Ark Survival Best DLCs (Ranked Worst To Best)

 Ark Survival Best DLCs (Ranked Worst To Best), Best DLCs Ark, top DLCs Ark
Now that The Lost Island got everyone excited, it's time for a new DLCs top

10. The Center 

The Center is a free Expansion Map for Ark Survival Evolved, available on Steam. The DLC offers a default difficulty level of 5.0. This means that wild creatures of higher levels can spawn around you, ready to be tamed. Being the first DLC map, it doesn’t compare to the incredible features of Genesis or Abberation, but it adds some amazing environmental features. From large natural bridges that connect biomes to underwater domes, it is certainly worth trying. 

The Center full details: 

The Center score: 5.5/10

9. Valguero 

Valguero adds new regions, as well as new creatures to the classic Ark game. Known as the home of Deinonychus, a brilliant new combination between the Raptor and the Rock Drake, Valguero impresses its players with gorgeous landscapes and complex tames. The map adds a radiation area, freezing air in the snow desert, and impressive sky effects, like rainbows, auroras, and even shooting stars. Although it is not the best DLC, Valguero is a great map for the start of your Ark adventure. 

Valguero full details: 

Valguero score: 6/10

8. Scorched Earth 

Scorched Earth is the first expansion pack created for Ark. Besides a new, incredible map, it also adds new creatures and event items to challenge the survivor. The adorable Jerboa and terrifying Fire Wyvern are just some famous names on the list. The DLC introduces 12 new creatures, 60 exciting engrams, and even a new boss, creating an entirely different world in an arid climate. Despite its impressive additions, the desert map creates considerably hard surviving conditions. With sandstorms and extremely hot temperatures, this paid DLC is not a crowd’s favorite. 

Scorched Earth details: 

Scorched Earth score: 6.5/10

7. Lost Island 

The appearance of the newest Ark DLC excites all players around the world. Lost Island is an interesting addition to the ARK DLCs, creating a truly prehistorical ambiance due to the introduction of baboons and the beautiful Sinomacrops. The map is well-viewed, as it adds three new creatures and their related eggs and items for free. Besides the dinosaurs, stunning views of mangrove trees and wild vines attract more and more survivors to this DLC. 

Lost  Island details: 

Lost Island score: 7/10 

6. Ragnarok 

Ragnarok is a classic and loved expansion map. It adds an active volcano and an impressive number of wild creatures, including Ice Wyverns, Polar Bears, and Griffins. The map even comes with 4 new dungeon bosses. Special effects like meteor rain and lava flow conquer the heart of any player, while sunken Viking ships and incredible waterfalls create an unforgettable landscape. Providing amazing spots for bases and 2.5x more land to explore, Ragnarok is surely one of the best free expansion maps out there. 

Ragnarok details: 

Ragnarok score: 7.5/10 

5. Crystal Isles 

In terms of aspect, this is by far the most impressive map for Ark that was ever created. While it doesn’t offer apocalyptic views or incredible tek creatures like other maps, Crystal Isles has a beauty in it that can’t be compared with anything. The map comes with new, gorgeous creatures like Crystal Wyverns, Giant Worker Bees, and Tropeognathus. All of them live in a unique biome with new resources and diverse landscapes, creating a masterpiece. 

Crystal Isles details: 

Crystal Isles score: 8/10 

4. Extinction 

Extinction is a paid expansion pack that introduces the idea of corrupted earth. This map brings extreme changes to the features of Ark. Supply crates can no longer be found. Instead, loot items can be obtained from Orbital drops, special loot caves, and Gacha crystals. It adds interactive elements, such as Element nodes, as well as unique creatures and environmental changes. Corrupted dinosaurs and meteor showers put this map on the top section of this list. 

Extinction details: 

Extinction score:8.5/10 

3. Genesis Part 1 

Genesis is an incredible invention, from the depths of creativity. Made from several different mini maps, this DLC takes you through a variety of impressive biomes, from Bog, Arctic, Volcanic, Oceanic, and even Lunar. It is surely a crowd’s favorite. Actually, the idea was that good that it was continued with Genesis Part 2. Instead of Explorer Notes, the player can find Glitches. Also, the DLC offers us the adorable Ferox, unbelievable Astrocetus, and terrifying Magmasaur. 

Genesis Part 1 details: 

Genesis Part 1 score: 9/10

2. Genesis Part 2 

Genesis Part is even a more exciting challenge compared to Genesis Part 1. It adds new biomes, asteroids, and missions with great rewards. The Astrodephis joins the pack of interstellar creatures and the gorgeous Maewing and Noglin conquer your heart in a beat. A hyperspace appears during the night, changing the appearance of the sky and corrupted gardens terrify and amaze all survivors. Whatever your taste, this DLC is certainly worth trying. 

Genesis Part 2: 

Genesis Part 2 score: 9.5/10 

1. Abberation

Finally, the one and only: Abberation. This paid expansion map is the choice to go to if you don’t know what DLC to try next. Abberation adds gorgeous bioluminescent landscaped creatures, as well as new tools to explore its mysteries. The Rock Drake, Bulbdogs, Karkinos, and Reaper, are all the creations of this ingenious DLC. Use new ziplines to explore breathtaking caves and adventure is a new world. Experience earthquakes, find gems, and stay away from poisoned mushrooms. This map has it all. 

Abberation details:

Aberration score: 10/10

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