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best survival games 2016

9. Minecraft

You’re a lonely, blocky person in an infinite, blocky world. Survive, craft and build yourself a better life through hunting, mining and occasionally throwing food at wild animals until they like you.

Minecraft has become such a classic by now that there really should be no need to explain it, but here goes anyway. Minecraft is a crafting and survival game characterised by it’s look: everything is made out of blocks. The trees are made of blocks, the ground is made of blocks, you, the player, are 1.85 blocks high.

While it may seem a bit dated in concept, in actuality it gives you the freedom to do a lot more with your gameplay. You can build castles, underground lairs, stationary blimps that you have to fly to with cheat codes- the world is your oyster.

Everything is entirely customisable, with the ability to introduce mods and skins made by other players to change the look of the world. And multiplayer is an option too, as you can play on other people’s servers or build your own, for free.

Finally, just so everyone is aware (not sure who isn’t by now, but oh well), Minecraft Story Mode is now available, the single-player, RPG-style adventure set in the Minecraft world. And it’s getting very positive reviews. So maybe check that out.

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