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24. Dead Island

Dead Island Gameplay

At Royal Palms Resort of Banol Island, four vacationers find themselves in the midst of a contagious zombie outbreak. Seemingly immune to the disease, they have to find a way to rescue the remaining survivors and escape while finding out the truth behind the zombies.

There are four character options to pick from, with each one having its own skill set and skill tree to level up. Firearms are present in the game, but not for a while and not as useful as in other games. Melee combat is the major focus here, with the results from getting up close and personal very gory but satisfying. Crafting also plays a role in this game as you can customize weapons and repair them after repeated use. 

31 survival games

Get personal with the zombies as you defeat them using various melee weapons.​

31 survival games

Chose the combat style that suits you best as you pick your character. Each one has different skills and abilities for you to level up. 

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