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8. 7 Days To Die

A zombie-infested sandbox full of potential. Explore the post-apocalyptic landscape, slay the undead and collect sweet, sweet loot.

Play multiplayer or alone in a beautifully-crafted world, where every building is available to explore, you can swim in lakes and flooded areas, and there are a multitude of relentless, hateful zombies, all of which want to rip you apart and eat you alive.

Experience the joys of watching as spider-zombie climb your walls and try to tear your throat out, giant acid-puking zombies melt you and your surroundings, and screamers summon huge crowds of their pals to your immediate location. If that’s not enough death for you, try travelling through the radiation zone! You’ll soon be glowing with… Well, radiation poisoning. And then be dead.

But wait, there’s more! Pit your wits against the environment, which is just a little bit less than unfriendly. Run away from bears, run out of edible food, and get hunted down by other groups of players. So make sure to build a secure base, because you’ll probably need somewhere to crawl into a ball and cry as all your worst nightmares attempt to break in and fatally damage you.

All in all, 7D2D is an adrenaline-filled horror ride. A beautiful, moddable, randomly-generated, monster-packed horror ride. With zombie nurses and minibikes.​

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