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29. Hurtworld

Hurtworld Gameplay

To make it in this survival game, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to think realistically in this one as you decide what’s more dangerous—the world or the other players that are inhabiting it. 

Mine resources, grow crops and build structures to create your very own camp. If you choose to leave the comfort of your own camp, you will be rewarded with better weapons and even car parts to build your very own fully functioning vehicle. Loot old towns while you explore the richness of the different biomes available in the world. 

31 survival games for pc

You can find items to make life a little easier, like car parts and materials for advanced weapons, if you’re willing to risk comfort to search for them.

31 survival games for pc

Gather food and materials to build shelter in this open world sandbox style game. 

28. How to Survive

How to Survive Gameplay

Playing as one of three different characters, you’ll race to collect pages of a Survival guide to collect tips that will save your life after your ship crashes on an isolated island. Craft tools and weapons that will help you against the island’s various threats.

On the small island you’ve been forced to settle on, you’ll come face to face with several different types of zombies and zombie like creatures. Make over 100 different types of weapons and tools to defend yourself and explore the different environments of the four islands in this game world. Collect the pages of the Survival guide and trust the advice of Kovac, someone you’ll come to love. 

31 survival games pc

Make weapons to use against the different types of zombies on the island.

31 survival games for pc

Meet your survival needs as you explore four islands, each one as different as the last. 

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