[Top 15] Attack on Titan Best Fights Worth Watching Again

Attack on Titan Best Fights
Sometimes it's okay to knock a bitch out!

Attack on Titan has featured some of the most violent and exciting fights in anime; Here, we look back at the top brawls that deserve another watch.

“And just like that. Everything had changed. At that terrible moment, in our hearts, we knew. Home was a pen. Humanity, cattle.”

These were the sad words uttered after Eren Jaeger witnessed his mother Carla casually snacked on by a terrifying Titan. Tragedy hit. Blood was shed. And fights were won (and lost) in the last three seasons of Attack on Titan.

With the show coming to a close following the current fourth and final season, we’re going to look back on the 15 best fights worth watching again throughout the first three seasons of the series.

(Warning: There will be spoilers ahead from seasons one through three, so please don’t read if you haven’t caught up to the series at this point.)

15) Hannes vs. The Smiling Titan (Season One Episode 1: To You, in 2000 Years: The Fall of Shiganshina)

Ok, I’m cheating here a bit. Hannes pretty much pissed his pants once he encountered The Smiling Titan; however, I wanted to include one of the most crucial moments of the series. Hannes redeems himself in season two and despite dying at the hands of The Smiling Titan , the character growth and big redemption moment wouldn’t have happened without this sequence.

The first episode not only established just how dangerous the Titans are, but it hinted at several arcs that would come into play later on in the show (such as the disappearance of Eren’s father and the key), and more importantly, Eren’s mission statement began after his mother is murdered by the creepy bastard.

14) Eren vs. The Colossal Titan (Season One Episode 5: First Battle/ Attack on Trost, Part 1)

This one wasn’t much of a battle; however, it was simply cool to see Eren finally take on one of the Titans, especially the boss. While the Colossal Titan wasn’t the one who murdered his mother, the  intelligent giant was the mastermind behind the attack of Shiganshina.

This scene proved how much of a badass Eren is, as he was the only soldier  that wasn’t pissing in his pants when it comes to fighting a Titan. The brief encounter showcased how far along Eren has come since he arrived at the Cadet Corps five years earlier. The brief encounter  also continued to prove how much of a threat the Titans were, as Eren seemed to be on the verge of killing the Colossal until the giant pulled a Houdini and disappeared.

Of course, this moment made the shocking death of Eren later heartbreaking . Even though this was only the fifth episode, the journey of Jaegar was filled with a tragedy that many hoped turned to redemption. Eren appeared to be the white knight that would save the day , so when the elite soldier was eaten after saving his friend, Armin, my spine hit my throat and I couldn’t move for a minute following the bold choice to kill the lead protagonist.

By now, you know that Eren isn’t dead and has the ability of a Titan, but the shocking move created a sense of unpredictability about the series, and it also gave us a chance to bond with the other main characters.

13) Mikasa Ackermann and Eren Jaeger vs. Three Thugs (Season One Episode 6: The World The Girl Saw/The Struggles)

This wasn’t truly a “fight” per see, but people were stabbed, lives were lost, and most importantly, a strong character moment took place that makes it worthy of being put on the list. When we first meet Mikasa, we don’t get much insight into her backstory.

We get that she’s a badass since she ran off two goons without coming close to breaking a sweat, along with  her easy rise in the Cadet Corps. So, it was no surprise that Mikasa was able to knock out her first titan kill with ease, but her backstory is what instantly draws you closer to the elite soldier.

During the flashback, we learn that her parents were killed by a bunch of thugs, and the first meeting between Eren and Mikasa happened because Jaeger decided to take the Judge Dredd route by executing the two thugs for their heinous actions.

The third thug manages to get a strong grip on Eren and at this moment, it was “kill or be killed” for both Eren and Mikasa. It took a while, but the meek young girl realized just how cruel the world is, and understood that she needed to be strong to survive.

After the holy s**t moment of Eren dying at the hands of a Titan, we’re instantly rooting for Mikasa because she appears to be the only one who can truly save humanity at this point. Not only that, but Mikasa’s tragic backstory and loyalty to Eren makes her a protagonist fans can easily root for.

12) The Cadets vs. The Titans (Season One Episode 8: I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4)

During all the commotion outside between the giant titans, the Cadets finally put their training to good use and outsmarted the behemoths. Before the devastating Titans attacked, we’re given a clue as to how these soldiers would react to these bloodthirsty monsters.

Eren, Armin, and Mikasa understood the horrors that the Titans would bring; however, the training Cadets all showcased that fighting spirit a soldier should have (well, except Jean) until the Titans invaded and nearly every cadet minus a couple few, pulled an armadillo and accepted that death was near.

However, episode eight saw a shift as the soldiers finally decided to stop being cowards and fought back. The scene with the Titans coming closer to the soldiers was intense. At this point, Attack on Titan established that ANYONE could be a snack, so it wasn’t off to assume that the murderous giants could be in store for a nice all-you-can-eat buffet.

The plan goes off nicely at first and the beautiful visuals help liven up the scene, but that one scary moment when Sasha and Conny missed was a perfect exercise in playing with the fan’s emotions. Luckily, the final Titans are taken down by the two badasses of the squad, Annie and Mikasa.

11) Eren vs. Titans (Season One Episode 8: I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4)

The end seemed near at the beginning of episode seven. A soldier blows his head clean off. Another man wants to  stab  himself. Our lone star at this point has been Mikasa, who’s hell appeared to finally be over. Then, a mysterious Titan saves the elite soldier and all hope is restored thanks to this murderous brute who has a clear bone to pick with other Titans.

Following the Cadets successful raid in the tunnel, we go back to the “crazy-berserker Titan” who is kicking ass left and right. However, the giant is ganged up on by other Titans and is eventually taken down, but not before ripping a couple more of those bastards to shreds first. This is the first Titan vs. Titan battle and it’s a cool sight to behold. This isn’t  some pretty sword fight; It’s a brutal and grindhouse-style fight that sees a couple of limbs or two flying in different directions.

However, what makes this scene truly stand out is the reveal that Eren is not only alive but a freaking Titan as well. “What the f**k?” surely had to be going through everyone’s mind at this point and this exciting cliffhanger likely had you counting down the minutes under the next Titan episode.

10) The Levi Squad and Eren vs. The Female Titan (Season One Episode 21: Iron Hammer/The Expedition, Part 5)

Part five of this thrilling arc showcases just how dangerous the female Titan is. We understood how smart the new monster was leading up to this battle, but the revelation of it being one of the cadets in Titan form added a nice mystery element to this story.

Once the female Titan escapes the trap set by the Levi Squad the battle becomes the Levi Squad vs. the mysterious traitor, who’s picked off members one by one before going back into her Titan state.

“We’ll make you pay bitch!” was the motto once bodies started hitting the floor and The Levi Squad’s high-level fighting skills would’ve taken down just any normal Titan. However, we continue to learn the strength of this intelligent creature, and the fact that she’s not only smart enough to hide her neck but also fast enough to regenerate in mere seconds ultimately dooms the elite squad.

One by one, the Female Titan killed off The Levi Squad like small flies, which prompted Eren to finally go into his Titan form . Based on the combat skills we’ve seen from The Female Titan thus far, it’s no surprise that she carves off Eren’s Titan head like a thanksgiving turkey.

Another heartbreaking moment (other than Eren being eaten like snickers bar) is Captain Levi going back and witnessing the bloody aftermath of his Squad . He doesn’t show much emotion, though we understand that he’s putting on a battlefront to focus on the task at hand.

9) Levi and Mikasa vs. The Female Titan (Season One Episode 22: The Defeated: The 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Part 6)

The Female Titan arc has been going on for the past several episodes and the huge mammoth has been portrayed as the ultimate boss Titan thus far. Before now, the Titans have been showcased as mindless zombies; however, the female Titan showcases a new breed of highly intelligent and powerful creatures, who just so happens to be one of the Scouts in human form.

Throughout the five episodes, the scary beast manages to wipe out the Levi Squad with ease and even beat Eren’s Titan form and successfully chowed down the soldier.

However, this fight is a tremendous showcase for Levi’s skills. At this point, we haven’t seen much of Captain Levi’s moves on the battlefield until now and holy crap, this guy is freaking awesome! This wasn’t much of a fight as Levi had this battle down with ease, skillfully slicing and dicing the female titan. Mikasa was a bit of a hindrance here, with the elite soldier being more concerned about killing the monster than sticking to their original plan of rescuing Eren. 

8) Annie vs. Eren (Season One Episode 25: Wall: Assault on Stohess, Part 4)

A match-up that’s been building since the two first faced off in combat training in season one. Then, Annie proved to be the cream of the crop  amongst the group, so it wouldn’t have come as a shock if Eren died (again) due to Annie’s smarts and superior combat skills. 

This was a fight that would surely make Superman and General Zod proud; Mayhem and destruction followed with each punch that was thrown by both Titans; however, the true weight of the story was Annie simply wanting to go back home.

After Mikasa cuts off her fingers, Annie finally realizes that her hopes of leaving the wall were shattered. In classic Attack on  Titan fashion, the show packed raw emotion and action into this battle effortlessly. These weren’t just two mindless behemoths duking it out. This won’t go down as anyone’s favorite fight of the series, but I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a dry eye when you understood  Annie’s true motivation.

7) Eren vs The Armored and Colossal Titan (Season Two Episode 7: Close Combat)

This clash of the colossal beasts comes after the betrayal of Reiner and Bertholdt is finally revealed in episode six. Usually, Eren has the skill over the Titans brutes thanks to his training in combat; however, Reiner is a fellow scout himself, so Eren isn’t able to toss around this beast  so easily.

The battle between the two monsters felt more like a chess match, with neither Titan recklessly swinging, hoping for a devastating kill shot. Instead, this was a tactical fight that had more in common with amateur wrestling. We find out just how strong the Armored Titan is when Mikasa struggles to do much damage to the monster at first.

Once Eren gets The Armored Titan locked in a guillotine choke, the battle shifts  and a  weakness is found until the Colossal Titan turns the tide. Though the heroes fail to win the battle here, we know that the moment that the two brutes are taken out will be a joyous one thanks to our attachment to the main characters.

6) Eren and The Scouts vs. The Titans (Season Two Episode 12: Scream)

A wild and emotional episode packed with so many incredible character moments. From Historia finally telling her love interest, Ymir, that she doesn’t need to keep protecting her, to Hannes battling the smiling Titan. This episode was jam-packed with action, intensity, and heart-breaking moments.

One of the biggest character moments was Hannes defending Eren and Mikasa from the Smiling Titan. While not the smartest decision on his part, the soldier redeemed himself massively after tucking his tail between his legs when he first encountered the beast in the first episode. Eren failing to transform into a Titan led to Hannes unfortunate demise, but the soldier went out on a high note.

Speaking of Eren, his newfound power to command the Titans was awe-inspiring. His love for Mikasa and his determination to get bloody revenge on the creature was rewarded by unleashing a wave of Titans on the smiling bastard.  An emotional roller coaster ride that paid off several story beats and added a new wrinkle to several characters.

5) Kenny “The Ripper” vs. Captain Levi (Season Three Episode 2: Pain)

Who wouldn’t want a gun-touting uncle as their rival? Episode Two starts with a bang as a fierce battle between Captain Levi and Kenny and his Anti-Personnel Control Squad in the Military Police Regiment. We don’t know much about this mysterious outlaw just yet, but we do understand that both men have some history with one another based on their entire interaction (and brief flashbacks) throughout the wild chase sequence.

Speaking of which, the animation here is simply breathtaking and exciting. From the slow-motion shot of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad shooting Captain Levi midair to every bullet that comes out of Kenny’s gun. This episode introduces one of the main baddies of season three grandly. This sequence also saw Armin complete his first kill, saving Jean in a nick of time from one of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad members. However, that scene is overshadowed by the revelation that Eren was kidnapped by the group of evildoers, setting off a thrilling arc.

4) The Scouts vs. Kenny “The Ripper” and The Military Police (Season Three Episode 7: Wish)

Any time Kenny “The Ripper” and Levi fight the scene crackles with excitement. Coming in, The Scouts had a sound game plan to beat Kenny and his goons, which ultimately forced them to retreat temporarily. However, the brief action presented here was exhilarating and the badass music had your fists ready to scrap with some gun-toting douchebag as well.

More importantly, this episode revolved around Historia’s big decision to restore her sister by eating Eren. With Kenny exposing Rod for the lies he’s told thus far, there’s no doubt that Historia going against her father’s wishes was mainly due to the revelation about the bullshit that’s come to light. Another strong sequence of events that contained action, drama, and a character-defining moment.

3) Eren and The Scouts vs. Rod Reiss (Season Three Episode 9: Ruler of the Walls)

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s a…mixture of the Human Centipede and a Necromorph from Dead Space? A giant turd with organs is also a good guess. One of the primary villains of Season Three ends up being Rod Reiss, who eventually turns himself into the biggest Titan on the show thus far.

Reiss tried to save his family and the Founding Titan desperately by wanting his daughter Historia to inject herself with the serum and eat Eren. That plan backfires and Reiss decides to take matters into his own hands by becoming a Titan himself.  Reiss is a scary titan that could easily be the main villain in any monster movie, but the scene also comes with the emotional weight of Historia being forced to kill her father.

2) Levi vs. The Beast Titan (Season Three Episode 17: Hero)

Imagine being sent on a mission for one purpose: to die. Granted, you can essentially say that anytime these soldiers decide to get near any one of these Titans, but this was a clear suicide mission to give Levi an edge. Attack on Titans has been compelling not just for the beautiful and exciting fight sequences, but their raw depiction of war and the sacrifices a hero must make to better the world.

We know and understand that these men are going to be crushed by the Beast Titan with ease, but it’s how these soldiers come to terms with reality and charge forward to their doom that makes this fight memorable. The distraction here does work as Levi   took him down without any problems. Sure, the Beast Titan was spared his life thanks to some help (and Levi’s temporary decision to let him live), but he was essentially dead at this point.

1) Eren, The Scouts, Captain Levi, and Armin vs. The Armored  and Colossal Titan (Season Three Episode 17: Hero)

Armin’s character development throughout the series was on full display here. Admittingly, Armin was a tough character to get into at the beginning because he was a pathetic wimp. Hell, the guy allowed himself to be eaten by one of the titans in season one until Eren saved his ass.

However, as the series continued to evolve, so did Armin, who turned out to be the brains of the operation for most missions. Armin wasn’t an elite badass like Mikasa or Eren, but he eventually proved his worth and his plan to defeat the Colossal Titan worked to great effect.

The Armored Titan was essentially built as God up to this point. Strong and nearly impossible to beat, this wasn’t a one-man job as Eren needed as much help as he could get, especially after his war with The Colossal Titan. What sealed The Armored Titan’s fate was the Thunder Spears used by the Scouts. While this didn’t kill off Reiner, it officially ended the terror involving the giant brute. Without a doubt, one of the shorter fights in the series, but our attachment to the characters and story gripped us until the demise of the massive monster.

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