's Vault of Glass is just as good, if not better, than it's Destiny 1 counterpart.

Like its Destiny 1 version, the Vex Mythoclast drops from the final encounter of the Vault of Glass raid. It’s a tough grind with the catalyst but well worth the effort!

9. Timeline’s Vertex (For PvP)

This is the uncommon but lethal fusion rifle.

Timeline's Vertex is a fusion rifle in the energy slot and was introduced with Season of the Worthy. It's a reprised weapon, so you've likely seen guardians sporting it over the years. Let's see the base stats:

  • Impact - 70
  • Range - 41
  • Stability - 46
  • Handling - 41
  • Reload Speed - 46
  • Aim Assistance - 60
  • Zoom - 15
  • Charge Time - 660

So what makes Timeline’s Vertex just that good? Well, it’s of the Adaptive archetype, which balances damage and charge time to ensure consistency. But note the perks too. Specifically: 

  • Firmly Planted + Snapshot

While Elemental Capacitor is excellent on most weapons in Destiny 2, running it on Timeline’s Vertex may be overkill stability-wise. Instead, Firmly Planted is fantastic on fusion rifles and so too is Snapshot. Pair them together, and you’ll be a fusion rifle main in no time.

How do I get Timeline’s Vertex?

Good luck with RNG!

While Timeline’s Vertex is currently limited in its availability, it is not unobtainable. Herein, you have two choices:

  • Play Dares of Eternity when the weapon is in rotation
  • Wait for Xur to sell it

Xur actually sold this recommended roll not too long ago. It’s fantastic!

8. Bastion (For PvP and PvE)

Be wary of Bastion's range and you'll do just fine.

Switching things up, Bastion is an exotic fusion rifle in the Kinetic slot - one of only two kinetic fusions in the game. Perhaps that caught your attention? Or was it the fact that instead of firing one burst like other fusion rifles, Bastion fires three? You are intrigued, I know. First though, here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 80
  • Range - 33
  • Stability - 52
  • Handling - 34
  • Reload Speed - 32
  • Aim Assistance - 65
  • Zoom - 15
  • Charge Time - 740

Bastion stands out amongst the crowd due to its exotic perk, Saint's Fists. Rather than firing one charge of bolts, it fires three spreads of kinetic slugs that stagger enemies and Unstoppable Champions. Bastion is a solid choice for activities such as Nightfall Strikes. 

And for PvP, Bastion has been quite the hot topic since its release in Season of Dawn. It hits hard within range and does so with enough damage to take out a titan’s barricade with the user behind it. It’s strong. Really strong. 

How do I get Bastion?

Bastion is one of best looking weapons in Destiny 2.

This one’s easy. For an Ascendant Shard, some glimmer, and a few materials, Bastion can be acquired from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower. Nice!

7. Zealot’s Reward (For PvP)

This fusion is difficult to acquire, but worth it.

Zealot’s Reward is our first rapid-fire fusion rifle, and it's in the energy slot. While you may not often see this beast of a gun, it is, in fact, top tier. To understand why, let’s first take a look at the base stats:

  • Impact - 55
  • Range - 30
  • Stability - 35
  • Handling - 60
  • Reload Speed - 53
  • Aim Assistance - 37
  • Zoom - 15
  • Charge Time - 460

With high handling and reload speed, what perks should you be hunting for to compete with the more hard-hitting fusion rifles? I recommend the following:

  • Under Pressure + High Impact Reserves or Disruption Break

Under Pressure is a fantastic perk on fusion rifles. It increases stability and accuracy as the magazine gets lower, which pairs well with High Impact Reserves. With this roll, get down to two in the magazine to have increased stability, accuracy, and damage.

However, if you want to try True Vanguard’s roll, pair Under Pressure with Disruption Break. Because if you aren’t defeating guardians with a single shot, Disruption Break enables extra damage when you switch to your primary. That's synergy for you.

How do I get Zealot’s Reward?

May RNG bless you with a fantastic roll.

To obtain Zealot’s Reward, you’ll need to play the Garden of Salvation raid. So get a team together and get to raiding!

6. PLUG ONE.1 (For PvE)

This is an excellent fusion, especially for PvE.

In sixth place, we have PLUG ONE.1. This is a precision frame fusion rifle in the energy slot, and it comes with an adept version for those so brave as to enter Grandmaster Nightfalls. Nevertheless, here are PLUG ONE.1’s base stats:

  • Impact - 80
  • Range - 62
  • Stability - 54
  • Handling - 42
  • Reload Speed - 38
  • Aim Assistance - 66
  • Zoom - 17
  • Charge Time - 740

So what’s all the fuss about? Why should one take on one of Destiny 2’s endgame activities for a chance at a precision frame fusion rifle? Well, PLUG ONE.1 can roll with some appealing perk combinations. For example:

  • Feeding Frenzy + Reservoir Burst or Adrenaline Junkie
  • Compulsive Reloader + Reservoir Burst
  • Under Pressure or Killing Wind + Kickstart

Feeding Frenzy + Reservoir Burst is a common perk combination that many see as the go-to in PvE. Create explosions with Reservoir Burst, reload with Feeding Frenzy, repeat. And for PvP, precision frame fusion rifles can really benefit from the stability granted by Under Pressure or Killing Wind. Pair that with Successful Warm-Up for a deadly and consistent fusion rifle experience.

How do I get PLUG ONE.1?

This is absolutely a fusion rifle worth farming for.

PLUG ONE.1 can only drop from Nightfall Strikes. The higher the difficulty, the higher your chance for a drop. And Grandmaster Nightfalls will drop the Adept version to boot. Good luck!

5. Cartesian Coordinate (For Both PvE and PvP)

Don't sleep on this ugly fusion rifle.

Cartesian Coordinate is another rapid-fire fusion rifle in the energy slot. And as it’s able to roll with some of the best perks in the game, it’s many guardians’ go-to for both PvE and PvP. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 55
  • Range - 29
  • Stability - 33
  • Handling - 55
  • Reload Speed - 51
  • Aim Assistance - 60
  • Zoom - 15
  • Charge Time - 460

What about the perks? What are we hunting for? 

  • Lead From Gold + Vorpal Weapon
  • Under Pressure or Slideways + Snapshot or Vorpal Weapon

You may be wondering why Lead From Gold is a recommended perk. Well, it grants special ammo whenever you pick up heavy ammo. And while this may not seem like much, it is, actually, super helpful in PvE. For instance, it frees up a mod slot - that can be used for your build - as you don’t have to run Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder.

And for PvP, Under Pressure is, again, fantastic on fusion rifles. But so too is Slideways. Pair that with Snapshot for overall consistency or Vorpal Weapon for the chance to take on guardians in their Super, and you have a top-tier fusion rifle on your hands. 

How do I get Cartesian Coordinate?

Xur has been known to sell the odd god roll, so why not Cartesian Coordinate?

There is currently only one way to get Cartesian Coordinate. And that’s through Xur. With the Witch Queen expansion, Cartesian Coordinate was removed from the world loot pool, which means you’ll be watching Xur very closely to see if Cartesian Coordinate is on offer.

4. Deliverance (For Both PvE and PvP)

Pair Deliverance with your stasis build to be the bane of Destiny.

Deliverance is a stasis fusion rifle in the Kinetic slot. Interested? Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 80
  • Range - 66
  • Stability - 57
  • Handling - 39
  • Reload Speed - 41
  • Aim Assistance - 67
  • Zoom - 16
  • Charge Time - 740

Building off some pretty solid stats, Deliverance is a fusion rifle sought after for one reason - build potential. First with Stasis, and now Void 3.0, Bungie is giving Destiny players new and exciting ways to play. This can be seen as people explode everything in sight with Void 3.0 and Volatile Rounds. But for Deliverance, consider these perks:

  • Demolitionist + Chill Clip
  • Perpetual Motion or Heating Up + Tap the Trigger or Successful Warm-Up
  • Demolitionist + Adrenaline Junkie

Deliverance has a lot to offer. In PvE, we first have the tried and true Demolitionist + Adrenaline Junkie for your grenade-focused build. Perhaps you’re running Coldsnap grenades and the new Osmiomancy Gloves for the Warlock, or Duskfield grenades and the terrifying Renewal Grasps for the Hunter? Build into Deliverance and its perks and you’ll have a lot to offer.

How about PvP? Well, Perpetual Motion is fantastic. Pair that with Tap the Trigger or the new Successful Warm-Up, and you’ll be a fusion rifle main before the end of your first Crucible match. 

How do I get Deliverance?

Destiny 2's raids are always top-tier, and the Vow of the Disciple is no exception.

Like Zealot’s Reward, it’s time to raid. Deliverance only drops from the new Vow of Disciple raid. Oh, and did I mention it’s craftable?

3. Main Ingredient (For PvP)


The Main Ingredient is an arc fusion rifle in the energy slot. Perhaps you thought this would be higher on the list, given the heated feedback it's received on social media recently. Well, let's delve in and take a look at the base stats:

  • Impact - 80
  • Range - 63
  • Stability - 54
  • Handling - 38
  • Reload Speed - 32
  • Aim Assistance - 59
  • Zoom - 15
  • Charge Time - 740

The Main Ingredient sports some of the best perks for fusion rifles, and players know it. With the right roll, the Main Ingredient is one of the most consistent fusion rifles in Destiny 2. And in PvP, more often than not, consistency is king. I recommend the following perks:

  • Under Pressure or Firmly Planted + Rangefinder

Before the Witch Queen expansion, the infamous Tap the Trigger was nerfed, which happened to be many peoples’ go-to fusion rifle perk. So they moved to Firmly Planted. But that too has now been nerfed. And while it’s still a great perk, I would recommend trying out Under Pressure. Pair that with the always-excellent Rangefinder for a very solid fusion rifle.

How do I get Main Ingredient?

You can have Main Ingredient if you want it bad enough..

Like Timeline’s Vertex, there are only two methods to acquiring the Main Ingredient fusion rifle. Run Dares of Eternity when the weapon is in rotation, or wait for Xur to sell his next god roll. The latter isn’t impossible, since he’s sold two already!

2. Likely Suspect (For PvP)

I love the aesthetic of the Throne World weapons!

Taking second place in our list of best fusion rifles in Destiny 2, we have the new Likely Suspect. This is a void rapid-fire fusion introduced with the Witch Queen expansion, and it goes in the energy slot. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 55
  • Range - 26
  • Stability - 38
  • Handling - 53
  • Reload Speed - 51
  • Aim Assistance - 32
  • Zoom - 15
  • Charge Time - 460

Low range and high handling are the defining features of rapid-fire fusion rifles. And for those looking to secure kills as far off as Main Ingredient, the Likely Suspect might leave you disappointed. However, there’s a key roll that combats its low range. Specifically:

  • Firmly Planted + Successful Warm-Up

Firmly Planted is on almost every ideal fusion rifle roll, even after being nerfed. Pair this with Successful Warm-Up for increased stability, handling, and charge time. And don't forget that this is a craftable weapon, which means you’ll have access to the enhanced perks!

How do I get Likely Suspect?

The Likely Suspect fusion rifle is not hard to get.

The Likely Suspect fusion rifle can first be obtained from Fynch’s Trust Goes Both Ways quest. This involves finding Region Chests and completing patrols and public events. Thereafter, Likely Suspect is available through Throne World activities - Public Events, Lost Sectors, etc. This is a grind well worth the reward!

1. Snorri FR5 (For PvP)

Seriously. What a fusion rifle.

Beating out both Likely Suspect and Main Ingredient for first place, we have a new void fusion rifle introduced with the Witch Queen expansion. Snorri FR5 is a precision frame fusion, and I don’t think people have caught on to just how good this thing is. Here are the base stats:

  • Impact - 80
  • Range - 65
  • Stability - 55
  • Handling - 43
  • Reload Speed - 40
  • Aim Assistance - 62
  • Zoom - 17
  • Charge Time - 740

Apart from Aim Assistance, Snorri FR5 has slightly better base stats than the Main Ingredient. And while you may prefer the look and feel of the Main Ingredient, consider Snorri FR5. As Bungie continues to develop the sandbox around new perks, mods, and subclass reworks, Snorri has access to a perk pool that the Main Ingredient doesn’t. Specifically:

  • Firmly Planted or Heating Up + Successful Warm-Up

There are two keys to Snorri and this roll. The first is Successful Warm-Up. Pair that with the Origin Trait, Omolon Fluid Dynamics, which gives increased reload speed and stability for the top half of the magazine, and you’ll be punching guardians far outside a fusion rifle’s intended range. And for giggles, don’t forget the benefit of Firmly Planted or Heating Up. Snorri FR5 is the best fusion rifle in the game. 

How do I get Snorri-FR5?

Destiny 2 will reward you with this fusion rifle for just playing the game.

Snorri FR5 is a world drop. This means that you can play any activity for a chance at a drop. You can run strikes or Crucible, Gambit, or Psi-Ops Battlegrounds. Play any activity. Good luck with RNG! Or, just wait for Banshee to sell a decent roll.

So there you have it. The ten best fusion rifles in Destiny 2. We see a few familiar faces and some new ones. And whether you like to play aggressively with a rapid-fire frame, or a little more passive with a precision-frame Main Ingredient, there’s definitely something here for everyone. Fusions are in a great spot right now, so get out there and find the fusion rifle for you!

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