Top 15 Attack on Titan Best Fights (That Are Pure Awesome)

Attack on Titan Best Fights
Reiner's a little too eager there, no?

These 15 best AoT fights will get your blood pumping

Attack on Titan is known more for its deep mysteries and heavy plot than for its fights, so there’s actually a very countable number of them in the series. Not to mention, fights in the show generally come to a conclusion very quickly, as is the case in the real world.

But worry not. Each fight in Attack on Titan is packed with substance, and after combing through the entire set of episodes released so far, we picked out fifteen of the best of the best and compiled them into this awesome list, in no particular order.

Have fun:

15. Eren vs Female Titan

Eren rages at Annie, but how far can it take him?

“I’ll kill it!!”

I’m sure we all remember how it began: the female titan, Annie, squishes Levi’s squad, and an enraged Eren transforms into a titan and charges at her, fists wildly swinging.

This particular battle got everyone’s blood pumping, especially since we were so mad that the entire Levi squad, the elite of the elite, had just been murdered before our eyes. From the epic animation, to the powerful soundtrack, to Eren’s exuding the rage we all felt, this fight set the standard for the rest of Attack on Titan’s major battles, and we are never disappointed.

The conclusion of this fight wasn’t what fans were expecting though, and it quickly becomes clear that Annie’s the better fighter here, even though in terms of raw strength, Eren vastly outmatches her. Eventually she downs titan Eren with her superior fighting skills and captures him.

Sigh… this is Attack on Titan, after all.

14. Eren vs Female Titan: Rematch

Round 2... FIGHT!

The rematch we all waited eagerly for. Although at first Eren can’t transform into a titan because he can’t bring himself to fight the treacherous Annie, he finally comes to terms with the fact.

Eren then allows his rage to fuel him, and one more time, he charges Annie, landing a solid punch that sends her flying into a Wallist church. The rest is a truly epic display of his pure rage versus a desperate Annie trying to get over the wall and escape. We also get to see an anime-exclusive rage-mode Eren.

I’ll leave you to enjoy.

13. Eren vs Armored Titan

Eren comes CLOSE to besting Reiner

Boy was this an intense fight. At first Reiner clearly has the upper hand, since he’s bigger, stronger, more experienced, and well, armored.

The thing is, Eren had previously depended on his rage to land in a few hits on the enemy here and there, but he still lost anyway. This time, he quickly realises that he has to fight with his head. And how the tables turn as soon as he does!

Eren remembers the moves he learnt from Annie back when they were trainees, and pulls a spectacular copy-ninja-Kakashi on Reiner, backing him into a corner with some slick holds. Reiner’s armor even begins to crack. Eren’s finally winning!

But, alas. …

Still a superb fight though, so, enjoy.

12. Levi vs Kenny’s Squad

Spiderman, spiderman, your friendly neighbourhood-- Wait. Wrong show

This fight has become one of, if not the, most memorable fight in the entire series, at least for what’s out so far in the anime.

Fans are treated to seeing Levi at his very best. It’s literally him against dozens of enemies equipped with ODM gear specifically designed to kill humans. Imagine that. And how does Levi handle it?

The dude basically becomes Spiderman v2, swinging through the buildings as if he’s been doing this since before birth. He does all this while dodging a rain of bullets from multiple enemies above him and flying through the tightest of corners and alleyways.

Can’t get any better than that. And he still manages to take down at least 12 of them.

Humanity’s strongest fighter, indeed.

11. Levi vs Kenny

Clash of the Ackermans

This was a short and sweet battle that wasn’t even in the manga. In the manga, Kenny and Levi never actually went one-on-one against each other. The anime fixes that by having Levi show Kenny that his training way back in the day was pretty darn effective.

Levi using that oil filled bag as cover as Kenny fires at him, and then just flying straight at Kenny through the explosion… now that, that was super cool.

10. Hannes vs smiling titan

It takes good sense to know when to flee

I’m including this in this list because it fits its own unique brand of awesome, and I’m not even talking about the second time Hannes meets the smiling titan. Nope, I’m talking about that very first time, when Hannes didn’t fight the smiling titan, choosing to run away instead.

So how does a fight that never even began qualify as awesome? Hear me out.

This was the first real confrontation in Attack on Titan, and what do we learn from that confrontation? That humans are powerless against the titans. You can brag all you want, like Hannes did. But at the end of the day, the power of the titans is just… unfair.

When Hannes comes face to face with the smiling titan, when that fear washes over him, when he realises, “lol this ain’t worth it,”: these moments showed us all that Attack on Titan is real. There’s no power of friendship here. Life just doesn’t work that way. Hannes made the right call and chose to save the kids instead.

And in that sense, this fight that wasn’t even a fight, is pure awesome.

Enjoy (as if).

9. Levi squad vs female titan

They shouldn't have died...

Now this was a blood pumping, nail biting battle. And even though it ends in tragedy, as do most things in Attack on Titan, we at least get to see why Levi’s squad was called the elite of the elite - these guys were skilled titan killers.

Without any form of verbal communication, plus having even just lost one of their members, these guys launch such complex coordinated attacks as a perfect team, that the female titan can literally do nothing against them.

Really, the only reason they lost was because they had no idea that it was possible to prioritise healing in one part of the body only. But can you blame them?

Well, just enjoy that super coordinated onslaught minus the tragic conclusion, ‘cause that’s the best part.

8. Mikasa vs female titan

Mikasa showing off her skills

Mikasa had a small moment to shine here in this scene. This was right after titan Annie had utterly defeated titan Eren.

Mikasa reaches the scene just in time to see Annie chomping Eren out of his titan body. She’s understandably pissed, and proceeds to give Annie a tough time escaping. Understandably, she’s no Levi-heichou. But she actually slices Annie’s Achilles tendon, forcing her to stumble, and even dodges her surprise attack.

Check it out.

7. Levi vs female titan

God-mode Levi... ACTIVATE!

Ahh the god-mode spinning Levi.

Poor Annie had no chance even to crystallise herself in defence as Levi made mincemeat out of her female titan form. The monster Levi was attacking so fast and in so many places, there was just no point.

Levi single handedly does what his entire squad had to do in a coordinated attack, and he does it better, he does it faster, and he makes no mistakes.

Hot, damn. Go watch.

6. Eren vs Jean (night before the battle to retake Maria)

Hilarity and warmth in one friendly fight scene

This fight was a fun one. For the longest time, Eren had been sinking lower and lower into this pit of quiet brooding. So it was a refreshing thing to see Eren go back to being the loudmouth that he was at first and even picking fights with Jean.

And hilariously, they expected to be separated soon, but no one bothered, since they were also enjoying the entertainment the old Eren was providing. In Eren’s own words later on, that was cruel.

But hey, it was good cruel, am I right?

5. Eren vs colossal titan

The skirmish that gave us false hope

Another (extremely) short fight here that ends quickly because the colossal titan suddenly disappears. But at least Eren got to show that his drive for revenge against the titans wasn’t mere talk.

While everyone else is still reeling in shock from the colossal titan suddenly appearing and breaking the gate of Trost district, Eren is the one to step up and motivate the trainees into action. He’s also the only one to charge in at the colossal titan, actually showing that he has skill on the ODM gear.

And he would have gotten away with killing that titan, had it not been for its meddling ability to just go *poof*.

4. Mikasa vs Dimo Reeves

Mikasa teaches Reeves some sense

More of a beat down than a fight, here Mikasa shows off the reason she’s called a badass and a one-man army. Dimo Reeves, consumed with selfishness, has blocked the gate that leads from Trost to the inner wall with a huge cargo wagon full of his wealth.

Even though there are so many civilians yet to be evacuated, even though he knows more and more people are dying simply because his wagon is too fat to fit into the doorway, he still insists that they push that bloody wagon through before anyone else can get to safety. To top it off, when a soldier is brought to resolve the situation, the wuss chickens out!

Enter Mikasa.

Our badass quickly teaches this fat oaf a lesson in priorities, and how satisfying that is to watch.

3. Ymir vs titans at Utgard Castle

Ymir knocks a few, then gets knocked

A good chunk of the first half of season 2 was dedicated to Ymir, and while we’ll learn some more about her in the upcoming season, her titan reveal and subsequent battle to the death against the countless titans that surrounded Utgard castle was pretty cool.

Before this fight, we were used to seeing large titans go at each other in earth shaking duels. Ymir’s fight is different. Her titan form is small and nimble, able to outmaneuver the other dumb titans, so that she makes short work of quite a lot of them.

There are just too many of them, of course, so she can only last so long. Check it out for a quick refresher.

2. Survey Corps vs Rod’s colossal titan

Erwin shows why he's the leader of the Survey Corps

This was more of a titan extermination than a fight. A monstrous titan, that is.

Many of us, if we’re being honest, couldn’t imagine how the hell Commander Erwin and his Survey Corps were going to deal with a titan at least twice the size of the colossal titan. But when Erwin says they won’t be evacuating the citizens of the city, we know the man’s got a plan.

And does he have a plan. It’s a simple one, really: draw the titan in with all the humans in the city, hope the titan offers its mouth when it arrives, and chug a titan-sized bag of explosives down its throat, hopefully blowing up the nape of the neck. A gamble, yes, but one that paid off very, very well, considering the world this story is happening in.

I’m sure everyone enjoyed every bit of that fight.

1. Kenny’s squad vs new Levi squad

Epicness overflowing

This was the battle of the century, probably. If this battle royale didn’t get your fists pumping, then you were probably watching the wrong show.

It’s especially more exciting when you realise that Levi’s squad was vastly outnumbered - about 8 of them versus some 35 enemies. But the smart way with which they approached the battle, a product of Armin’s and likely Hange’s masterminds, basically sealed the victory for their squad, kinda.

Watch how they cleverly exploit every weakness in the anti-human ODM gear and take out their enemies, one by one. Watch as Jean, Connie and Sasha demonstrate their resolve and make their first kills. Oh, and see how Mikasa’s appearance simply freaks everyone out.

The soundtrack too was perfect. Truly epic.



Enjoyed this list? Felt something was left out? Leave a comment with your thoughts!


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