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1. Don't Starve

Don't Starve Gameplay

Caught by a demon and sent to another world, Wilson must survive in this strange world and figure out exactly how it works if he wants to make it back home. Up against the elements and enemies on a supernatural level, this will not be an easy feat. 

This game cycles between night and day. Spend your days traveling through the new world, collecting resources and other items and finding new recipes for crafting. At night, the monsters will show up and come after Wilson. This new world is not short on ways to die. The most important thing is to keep your personal needs up; these include hunger, health and sanity. Eat food and heal yourself to keep your hunger and health up. 

Sanity can be regained in numerous mentally stimulating ways, like sleeping or wearing certain types of clothing. If this level goes down too much, Wilson will begin to hallucinate that things from his imagination are coming to life and able to hurt him. Don’t Starve uses permadeath, which means there is no checkpoints if you die. You will start at the beginning and your days survived countdown will be reset. 

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Night can be dangerous for Wilson. Always be sure to have a light source and keep his sanity at high levels. ​

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There are other characters you can unlock using points you earn for surviving.

Those are our 31 top survival games to play on PC. No matter if you’re a fan of zombie survival games, alien survival games or post-apocalyptic society survival games, there are plenty of options for quality games that will keep you busy for hours on end!

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