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10. We Happy Few

You’re in an unnamed city somewhere in England, in the 1960s. And it’s such a lovely place! Look at how everyone gets along. No fighting, or homelessness… And look at all those happy faces! They’re smiling, smiling all the time. They never, ever stop smiling. But why aren’t you smiling? Someone really needs to make you smile.

With its warped characters, dark background and overbearingly creepy atmosphere, We happy Few is certainly not a game for children. It’s a game of skill, stealth and mimicking behaviour, where the punishment for a slip-up is permanent death.

With each new game generated randomly, no two playthroughs will ever be the same. There’s more than one main character to play as well, so don’t worry about slipping into a playstyle rut. Early access starts on Steam in early 2016, so maybe follow it and get in there before the hordes.

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