[Top 10] Ark Survival Evolved Best Early Weapons (And How To Get Them)

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Early Weapons can get you far if you know how to use them

10. Stone Hatchet (Best for defense & harvesting)

The first tool that will become available in the game is the Stone Pick. However, if you are looking for using available tools as effective weapons, just be a little bit patient. The second one that will become available is the Stone Hatchet. It has considerably better damage than the Hatchet, 20 compared to 16, so it serves better combat purposes. This tool only requires level 2 and 3 of your engram points, making it perfect as a starting weapon. 

An Early, useful weapon to have around

Why is the Stone Hatchet great:

  • Becomes available at level 2
  • Only requires 3 engram points 
  • Has 20 damage 
  • Its main use is harvesting wood, hide, and stone 

Stone Hatchet details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Stone_Hatchet 

How to get Stone Hatchet:


9. Slingshot (Best for inducing torpor)

The Slingshot is a ranged weapon in Ark Survival Evolved. It is the first ranged weapon you’ll get your hands on, and using it correctly can be an amazing advantage. It can cause damage of 14, but this is not its best use. It’s mostly known for its capacity to inflict torpor, being the perfect tool for knocking out a future tame in the Early Game. The Slingshot uses stone as ammo. This means its ammo is cheap and available almost everywhere on a map, so you’ll never run out of it.

Knock out small creatures instantly with some rocks!

Why is the Slingshot great: 

  • Inflicting 18.9 torpor 
  • Decent ranged damage of 14 
  • Its ammo is easy to find and doesn’t need to be crafted
  • Can knock out small creatures and players 

Slingshot details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Slingshot 

How to get the Slingshot:


8. Wooden Club (Best for immobilizing small creatures)

This weapon looks dangerous. Well...it only causes 5 melee damage, so taking it as the weapon of choice for a battle is not the best idea. However, it shows its true value when it comes to inflicting torpidity. The Wooden Club can instantly knock out small creatures, making them perfect targets for taming. Also, it is available from level 8 and it only requires 4 Experience Points. Sounds good, right? 

The one Early Weapon that can scare your enemies instantly

Why is the Wooden Club great:

  • Inflicts 20 torpidity, as well as 5 melee damage 
  • Can be used to efficiently harvest Organic Polymer 
  • It can instantly knock out small level Dilos 
  • Can be equipped to a Mantis and becomes the most powerful tool for inflicting torpidity

Wooden Club details:https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Wooden_Club 

How to get the Wooden Club:


7. Metal Hatchet (Best for efficient harvest & combat)

Its stone version was already mentioned in this top. The Metal Hatchet is an improved model of the Stone one. It comes with more efficient harvesting properties and higher melee damage as well. It can be used to kill small creatures and seriously harm even larger ones, depending on their level. It’s always best to choose a weapon designed for combat, but when you have a lack of resources and it comes down to one efficient tool, the Metal Hatchet is the one to go with. 

Crafting a Metal Hatchet means discovering all the amazing uses of metal tools

Why is the Metal Hatchet great:

  • Inflicts 40 melee damage 
  • It is an efficient harvesting tool 
  • Has decent durability of 40
  • Faster gathering and attack speed 

Metal Hatchet details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Metal_Hatchet 

How to get the Metal Hatchet:


6. Spear (Best for throwing & ranged small-range attacks)

This weapon is incredible for both defense and offense. It becomes available as soon as level 2 and it only requires 3 Experience points to unlock. The Spear can also be found in Shite or Green supply crates and can cause 24 melee damage with one hit. Its main advantage is that it can be used both as a melee weapon in close combat and as a ranged weapon by throwing it at the enemy. The downside? Each use comes with a 3.5% chance of breaking the weapons. That’s why you should always keep more of these in your inventory. 

Come equipped with a Spear and protect yourself from a safe range

Why is the Spear great: 

  • 24 Melee Damage 
  • Can be used both in close combat and at distance by throwing it 
  • Becomes available at level 2 
  • It also functions as a Stone Pick, harvesting meat

Spear details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Spear 

How to use the Spear: 


5.  The Boomerang (Best for knocking out creatures)

This one is similar to a Slingshot, just a little better. It is available in the Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Genesis: Part 1, Crystal Isles, and Valguero DLCs. Its main purpose is inflicting torpor and making taming easier. It causes 30 melee damage, along with 42 torpor and 30 ranged damage, along with 70.5 torpor. What’s also incredible about this weapon is that once it hits the target, it comes back to the player. Even more, this weapon can be used to harvest various resources from dead creatures or trees. 

A unique and effective way of taming creatures in Ark

Why is the Boomerang great: 

  • It becomes available early in the game, at level 10 
  • Causes 30 melee damage and 42 torpor
  • Causes 30 ranged damage with 70.5 torpor
  • Comes back to its owner 
  • Can be used for harvesting resources 

Boomerang details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Boomerang_(Scorched_Earth) 

How to get the Boomerang:


Ark Survival Evolved: How to craft & use the Boomerang

 4. Bola (Best for capturing creatures) 

The Bola might not seem that useful when you first discover it. However, immobilizing targeted creatures for either killing or taming them makes your work a hundred times simpler. This amazing weapon can wild creatures in place for 30 seconds and other players for 25 seconds. At this time, you can attack them with all your tools. Keep in mind that the target will still be able to shoot arrows, fire guns, or attack for distance, even if it can’t move. Later in the game, the Bola will probably lose its effectiveness, as better options will appear, but for the Early-game, it gives you an incredible advantage. 

Trap creatures instantly with a Bola and decide their faith!

Why is the Bola great: 

  • Available at level 9 
  • Hold both creatures and players in place for up to 30 seconds 
  • Allows you to use other weapons while it is wrapped around a creature’s feet 
  • It can be used to dismount players 

Bola details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Bola 

How to get the Bola:



3. Bow (Best for hunting)

The bow is amazing because it can be unlocked at a low level (level 10), but its ammo continues to evolve as you advance throughout the game. You’ll start with the classic stone arrows that deal 50 ranged damage and evolve to various types of arrows, from Tranq to Obsidian ones. When loaded with tranq arrows, it can be used to knock creatures and players unconscious. Also, many creatures will take 2.5x increased damage if you manage to hit their head. 

Take your shot and explore the amazing variety of ammo for the bow!

Why is the Bow great: 

  • It comes with amazing ranged damage 
  • Supports various types of arrows, from simple to advanced 
  • Can be used for taming when equipped with Tranq Arrows 
  • All arrows can be recovered as Stone Arrows

Bow details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Bow 

How to get the Bow:


2. Sword (Best for high melee damage)

This melee weapon is the sign that you’re Early-Game days are finishing. Its high melee damage reaches 90, with a 1.9 rate of fire, making the Sword a powerful weapon against both wild creatures and players. It has a DPS of 171, nearly three times higher than a Pike’s and even if it’s a melee weapon, its damage is comparable to the Crossbow’s. It can be crafted in a Smithy, special saddle, or Tek Replicator, with the requirement of reaching level 30 and unlocking its engram with 11 EP.

You'll find out that a Sword can get you out of many unpleasant situation quickly

Why is the Sword great: 

  • Allows the character to hold a shield 
  • Causes 90 melee damages 
  • One of the best weapons for fighting large dinosaurs
  • Considerable durability (70)

Sword’s details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Sword 

How to get the Sword: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZRjLTlu7uI&ab_channel=Trafalgar 

1. Crossbow (Best for firing underwater)

As we reach the top, the weapons become more advanced, probably somewhere between Early to Mid-Game. The Crossbow can be unlocked at level 25, still quite early in the game, and it is the ranged weapon that will give you a taste of what ranged damage truly means. When equipped with Stone Arrows, it causes 95 damage, sacrificing its rate of fire for a more powerful hit. Just like the Bow, it can be loaded with various types of ammo, including Obsidian and Toxicant Arrows. Its main advantage is that it can also be fired underwater, so creatures like the Megalodon or Dunkleosteus will become available targets. 

Fire it at a Morelatops or at a Mosasaurus! You'll get them both!

Why is  the Crossbow great: 

  • It can be loaded with different arrows 
  • It fires underwater 
  • Causes up to 95 ranged damage 
  • Flying creatures get 1.5x damage if hit with non-bullet weapons 

Crossbow details: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Crossbow 

How to get the Crossbow:


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