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best survival games 2016

6. Don’t Starve

Deposited on the surface of a strange world with no memories of how you got there, and a horrific growling in your stomach, you must turn your attention to survival. Build traps, shelter and scientific doodads. Hunt angry mutant frogs, giant beefalo and herds of destructive penguins. Don’t get caught in the dark, don’t set off a spider swarm, and most importantly- don’t starve.

This game might not be one for everyone, as its permanent death system and difficulty can be frustrating, at best. Plus, everything wants to kill you. But that's the charm of the game; its macabre, quirky art style, unlockable characters, customisable gameplay and hidden story mode make up for it’s less enjoyable facets.

Recently, a multiplayer version has been brought out (Don’t Starve Together) which allows the creation of moddable servers, private or public, to play with your friends. And a Don’t Starve app (Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition) is also available to purchase.

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