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Best girls attack on titan
The best girl squad

4. Annie Leonhart

Annie, ever the icy cool girl

Annie is a girl with a smallish build, but whose set of fighting skills is a force to be reckoned with. She is part of a group of ‘warriors’ who seem to have been sent to wipe out humanity within the walls. She exudes a calm, calculated demeanor, rarely losing her cool. She seems to be disinterested in and bored with almost everything, except (as noted by Eren) when she’s showing off her fighting skills.

What is awesome about her

Annie’s character is quite complex, and what gets her best girl status. She’s clearly good natured. She taught Eren how to fight, believes Eren to be a good person, and respects his fiery resolve. When her military police teammate Marlow expressed his desire to punish the corrupt higher ups, she offered to help him. She agreed to help Armin with Eren’s ‘escape’ even though she knew it was probably a trap.

Then on the flip side, you have the way she ruthlessly killed countless soldiers of the Survey Corps. Whatever she’s doing, she really seems to believe in it, that it’s for some greater good. She legit cried when she failed to capture Eren in the forest of giant trees. If that didn’t give you chills… I dunno man. It gave me chills.

After an epic fight against an enraged Eren, Annie was forced to crystallise herself in order to protect whatever information the Survey Corps might force out of her. During all this, we get to see this weird student-trainer relationship she has with her father, and her father asking her to forgive him and promise to return home. The plot thickens, eh?

Current Status

Annie is still alive, but she can’t do much else in her crystal prison.

Buckle up guys, this is all of Annie's noteworthy moments

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