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Best girls attack on titan
The best girl squad

7. Nanaba

"Time to show off our Maneuver Gear..."

Nanaba was an elite member of the Survey Corps, and part of Mike’s squad. She’s a skilled fighter, as shown in the battle at Utgard Castle.

What is awesome about her

It seems she had a rather abusive relationship with her father, since the memories and deeply buried fear quickly resurface as she is being torn apart by titans, even overriding the fear of the titans. In that light, it’s hella impressive that even after such a childhood, she turned out to be such a dependable and strong character, earning the trust of the likes of Erwin and her captain, Mike.

Current Status

Nanaba died at the battle at Utgard Castle, and only because she fought until her gas and blades all ran out.

We'll miss you, Nanaba

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