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4. Miscreated

Miscreated Gameplay

Miscreated is a survival game based on a war that has wiped out almost the entirety of Earth’s population. A vaccine created to curb the effects of radiation sickness instead created mutants with a hunger for human flesh, leaving anyone mutation free to survive anyway they know how.

Miscreated has a completely freeform basebuilding system, meaning that everything you build is designed exactly as you want it with no compromises. They are still releasing updates with building content and right now they have over 100 different parts for you to play with. You can learn to craft by experimenting or use crafting guides to learn more complex recipes. 

Join clans for help building your base or just to have a few friends in case something goes down. It is PvP, but there are benefits to knowing someone has your back. Your base is also open to anyone, meaning they can repair things, open or close doors and power up or down generators, but only clan members can actually make changes to your base.

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You can even use vehicles to get around! Find the parts, fix it up, and be on your way.

31 survival games for pc

Encounters randomly spawn throughout the map. You’ll want to watch out for mutants and make sure you’re always equipped to fight or have a good exit strategy. 

3. This War of Mine

This War of Mine Gameplay

This game chooses to focus on the impact war has on civilians in their day to day lives rather than the soldiers fighting that war. Inspired by events in the Bosnian War, characters must make difficult decisions that will result in different endings based on what is chosen.

It’s difficult to leave during the day due to snipers watching your every move, so days are usually spent crafting, upgrading the shelther, cooking, and healing wounded survivors. At night you’ll have a chance to go out and scrounge up materials. You will often run into other NPC survivors, and how you handle those encounters is up to you. You can chose to help or harm, save or kill. There is no right or wrong, only what you must do to survive.

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You will need to make tough decisions to get through the day each day. Some of them will be difficult, but such is life in times of war. ​

survival games pc

A huge part of this game is resource management. Gather and trade for what you need, just hope you get it in time. 

2. The Forest

The Forest Gameplay

You’re the only survivor of a passenger jet crash in a forest with only strange, mutant cannibals as your only company. You must find a way to survive without ending up as someone’s dinner. 

All the plant life in this game is usable to be chopped, collected and repurposed into something else. Using collected materials, make a shelter to rest in. You’ll need a fire to keep warm and to consistently search for food to keep from being hungry. Spend your days hunting and exploring the large world and craft your tools and weapons at night. You’ll need to protect your base from your mutant enemies at night. 

survival games pc

There are many different types of mutants in the forest, all with their own special abilities and attack methods. 

31 pc survival games

To defend yourself, you’ll need weapons. To get weapons, you’ll need to collect resources to make them.

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