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23. Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Gameplay

Set in California this time, Dead Island 2 features a new open world and new combat mechanics. Fight your way through the government mandated quarantine as you try to learn the truth behind the zombie epidemic. 

Dead Island 2 will still hold some features from the original like the Rage system and the crafting system. You will also see some new styles of handcrafted weapons and larger than life characters as you move through sunny California. Staying true to the first game, there are four different characters you can chose from and several different type of zombies you’ll be up against in this sequel. 

31 survival games for pc

Learn the different types of zombies and the best way to defeat them.​

survival games for pc

Play as four all new characters, like Ryan, the burly firefighter or Dani, the machete wielding stuntwoman. 

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