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Best girls attack on titan
The best girl squad

9. Hange Zoe

Hange may be a tad crazy, yes, but she's still best girl

Hange is a squad leader in the Survey Corps, and next in line to become Commander, so named by Commander Erwin himself. She’s in charge of titan research and inventions that help the Survey Corps in their missions.

What is awesome about her

Hange’s intelligence is very well up there with the smartest, and she’s got the craziness to match. It is this interesting combination of quirkiness and ingenuity that led humanity to capture titans alive for the first time. She’s also brought up important strategies for the Survey Corps. An example is when she speculated, after Eren was captured, that Reiner and Bertholdt would need to rest in a forest on the path of their escape. This meant they’d still have till night time to catch up to them, even though the enemy had a 5-hour head start. Later on after the uprising arc, Hange applies Eren’s newfound hardening ability and invents a titan killing guillotine.

Hange has also shown that there is a darker side to her. During the second battle to capture the female titan, she menacingly threatened Annie, after trapping her, that she’d ‘devour’ all the information she held. After Pastor Nick was murdered by the Interior Police, her threats to take revenge against his killers dripped venom. And after capturing Nick’s killers, she seemed to take delight in torturing Sannes, even pulling out his nails before asking any questions. Savagery at its finest.

Her skills with the ODM gear are also top-notch, as is expected of any squad leader in the Survey Corps.

Current Status

Hange is part of the mission to retake Wall Maria. We can expect to see great things from her in the coming bloodbath.

Hanji's the best

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